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Re: Please reviewi wip/*matchbox*

Please don't trust my judgement too much; I don't have a clue what I'm
talking about either ;) I'll just list a few things I would've done
differently - without claiming that doing so would be better.

On Sat, 01 Jan 2005 23:00:00 +0000, Matt Dainty
<> wrote:
> I've fixed up the download site locations for all the packages since
> went down and came back up again organised slightly
> differently.
> I've bumped up the versions on all of the packages apart from
> matchbox-wm which seems to have trouble with installing the GConf
> schemas in later versions.
> Various bugfixes for most packages, and
> matchbox-{common,desktop,panel} receiving the most attention with some
> additional pkgsrc magic.

libmatchbox should be in the X11 category, not in devel. Or at least
*also* in x11, since it uses x11.
libmatchbox does a second build during the install target.
I seem to recall that offers a better alternative to defining
a pre-configure target to run automake and friends (like in
matchbox-panel fails to install; probably because of a missing
dependency. It tries to run /usr/pkg/bin/msgfmt, but msgfmt is in

Is it really necessary to make individual packages? All packages seem
to be rather small, and closely tied to eachother. Furthermore, your
packages don't seem to register mutual dependencies. I'd assume that
matchbox-panel-manager depends on matchbox-panel, but it doesn't.

Unfortunately, I'm not able to actually test these packages - I'm
rather far, far away from any X server right now :-/
Martijn van Buul,

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