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CVS commit: wip/homebank

Module name:	wip
Committed by:	jihbed
Date:		Sat Jan 31 23:12:52 UTC 2015

Modified Files:
	wip/homebank: Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:

Made 4.4 release.

 * change: xhb data file format (v0.6)
 * change: upgraded to gtk 2.20 / glib 2.24
 * change: auto assign is done when payee or category is empty (both were necessary)
 * change: rewritten the managment of internal transfer
 * change: rewritten the old overdrawn report to a new more powerfull balance report
 * change: date range information above the listview in all report window
 * change: #695790 compile problem with gtk 2.23 with deprecated flags
 * change: #690024 remove deprecated gdk stuffs from gtkchart.c
 * change: #685434 the date entry field doesn't follow date format settings
 * change: #617936 +/- are not used during "internal transfer"
 * change: #602443 cancel button different way around on Add and Edit dialogs
 * change: #584344 inconsistent translation - account type "Institut" / "Bank" | german
 * change: #561618 some toolbar buttons should be togglebuttons
 * change: #229904 wrong multiple plural in translation
 * wish  : #682656 automatic assignment even if payee and the category are filled 
 * wish  : #657273 set focus to "save" when asking before quit
 * wish  : #617243 km/l fuel consumption instead of l/100km
 * wish  : #595540 'car cost' should be 'vehicle cost'
 * wish  : #576878 filter dialog too high for netbook screen
 * wish  : #569022 overdrawn report to use end of day balance
 * wish  : #555186 all accounts display on Overdrawn report
 * wish  : #446330 add a check box for a category to be part of the budget report
 * bugfix: after a save, the account list was not refreshed
 * bugfix: #722397 Remaining time in Automatic addition not translated
 * bugfix: #704111 Budget csv exports incorrect, so import crashes
 * bugfix: #694015 ui-assist-start.c has missing localization strings
 * bugfix: #692488 renaming categories doesn't always work
 * bugfix: #678121 windows styling reverted to "Classic" in windows 7
 * bugfix: #677351 internal Transfer's target account referenced when it no longer should
 * bugfix: #674102 filling the tag of an inherited transaction change the transaction original tag
 * bugfix: #662427 account window and balance adjusted in wrong direction when removing transaction
 * bugfix: #632496 payee and category deletion was possible in despite it was used in assign rules
 * bugfix: #620048 wrong calculations in trend time report
 * bugfix: #617926 wrong +/- description in manual
 * bugfix: #615099 when importing OFX, memo field not properly added to description
 * bugfix: #609046 doesnt show error on save w7 folder permissions problem
 * bugfix: #609041 hb-categories-es.csv is not in spanish lang
 * bugfix: #606613 4.3 only runs minimized for me, 4.1 works fine, I'm on Windows 7
 * bugfix: #593082 if lastopened file was deleted error dialog
 * bugfix: #577000 Problem with synchronization in internal transfers
 * bugfix: #540581 changing to internal transfer create a duplicate in target account
 * bugfix: #159066 Car cost 100km consumption detail maybe false
 * remove: the amiga computer version file import feature

2011-01-17  Maxime Doyen

 Made 4.4 beta release.

2010-06-18  Maxime Doyen

 Made 4.3 release.
 * add   : welcome dialog at first run and available later from the help menu
 * add   : a new wallet assisant to initialize categories and the first account
 * add   : preset categories files for some languages loaded when creating a new wallet
 * add   : account column in upcoming listview and report detail listview
 * add   : utf-8 validation for csv import of payee, category, budget
 * add   : utf-8 validation before loading .xhb file
 * change: ofx/qfx import set credit card payment for credit card account
 * change: xhb data file format (v0.5)
 * change: remember last folder location during import assistant
 * change: #427710 wish: Total into the automated transactions list
 * bugfix: #378992 win32: libofx not always convert string to utf-8 causes partial load on file reopen
 * bugfix: #528923 slackware64+kde4: crashes on start / load saved files
 * bugfix: #528993 opening other wallet with account window open causes a crash
 * bugfix: #527260 trend time report for category dont sum subcategories
 * bugfix: #530290 budget problem with category and subcategories
 * bugfix: #492755 transfer validation validate both source + destination
 * bugfix: #512046 links broken and file permissions changed
 * bugfix: #545643 def_pref.c - missing translation string 'Enable'
 * bugfix: #562503 string not translated in operation window
 * bugfix: #579260 QIF Export Internal transfer shows wrong account
 * bugfix: #580714 case sensitivity in QIF File
 * bugfix: #586322 x-scale legend month/year in statistics report bar

2010-05-20  Maxime Doyen

 Made 4.3 beta release.

2010-02-15  Maxime Doyen

 Made 4.2.1 release.
 * bugfix: transaction remove was buggy
 * bugfix: detail list for trend time report account was not working

2010-02-10  Maxime Doyen
 Made 4.2 release.
 * add   : trend time report with line chart for Account, Category and Payee
 * add   : chart zoom in/out for x-axis in bar/line
 * add   : OFX import of memo field with user preference
 * change: transaction and archive dialogs widget was relayouted
 * change: default archive is set to month, instead of day
 * change: the storage for user data into appropriate config dir
 * change: account selection widget was not sorted
 * change: the icon format to window 7 (size > 48)
 * bugfix: the deletion of all transaction of an account was very slow 
 * bugfix: minor toggle display was sometimes not working
 * bugfix: #516560 Last tag can't be removed
 * bugfix: #502621 Transactions sometimes lost when added prior to minimun account date 
 * bugfix: #502491 Please consider using XDG /home/user/.config
 * bugfix: #493160 Multiple transaction type: internal transfer - cant set account
 * bugfix: #492872 Account transaction page minimum width too wide for netbook. (1024x600)
 * bugfix: #492127 qif amount import problem
 * bugfix: #491861 csv export category
 * bugfix: #489969 date should be bounded to 1900+
 * bugfix: #421228 amount display problem
 * bugfix: #399170 Carcost calculation is wrong when adding multiple car transactions per day
 * bugfix: #379760 problems with csv imported transaction with paymode=5
 * bugfix: #326844 Re-edition of internal transfer is blocked but possible
 * bugfix: #319202 improve OFX import using memo field 
 * bugfix: #288874 Graph time "line" chart by category

2010-01-24  Maxime Doyen
 Made 4.2 beta release.

2009-10-31  Maxime Doyen

 Made 4.1 release.
 * add   : automatic assignment of payee/categories in import and accountwindow
 * add   : new payment: debit card, standing order, electronic payment, deposit, FI fee
 * add   : payees/categories can now be moved
 * add   : archive can be inserted as remind
 * add   : stats result can be exported into a CSV file
 * add   : filter on plain text for info, description, tags
 * add   : preference for transaction list columns: reorder-able with drag&drop
 * add   : preference amount colors presets
 * add   : preference for treeview rules hint
 * add   : preference for displaying splash at start
 * add   : preference custom amount colors can be disabled
 * add   : mainwindow saved sort column for transaction list
 * add   : mainwindow saved adjustable repartition of account and upcoming in main window
 * add   : mainwindow view menu with saved option for toolbar, statusbar and upcoming list
 * add   : some icons into option combobox for filter dialog
 * change: xhb data file format (v0.4)
 * change: import was simplified 
 * change: moved the recent file menu to the toolbar
 * change: moved the total accounts balance at bottom in account list
 * change: amount colors are now more visible when a listview line is selected
 * change: upgraded to gtk 2.14 / glib 2.17
 * change: native gtk 2.14 function are now used to open local and web location
 * change: reworked the icon management to follow gtk+ standard
 * change: complete new iconset in png format (no more blur svg)
 * change: (beta) added a dialog result for auto-assigments
 * bugfix: #444015 If an account is not included in the budget, Budget report's Details panel should not show it either
 * bugfix: #434877 import file filter is case-sensitive
 * bugfix: #433396 sort list of archives and "fill with archive" alphabetically
 * bugfix: #424046 QIF wrong import of amount with not 2 digits after decimal point
 * bugfix: #406880 tag sort has no effect
 * bugfix: #406879 date format display in account window
 * bugfix: #401947 QIF C and N field seem not to be treated at import/export
 * bugfix: #400483 Zero balance displayed wrong
 * bugfix: #399170 Carcost calculation is wrong when adding multiple car transactions per day)
 * bugfix: #399038 Payee column on Automated Transactions list is blank
 * bugfix: #398585 HomeBank crashes if Add Transaction is selected from the Main ...
 * bugfix: #396964 The automatic cheque numbering is no more working
 * bugfix: #395254 Colours not as selected
 * bugfix: #380642 Budget report shows an inverted Decay (screenshot Attached)
 * bugfix: #329897 transaction list sort by payee doesnt work
 * bugfix: using the clear button on filter was not refreshing data's
 * bugfix: dropping a non-homebank file was causing to close the current file
 * bugfix: imperial measurement units display in carcost

2009-08-28  Maxime Doyen

 Made 4.1 beta release.

2009-06-10  Maxime Doyen

 Made 4.0.4 release.
    * add   : add some new euro currency preferences (2009 to 2013)
 * bugfix: #371381 import QIF file with date format dd-mm-yy (instead of dd/mm/yy)...
 * bugfix: #371404 budget - doesn't save data when 'same each month' selected
 * bugfix: #372204 paymode images for transfer have disappeared in 4.0.3
 * bugfix: #379372 problem in multiple monitors view
 * bugfix: #370922 homebank 4.0.3 : make error
 * bugfix: #361242 sort by state not possible
 * bugfix: #361246 filter by "reminder" not possible 
 * bugfix: #380550 import problem with QIF from National Bank - NZ
 * bugfix: #385164 budget categories with different month value display nothing

2009-05-01  Maxime Doyen

 Made 4.0.3 release.
 * bugfix: #364480 win32: 4.0.2 some French translation missing
 * bugfix: #349067 dsp_wallet.c - missing translation string
 * bugfix: #349033 4.0.2 German translation error causing half translated homebank
 * bugfix: #339871 [OpenBSD] Regress tests failed
 * bugfix: #338109 no other cost in car report
 * bugfix: #332671 no decimals importing csv files
 * bugfix: #328034 missing added categories in budget
 * bugfix: #318733 "inherit" doesn't use actual date
 * bugfix: #314248 can't import non UTF-8 QIF/CSV files
 * bugfix: #313609 can't select account to import from OFX file
 * bugfix: #306742 move the filter widgets out of the toolbar
 * bugfix: #292316 header in transaction list window could have better look
 * bugfix: #290440 budget should be calculated for all subcategories
 * bugfix: #207203 two untranslatable strings
 * bugfix: #147410 display statistics and budget reports by top-level category 

2009-01-31  Maxime Doyen

 Made 4.0.2 release.
 * change: 306967 "Save as..." menu option unavailable to unmodified files 
 * change: 306750 do not show scrollbars when not needed
 * change: 306741 do not ellipsize toolbar button labels
 * change: 203663 sate format entry could display tooltip about the format
 * change: 203653 toolbar style "Icons beside text" isn't displayed.
 * change: 117857 french text on the main menu icon are too long...
 * bugfix: #321237 category dialog box and accents
 * bugfix: #315071 fixed minimum version of glib to 2.12 and gtk to 2.10
 * bugfix: #314817 manage categories dialog does not show all categories recorded
 * bugfix: #314049 missing added categories in statistics report
 * bugfix: #307803 Import from Quicken creates duplicate transactions on Internal transfers
 * bugfix: #305974 using "&" in description field leads to misinterpretation inOverdrawn report
 * bugfix: #305692 closed account should not be displayed to main list window
 * bugfix: #305674 suffix and prefix in display format

2008-12-04  Maxime Doyen

 Made 4.0.1 release.
 * bugfix: #303886 after a multiple change of categories in account window, stats and budget report crash
 * bugfix: #294755 win32 saving of file is not working with non ascii folder name
 * bugfix: #303738 after removing payees or categories, statistics and buget reports crash
 * bugfix: #303666 removing an internal transfer transaction was causing a crash
 * bugfix: #304484 does not build on either GCC 3.4x or amd64 on FreeBSD
 * change: xhb data file format (v0.3)

2008-11-22  Maxime Doyen

 Made 4.0 release.
 * add   : QIF import/export feature
 * add   : tag can be assigned to transaction and used as a new report axis
 * add   : statistic report is now possible distinctly for Category and Subcategory 
 * add   : date saised can now be day, day/month or month/day, or complete date
 * add   : direct creation of Payee from the transaction dialog
 * add   : direct creation of Category from the transaction dialog
 * add   : autocompletion for account selection widget
 * add   : autocompletion for payee selection widget
 * add   : autocompletion for category selection widget
 * add   : autocompletion for description/memo widget (transaction dialog)
 * add   : drag'n'drop of homebank file is now possible on the main window
 * add   : preference to choose or not to load the last opened file at start
 * add   : preference export path
 * change: removed the account window csv import function, global import menu must be used instead
 * change: inherits transaction also inherit date and permit multiple add at once
 * change: internal datamodel + refactoring of source code
 * change: account/payee/category dialog changes applies directly
 * change: xhb data file format (v0.2)
 * change: forced dialog windows to center on their parent window
 * change: reworked and clarified the import process
 * change: listview title columns are now centered
 * change: subcategories are displayed in italics
 * change: full category name is now displayed in listview
 * change: rewritten the charts using cairographics
 * bugfix: #187952 spinbutton in manage account dialog do not persist seize sometimes
 * bugfix: #201704 closing the main window was possible in despite there was changes made in an account window
 * bugfix: #188236 monetary display - the grouping char was causing bad display for some countries
 * bugfix: #210497 import csv - lines containing UTF-8 characters were ignored
 * bugfix: #244365 in account window future transaction were badly also summed for today total
 * bugfix: #256703 win32 crash on saving when no owner set into wallet properties
 * bugfix: #226122 crash when exporting payee
 * bugfix: #260973 filter by amount doesn't work
 * bugfix: #238571 balances sometimes wrong in account operation window
 * bugfix: #152556 balance for new ofx created account using import feature was not computed
 * bugfix: #238571 account window bank balances was false when modifying transaction amount
 * bugfix: #239939 crash was occurred when loading file with orphans transactions (deleted account)
 * bugfix: #240247 editing a transaction to transfert, the invert transaction was not created
 * bugfix: #244621 transfer inverted transaction was not validated if the source was
 * bugfix: #263024 removed obsolete GtkType and GtkSignalFunc *
 * bugfix: #207203 untranslatable string "Bank Account" and "%/%d under %s"
 * bugfix: #244365 future transaction were faulty added to today's balance also
 * bugfix: #244622 zero balance are sometimes displayed in red color
 * bugfix: #253390 fixed the build break when linked with --as needed
 * bugfix: #267473 lastopened file feature was no more working
 * bugfix: transfer transaction was possible with same source and target account
 * bugfix: preference display format empty value where ignored
 * bugfix: statistic sort by amount income/balance was wrong

2008-09-14  Maxime Doyen

 Made 4.0 beta release.

2008-08-18  Maxime Doyen

 Made 4.0 alpha2 release.

2008-06-29  Maxime Doyen

 Made 4.0 alpha1 release.

2008-04-01  Maxime Doyen

 Made 3.8 release.
 * bugfix: removed the -Werror compile option
 * bugfix: transaction window in add mode was having button add and close action inverted
 * bugfix: ofx file with a blank line were not recognized

2008-03-22  Maxime Doyen

 Made 3.7 release.
 * change: removed transaction register amount inherits from the category sign automatically
 * bugfix: archive changes were not considered for save changes 
 * bugfix: strings change (British units to Imperial units)
 * bugfix: remind transaction were not displayed after save
 * bugfix: transaction window close button was faulty add a transaction
 * bugfix: string in account window status bar was not localized
 * bugfix: making an archive with empty name from a transaction was possible
 * bugfix: statistics rate columns were sometimes displaying 'nan' as rate

2007-12-14  Maxime Doyen

 Made 3.6 release.
 * add   : transaction register amount inherits from the category sign automatically
 * change: transaction register dialog buttons to follow gnome/gtk+ hig
 * change: charts now uses theme color (no more forced white background)
 * bugfix: prototypes declaration check (for 64bits machines especially)
 * bugfix: statistic 'by amount' widget doesn't work at first
 * bugfix: internal transfer changes were not propagated to opposite transaction
 * bugfix: filter force option to include added/changed transactions is now off by default
 * bugfix: reordering the accounts was causing a mix-up in target account for internal transfer
 * bugfix: specific month budget report display problem (decay with the previous month)
 * bugfix: detail list was not refreshed after a filter or deselection of a result item

2007-08-22  Maxime Doyen

 Made 3.5 release.
 * change: GPL headers update of each source files
 * bugfix: FreeBSD crash when 'lastopenedfiles' configuration file does not exists
 * bugfix: MacOS amount display problem due to uninitialized preferences

2007-08-16  Maxime Doyen

 Made 3.4 release.
 * add   : local on disk program help documentation
 * add   : a menu to close the account window
 * change: new GPL icon set based on gnome 2.18 icons
 * change: new splash screen
 * change: native en_US strings translation changed as requested by some users
 * change: statistics does no more include internal transfer transaction by default
 * bugfix: csv import/export for category, payee, budget and account was crashing

2007-06-28  Maxime Doyen

 Made 3.4 unstable release.
 * add   : windows position/size are now saved
 * change: converted amounts colors to Tango palette colors
 * bugfix: .desktop file menu Categories was wrong (GNOME instead of GTK)
 * bugfix: charts amount display was not affected by the user preferences
 * bugfix: account window for a same account could be opened several times
 * bugfix: when adding transfer transaction from the account window,
           'account' widget was faulty set to previous 'to account' widget value
 * bugfix: internal transfer transaction changes/deletes affect child transfer
 * bugfix: amount display was incorrect when the grouping_char was empty
 * change: transaction window 'fill from' widget is hidden when modifying

2007-05-24  Maxime Doyen

 Made 3.3 release.
 * add   : preference format sample preview for date and amounts
 * add   : transaction list columns visibility can be configured in preferences
 * add   : transaction list 'Amount' column
 * add   : preference folder chooser button and dialog (for path)
 * add   : preference clear button that reset all preferences to default
 * add   : backup of files: saved to <filename>.old 
 * add   : mainwindow menu tooltips are now displayed in the statusbar
 * add   : standard args are supported now (--version and a filename to load)
 * add   : menu list of recent files (GTK native one)
 * add   : menu to revert file to the last saved
 * add   : gnome complete menu integration
 * add   : mime integration of .xhb files
 * add   : integration
 * change: main window is now maximized at start
 * change: account window is now horizontally re-sizable
 * change: transaction list columns can now be resized
 * change: new icon for the toolbar 'view as list' button
 * bugfix: minor currency settings was not loaded
 * bugfix: compilation without OFX support was ignored
 * bugfix: transaction add cheque number prefill for pad2 was not working
 * bugfix: inherit transaction with empty info or description was severely cashing
 * bugfix: date format set in preferences was ignored
 * bugfix: import ofx with multiple accounts was adding all the transactions to the 1st wallet account
 * bugfix: date widget string input was always revert to calendar date

2007-02-23  Maxime Doyen

 Made 3.3 unstable release.
 * add   : list summary of upcoming automated transactions to the main window
 * add   : import path in the preferences
 * add   : OFX format is now supported via an import wizard
 * change: gtkdatentry: up/down keys change days, with shift for months, with ctrl for years
 * change: list of account is now display as a tree with total
 * change: moved the total balance in the account list
 * change: minor currency checkbox moved to a menu with a shortcut
 * change: number format is fully configurable in the settings
 * change: get rid the use of strfmon func, amount number format is now HomeBank internal
 * bugfix: overdrawn balance was false in partial view (when not displaying all date)
 * bugfix: budget category name with entities (& < > ...) was displayed wrong in budget list
 * bugfix: toolbar style was wrong in report windows
 * bugfix: fixed a possible segfault caused by automated insert on new, open, or at close time
 * bugfix: transaction list was badly sorted on income/expense
 * bugfix: cheque auto increments was not working on transaction inheritance

2006-11-27  Maxime Doyen

 Made 3.2.1 release.
 * add   : title in chart tooltip
 * add   : preferences statistic rate column display
 * change: new category and budget icons
 * change: chart month displayed full name
 * bugfix: inherit a cheque transaction was crashing
 * bugfix: overdrawn balance column was shifted 1 line down
 * bugfix: charts tooltip was a little buggy
 * bugfix: charts were sometimes all black colored
 * bugfix: statistics credit charts value displayed were wrong (bad column)

2006-09-26  Maxime Doyen

 Made 3.2 release.
 * add   : sum of multi selected transaction in account window statusbar (missing from amiga version)
 * add   : statistics report dual barchart display for income/expense (missing from amiga version)
 * add   : budget report dual barchart display for spend/budget (missing from amiga version)
 * add   : filter invert button for selection of category, payee and account list (missing from amiga version)
 * add   : icon to indicate automated archive in the archive list
 * add   : csv transaction import wizard with user control of duplicate filter
 * add   : statistics report toggle rate toolbutton
 * add   : splash window

2006-07-12  Maxime Doyen

 Made 3.2 alpha2 release.
 * bugfix: transaction lost problem, due to xml entities not escaped. Data using "'>&< in name were well saved the 1st time but
           the glib xmlparser was crashing and not warn about it at reload, so if saved again, the data were lost :-/
 * bugfix: description & info transaction field were impossible to blank
 * bugfix: empty field were badly saved with '(null)' instead of ''
 * bugfix: a change in the wallet dialog was not enabling to save

2006-06-21  Maxime Doyen

 Made 3.2 alpha1 release.

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