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Please review wip/sim-qt and wip/sim-kde

Hey all,

Please review sim-qt and sim-kde packages. Both are derived from Simple 
Instant Messenger (SIM) :

I'm using both qt and kde packages on NetBSD/i386 -current + KDE 3.3.x during 
the last month and both looks to be running just fine, [almost] without 
crashes or errors. Would be really great if this package was commited into 
pkgsrc. There are not so many stable ICQ clients there ATM so let's add one 
more :)

Finally i found a GUI ICQ/Jabber client that *actually* works on NetBSD :)

licq-qt failed to start with core dump and nobody cares about it for a long 
time. Looks like it's dead :(

kopete from KDE is fune but it has weird and naughty problems with 
UTF/codepage convertions and completely unusable for me in non-english 
speaking environemnt. Bug report at has been hangung there for a 
year and nobody cares :(

centericq is weird :)

Cannot say anything about gaim.

Plugins-based instant messenger with support various protocols. Based on the 
Qt library and works on X11 (optional with KDE-support), MS Windows and MacOS 

 * Supports AIM, ICQ, Jabber and MSN
 * sending and receiving SMS
 * server-side contact lists
 * sending and receiving messages in RTF-format
 * phone directories
 * file transfers
 * chat
 * user search
 * non-ICQ contacts
 * support for Miranda icon themes
 * floating
 * proxy support (SOCKS4, SOCKS5, HTTP, HTTPS)
 * a SPAM filter
 * user encoding
 * secure direct connections with SIM and Licq
 * message or chat mode for the user window
 * keyboard shortcuts
 * message forwarding
 * support for sending messages to multiple users
 * message and user status onscreen notification
 * smiley popup for quick insert smilies
 * status change logging
 * alphabticaly sorting user list
 * filtering and searching in history
 * optional own history and user info in separate window
 * network monitor
 * copy messages from history to conversation
 * various translations
 * toolbars can be customized
 * synchronization with KAddressBook
 * history sort order can be changed
 * KDE docking support
 * GNOME 2 docklet support
 * Win32 dock support
 * multiple UIN
 * background picture for mainwindow
 * simple/double click for contacts
 * one or multiple user in message window
 * sending and receiving of contacts
 * autohiding mainwindow
 * auto away and NA
 * transparency windows
 * showing/hiding mainwindow/userwindow in taskbar
 * color stripping in history
 * sound on event support
 * own sounds for each contact
 * disabling all sounds
 * fast access by double clicking on osd
 * font encoding for each contact
 * icq webstatus support
 * Encrypting/decrpyting messages with gpg
 * Execution of costum commands on events

// wbr

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