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Re: Import wip/send-pr to pkgsrc?

 >> The TODO may be removed. They were just ideas.

> Fine with me.

> I have two questions left -- what do we do with gnats, do we remove
> the send-pr from there to avoid the conflict?
As for me it might makes sense in theory to split gnats package into two
parts: send-pr and gnats\send-pr. On the other hand wip/send-pr is just
good enough for typical usage by pkgsrc users and it is unlikely that
someone will install full gnats for tracking bugs. Nowadays there are
huge amount of more powerful and supported bug tracking systems.

> And shouldn't the package be updated to be the same version as gnats
> (4.1.0 instead of 3.113.1 for send-pr)?
Does 4.1.0 provide something absent 3.113.1 and needed for sending
pkgsrc PRs? I don't know.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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