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Re: which license to use?

   I'm packaging the Urban Renewal fonts¹ but I'm not sure which license
   to use, even after corresponding with the author. (Packaging is easy;
   legal stuff is hard.) We both think that dbz-ttf-license and
   ms-ttf-license are pretty close to the intent of hers², but which? Or
   something else? Or include this as a new license? Does it matter that
   existing licenses refer to one specific vendor, or do we intend the
   terms to be "generically" applied?

Our license framework does not support pointing packages to licenses
that seem close.  If there is a particular license with a package, the
only approach is to find matching license text or to add it.  But,
"matching" allows substitution of the name of the copyright holder.

The FreeLicense.txt isn't approved by OSI or FSF, so it has to have a
-license suffix and can't be in DEFAULT_ACCEPTABLE_LICENSES.

A separate issue, as Joerg points out, is to convince upstream to use an
established license instead.  But that's not really about pkgsrc; once
they adopt an existing license, the same rules above apply.

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