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Re: Please review munin-common

On Tue, Jan 25, 2011 at 07:03:06PM +0100, Francois Tigeot wrote:
> I am attempting to upgrade them to the latest stable version, 1.4.5.
> munin-common is a supporting package containing the common components 
> used by munin-master and munin-node. Of the three munin packages 
> currently in wip/ , it is the oldest and the most complete.
> It may be considered as a special purpose Perl module.
> Its installation does not interfere with existing munin-1.3.2 packages; 
> please have a look at it.

Please add comments to your patches.
The ones for munin-common look partly upstreamable, please try that.
The packages should share a Makefile.common since they use the same
distfile etc. should always be the last to be included (fixed).
Relative paths to other packages must start with "../../", "../" is
not sufficient (fixed).

I don't think www/cgi-bin is a standard path (is it?) install the
files perhaps to share/munin/cgi-bin or libexec/cgi-bin.
Instead of PLIST.${OPSYS}, use PLIST.${OPSYS}, i.e. separate
PLIST.Linux etc. files.
Though in this case, where the same files are installed on multiple
opsys, I would use PLIST.${FEATURE} and set that depending on the

The distfile itself isn't fetchable from the master site, please check
the MASTER_SITES definition.

munin-{master,node} aren't marked as destdir-installable, please
change that.

That's all for now :)

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