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Re: wip/riak

On Fri, Oct 07, 2011 at 11:58:50AM +0200, Filip Hajny wrote:
> I committed the Riak 1.0.0 OpenSource version available under wip/riak. I 
> should say I have not run any tests under NetBSD (well, not under anything 
> but our SmartOS i.e. Illumos flavor OS) yet. I'd be interested how this 
> builds/runs for any of you.

On a NetBSD-5.99.56/amd64 from today, the build ends with:
gcc -o  ./prvrsion.o io/./prfdcach.o io/./prmwait.o io/./prmapopt.o 
io/./priometh.o io/./pripv6.o io/./prlayer.o io/./prlog.o io/./prmmap.o 
io/./prpolevt.o io/./prprf.o io/./prscanf.o io/./prstdio.o threads/./prcmon.o 
threads/./prrwlock.o threads/./prtpd.o linking/./prlink.o malloc/./prmalloc.o 
malloc/./prmem.o md/./prosdep.o memory/./prshm.o memory/./prshma.o 
memory/./prseg.o misc/./pralarm.o misc/./pratom.o misc/./prcountr.o 
misc/./prdtoa.o misc/./prenv.o misc/./prerr.o misc/./prerror.o 
misc/./prerrortable.o misc/./prinit.o misc/./prinrval.o misc/./pripc.o 
misc/./prlog2.o misc/./prlong.o misc/./prnetdb.o misc/./prolock.o 
misc/./prrng.o misc/./prsystem.o misc/./prthinfo.o misc/./prtpool.o 
misc/./prtrace.o misc/./prtime.o pthreads/./ptsynch.o pthreads/./ptio.o 
pthreads/./ptthread.o pthreads/./ptmisc.o md/unix/./unix.o 
md/unix/./unix_errors.o md/unix/./uxproces.o md/unix/./uxrng.o 
md/unix/./uxshm.o md/unix/./uxwrap.o md/unix/./netbsd.o   -L/usr/pkg/lib 
 kg/lib -pthread
/usr/lib/crt0.o: In function `___start':
/archive/cvs/src/lib/csu/common/crt0-common.c:131: undefined reference to `main'
make[4]: *** [] Error 1
make[4]: Leaving directory 

If it does compile nspr here, couldn't it use nspr from pkgsrc?

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