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Please review ups-nut

I have imported ups-nut v2.2.1 with the hopes that it will replace 
sysutils/ups-nut (recently updated to v2.0.5).  NUT-2.0.5 was released over a 
year ago, and the 2.2.x series of NUT has numerous driver updates and other 

Currently, NUT consists of the base package, sysutils/ups-nut, and three 
separate packages providing additional drivers and functionality: 


This was easy to implement as separate pacakges because the 2.0.x series of 
NUT had separate build targets for 'cgi', 'snmp', and 'usb'.

This changed with 2.2.0 and those separate build targets no longer exist.  
The functionality is now configured through separate configure options.  
Because of this, I have implemented the wip version of the ups-nut package to 
use build options to select the cgi, snmp, and usb functionality as separate 
packages didn't seem practical.

I've also included the file 'options.description' for inclusion into the 
global file.


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