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wip/libevent - please review


I created a package of the recent beta version of libevent.
Since I'm not a developer, I'm not sure how well it works. Maybe someone
can check this.
I hope it can used to update devel/libevent once the 1.4 branch gets
stable. Of course I will update it until then.

It's based on devel/libevent. Here is what I did:
- I created it with url2pkg
- copied most of the Makefile
- Added "conflict with libevent" entry, because it may cause problems if
you install the beta and non-beta version. Was it the right way?
- looked at the patches and did the same/copied (using pkgvi and mkpatches)
- created new distinfo/PLIST
- did the changes according to pkglint warnings (//. instead /.)
- commit (The first time as" newpkg" - I removed it and hope that I didn't
destroy something)

I hope my English wasn't to bad,

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