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please review (and contribute :) to netbt-hcidump


I just imported a version of the BlueZ hcidump from Linux to
wip/netbt-hcidump, aimed to be suitable for the NetBSD bluetooth stack
that is now also in OpenBSD (hence netbt).  This version will eventually
supersede sysutils/hcidump which is a patched version of an earlier
hcidump that was modified to work with FreeBSD.

because the bluez-lib is largely linux specific and autoconfig hell does
not appeal, the package just pulls the (minimal) parts it needs out of
bluez-lib archive and makes a standalone version.

This should be easy to make work on OpenBSD (4.1+ IIRC) but I don't have a
spare computer to set up OpenBSD on.  If anybody has such a system,
comments are welcome.


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