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CVS commit: wip/riak

Module name:	wip
Committed by:	fhajny
Date:		Mon Feb 23 17:32:17 UTC 2015

Modified Files:
	wip/riak: Makefile Makefile.versions PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
Update riak to 2.0.5.

- Adding --format=csv to allow some administrative commands to be output
  as csv files
- Sequential tuning Improving leveldb for when a single database (vnode)
  receives a large write volume. This situation commonly occurs during
  a Riak handoff operation.
- Add optional timeout for handle_handoff_data callback and improve logging
- L0 Realtime connection balancing. N v3 repl realtime connections are chosen
  randomly which can lead to large imbalances. Previous implementations did
  a better job of ensuring there was good balance. The goal of this work is
  to bring that back to v3 realtime replication.
- If Solr complains that the index exists, update Riak's metadata to reflect it
- node_get_fsm_time and node_put_fsm_time stats are incorrect.
  node_get_fsm_time and node_put_fsm_time values are an order of magnitude
  smaller than 2.0.2
- Other bugfixes

- Improve AAE fullsync by estimating total number of keys. This allows for
  better sizing of the bloom filter when performing a bloom-fold-based exchange
  and enhances the adaptive exchange logic that was added previously in Riak
  2.0.1. In that version, the new riak_repl.fullsync_direct_percentage_limit
  setting was added, which allowed the limit to be specified as a percentage of
  total keys rather than as a fixed number.
- Added last_fullsync_complete stat tracking
- Expose AAE tree status in the logs
- Improve AAE fullsync by using breadth-first exchange
- Riak now uses Exometer for collecting metrics and has an improved CLI for
  finding and displaying them
- Internal components can process partial configurations as if they were in the
  global config file. This supports the handoff visibility changes.
- Riak now uses Clique for managing CLI commands. The initial commands covered
  exist to increase visibility into the handoff process and provide Cuttlefish
  config support from the CLI.
- Fix stats process crash if no leader
- Address some minor bugs around establishing SSL connections
- 2.0 port of AAE transient filesystem failures
- Fix error/retry exit counts on location down messages
- Fix deadlock when performing AAE fullsync over SSL (Erlang VM patch)
- Prevent servers from accepting SSLv3 connections (Erlang VM patch)
- The map Data Type is now more efficient when merging
- Fix a case in which sibling explosion could occur during handoff
- Special handling for the net_ticktime setting in admin scripts
- Add a missing function clause in riak_kv_node that could result in crashes
- Avoid timeouts when handoff sender is folding over a large number of keys
- No more extra work for handoff sender after TCP error makes that work useless
- Report error when failing to open file instead of crashing when calling
- Ensure creation of ensembles when strongly consistent bucket types
  with different n_vals from default bucket type do not yet have buckets
- Avoid SSL deadlocks that occur when sending data bidirectionally using Erlang
  SSL sockets. The fix is a patch to the Erlang VM shipped with the build.

- Introduce exometer metrics into 2.0
- Remove afunix from EXOMETER_PACKAGES.
- remove afunix from reltool.config

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cvs -z3 rdiff -u -r1.21 -r1.22 wip/riak/distinfo
cvs -z3 rdiff -u -r1.25 -r1.26 wip/riak/Makefile
cvs -z3 rdiff -u -r1.3 -r1.4 \

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