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CVS commit: wip/rpcemu

Module name:	wip
Committed by:	ryo-on
Date:		Mon Nov  3 22:01:04 UTC 2014

Modified Files:
	wip/rpcemu: Makefile distinfo
	wip/rpcemu/patches: patch-rpc-machdep.c patch-rpcemu.h
Removed Files:
	wip/rpcemu/patches: patch-hostfs.c patch-romload.c

Log Message:
Update to 0.8.12

Version 0.8.12 - 22/10/2014

Changes in this build

    All Platforms
        ARM Core
            Fix 4 issues related to the SWP instruction
            Fix for STRB where the PC should be offset
            Fix implementation-specific behaviour for single data transfer
        Floppy Drive
            Support the FDC Format and Verify commands, this enables you to format an empty 800KB or 1600KB file as a disc image. Including code provided by Rob Sprowson.
            Experimental fix for floppy-drive support in Recompiler. Please report any issues discovered with this.
        Fix rendering of wimp modes 29 and 30 (800x600 in 1bpp and 2bpp)
            Add support for RISC OS ImageFS extensions and add a default disc name This enables several programs that previous failed to work to work, including Photodesk and the Acorn C/C++ installer.
            Add support for querying HostFS free disc space.
        Add a 'Help' menu to the UI with links to the website and manual

Version 0.8.11 - 23/10/2013

Changes in this build

    All Platforms

        Support for emulating Phoebe, the Risc PC 2. Produced with the assistance of The Centre for Computing History.

        Instructions on how to setup Phoebe emulation and the required files are on the 4corn website.

        Note, this is a prototype machine, so is more for historical interest than running production code.
        Introduced the concept of configuring the Hardware Model rather than using CPU type to determine hardware. See the Settings->Settings window for details. You may need to reselect a model based on your previous CPU choice.
        Fix very rare bug in which the MIPS count was sometimes wildly incorrect.
        Fix 'Follows Host Mouse' bug, where the host and emulated mouse pointers were not lined up until the RPCEmu window had been moved.
        Fix network GUI bug where the selected networking type was not correctly set.

Version 0.8.10 - 27/3/2013

Changes in this build

    All Platforms
        Fix bug in emulation of SMLAL instruction in 32-bit DynaRec.
        Fix bug in emulation of unaligned STR with Writeback in 32-bit DynaRec.
        Fix bug in emulation of LDR/LDRB with Writeback in both 32-bit and 64-bit DynaRec.
        Extensive code-refactoring enabling the above fixes, and in preparation for future improvements.
        Host CD-ROM drives now appear correctly in the CD-ROM submenu.
        A program icon has been added to the main Window.

Version 0.8.9 - 1/1/2012

Changes in this build

    All Platforms
        Add support for emulation of 256 MB of RAM - the maximum possible in the Risc PC and A7000 architecture.
        A new option to reduce CPU usage. By enabling this menu option, RPCEmu will attempt to reduce its CPU usage by utilising the 'Idle' feature of RISC OS. Once enabled, the CPU usage should reduce roughly 30 seconds after booting RISC OS provided that activity is low enough. No 'Portable' module is required to use this feature. This is partly based on code by Jeffrey Lee.
        A two-button mouse mode, for use on laptops and similar: this menu option swaps the right and middle mouse buttons, allowing the more common RISC OS use of Select and Menu on two-button mouse systems such as laptops.
        Several fixes to the "Follow host mouse" feature, which should make it more reliable: Correctly interprets OS_Byte 106 and handles pointer/cursor linking.
        SWIs are now intercepted even when called using CallASWI, based on a patch by Alan Buckley. This further improves the reliability of the "Follow host mouse" feature.
        The mouse type will be automatically configured based on the type of emulated machine. Previously it was necessary to use '*configure mousetype' when changing between Risc PC and A7000 emulation.
        Resolved ARM bug where rotate could set C flag incorrectly.
        A possible crash in the Dynamic Recompiler has been prevented by a fix from Tom Walker.
        RISC OS 4.02 with no VRAM configured now boots in Risc PC emulation.
        Accuracy improvements to emulation of IOMD.
        Workaround ADC issue on 64bit recompiler which prevented RISC OS 5.17 from booting.
        Refactoring of code, particularly relating to RAM and IOMD.
        The window size is now taller by one pixel. Previously it was too short, and the very bottom row of the display was missing.
        Some improvements to the GUI, including enabling Windows "Visual Styles" so that windows adopt the native look of the OS, and improving the layout of the "Configure" window.
        A potential freeze when choosing "File->Exit" has been fixed.
        An improved icon, which includes high-resolution variants for Windows Vista and later.
        Some improvements to the GUI, including improving the layout of the "Configure" window.

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cvs -z3 rdiff -u -r1.1.1.1 -r0 wip/rpcemu/patches/patch-hostfs.c \
cvs -z3 rdiff -u -r1.1.1.1 -r1.2 wip/rpcemu/distinfo \
    wip/rpcemu/patches/patch-rpc-machdep.c wip/rpcemu/patches/patch-rpcemu.h
cvs -z3 rdiff -u -r1.3 -r1.4 wip/rpcemu/Makefile

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