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CVS commit: wip/cddlib

Module name:	wip
Committed by:	jihbed
Date:		Sat Jan 31 20:03:00 UTC 2015

Modified Files:
	wip/cddlib: Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:

*** libcdd version (date) / changes ***

Version 094g (March 23, 2012) /
 - Thanks to both Anders Jensen and Mathieu Dutour
   a few memory leaks in cddlib.c and cddlp.c have been
   fixed.  Also, some patches sent by Jerry James have
   been applied.  These were for making the library
   shared and more compatible for C++ compilers.

Version 094f (February 7, 2008) /
 - Thanks to Sven Verdoolaege's fixes,
   the "configure" script now uses "gcc" as the default
   compiler, rather than "g++" in earlier releases,
   and the libraries can be linked properly with
   both C and C++ programs.

Version 094e (January 27, 2008) /
 - A bug of reporting a wrong (sign) certificate of
   an infeasible LP is fixed.  This bug reported by
   Charles Geyer, occurs if the exact GMP version of 
   the dd_LPSolve is used with minimization. A bug of
   reporting infeasibility of a feasible LP with 
   column non-full rank LP is fixed.  This bug was reported
   by Sven Verdoolaege.

Version 094d (February 12, 2007) /
 - A bug of reporting a wrong unbounded direction vector of
   a dual inconsistent LP is fixed.  This bug occurs only
   if the exact GMP version of the dd_LPSolve is used.
   For example, this error may occur in scdd_gmp.  This
   error was reported by Lars Schewe.

Version 094c (April 23, 2006) /
 - A bug for reading a rational number of length longer
   than 255 characters have been fixed. This was reported
   by Ruriko Yoshida. Now the longest
   number is controlled by dd_wordlenmax defined in
   cddtypes.h .  The longest line is also controlled by
   dd_linelenmax .  These are currently fixed to
   1024 and 4096.  Larger numbers and lines can be
   handled by modifying these numbers and recompilation.

Version 094b (August 25, 2005) /
 - A bug for the representation conversion, reported by
   Michal Kvasnica, was fixed.  The earlier 094* versions
   prematurely terminate the conversion when the number
   of rows is equal to the number of columns in the input.
   This means the earlier 094* do not compute correctly 
   for simplices, for example.

Version 094a (August 24, 2005) /
 - A bug of dd_LPSolve is fixed.  This bug, reported by
   Dima Pasechnik, due to a mishandling of cycling of LP
   algorithms, is fixed.

Version 094 (August 4, 2005) /
 - dd_MatrixCanonicalize has been added.  This reduces
   matrix M to a minimal representation by computing
   all implicit linearity rows and all redundant rows.
   It applies lexicographic sorting of rows to remove
   duplicates before applying redundancy removal.
   This function combines the two computations together
   in more efficient manner than before.
   See the new redcheck.c for its use.  Several basic
   operations for matrices have been added, such as
   dd_MatrixRowsRemove and dd_MatrixRowsRemove2.

   The representation conversion dd_DDMatrix2Poly now
   handles the empty H-polyhedra properly, by calling
   an LP-based emptiness checker before running the double 
   description algorithm.

   New functions finding specific points in H-polyhedra
   are added.  dd_ExistsRestrictedFace is a general inequality
   system solver with specified equations, inequalities and
   strict inequalities.   dd_FindRelativeInterior finds 
   a point in the relative interior of a polyhedron.

Version 093d (February 27, 2005) /
 - The problem of outputting the running log has been corrected.
   This problem and a solution was communicated by Charles Geyer.
   Now, a new global dd_boolean variable dd_log (= dd_FALSE by default)
   controls log output.  An scdd/lcdd bug of terminating with segmentation 
   fault when an input polyhedron is numerically delicate has been
   corrected.  This bug was reported by Stefan Volkwein.

Version 093c (December 26, 2003) /
 - A bug of Phase I of the dual simplex method in floating-point
   arithmetics is fixed.  The problem (bus error) occurred when input data
   is not appropriate for floating-point arithmetics.  The problem
   occurrs even for the GMP executables as the exact LP solver first
   tries to detect the terminal basis with float-point arithmetics.

Version 093b (November 10, 2003) /
 - The nonterminating problem of the LP solver has been fixed.
   This was due to a cycling of the criss-cross method in
   floating-point arithmetics, that is extremely rare.
   Also, the phase I of the dual simplex method has been
   modified.  The auxiliary LP is perhaps less likely to
   be degenerate.

Version 093a (Augst 11, 2003) /
 - The LP basis finding procedure dd_FindLPBasis2 has been
   updated.  The functions dd_Matrix2WeakAdjacency, dd_SRedundant and
   dd_SRedundantRows are added.  The manual has been updated.

Version 093 (July 18, 2003) /
 - dd_LPSolve with GMP now runs fisrt with floating point arithmetics 
   and checks with GMP the correctness of the result. New functions dd_Matrix2Adjacency, 
   dd_FourierElimination, dd_BlockElimination, dd_DDMatrix2Poly2 are added.
   Some minor memory leak problems are fixed. (Thanks to the excellent
   memory debugger valgrind on linux.)   

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