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CVS commit: wip/

Module name:	wip
Committed by:	jihbed
Date:		Sat Jan 31 17:12:20 UTC 2015

Modified Files:
	wip/ Makefile distinfo

Log Message:


 - #23: Added support for symbolic masks to ``.chmod``.


 - The ``open`` method now uses ```` and supports all of the
   parameters to that function. ``open`` will always raise an ``OSError``
   on failure, even on Python 2.
 - Updated ``write_text`` to support additional newline patterns.
 - The ``text`` method now always returns text (never bytes), and thus
   requires an encoding parameter be supplied if the default encoding is not
   sufficient to decode the content of the file.


 - ``path`` class renamed to ``Path``. The ``path`` name remains as an alias
   for compatibility.


 - ``chown`` now accepts names in addition to numeric IDs.


 - Drop support for Python 2.5. Python 2.6 or later required.
 - Installation now requires setuptools.


 - Allow arbitrary callables to be passed to path.walk ``errors`` parameter.
   Enables workaround for issues such as #73 and #56.


 - #61: path.listdir now decodes filenames from os.listdir when loading
   characters from a file. On Python 3, the behavior is unchanged. On Python
   2, the behavior will now mimick that of Python 3, attempting to decode
   all filenames and paths using the encoding indicated by
   ``sys.getfilesystemencoding()``, and escaping any undecodable characters
   using the 'surrogateescape' handler.


 - #53: Added ``path.in_place`` for editing files in place.


 - ``path.fnmatch`` now takes an optional parameter ``normcase`` and this
   parameter defaults to self.module.normcase (using case normalization most
   pertinent to the path object itself). Note that this change means that
   any paths using a custom ntpath module on non-Windows systems will have
   different fnmatch behavior. Before::

       # on Unix
       >>> p = path('Foo')
       >>> p.module = ntpath
       >>> p.fnmatch('foo')


       # on any OS
       >>> p = path('Foo')
       >>> p.module = ntpath
       >>> p.fnmatch('foo')

   To maintain the original behavior, either don't define the 'module' for the
   path or supply explicit normcase function::

       >>> p.fnmatch('foo', normcase=os.path.normcase)
       # result always varies based on OS, same as fnmatch.fnmatch

   For most use-cases, the default behavior should remain the same.

 - Issue #50: Methods that accept patterns (``listdir``, ``files``, ``dirs``,
   ``walk``, ``walkdirs``, ``walkfiles``, and ``fnmatch``) will now use a
   ``normcase`` attribute if it is present on the ``pattern`` parameter. The
   path module now provides a ``CaseInsensitivePattern`` wrapper for strings
   suitable for creating case-insensitive patterns for those methods.

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