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CVS commit: wip/py-csp

Module name:    wip
Committed by:   othyro
Date:           Tue Dec 31 18:29:38 UTC 2013

Modified Files:
        wip/py-csp: DESCR Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
Updated to latest stable "complete" release. Depend on py-greenlet from
devel, now that it has been imported. Fix EGG_NAME, PKGNAME, improve DESCR,
general Makefile cleanup, etc. This can go into HEAD whenever someone feels
like importing it or needs it. From CHANGES.txt:

0.7.1 - 0.9.0
* threads, processes and net has been completely rewritten into a new single
  implementation named pycsp.parallel. Thus available implementations are now
    - pycsp.parallel (default)
    - pycsp.greenlets
* pycsp.greenlets has not been changed. Simple and fast.
* The trunk repository has been split into two versions. The base which
  only requires standard CPython libraries and the extras version, which 
  adds all the extra stuff (greenlets, and so on) that requires external 
* Previously buffered channels were implemented as a string of processes. This
  would greatly limit performance, as the latency for communicating across
  a channel would increase. Now, a buffered channel has an internal buffer and
  perform only slightly more work than an unbuffered channel. Also the buffer
  has a location, which means that a buffered channel can be used to hide the
  latency induced by the data-transfer latency.
* All channels in pycsp.parallel are created as network-enabled channels and 
  communicating with remote processes.
* Added a new process type @multiprocess which runs as an OS-process. This 
  mixing @process and @multiprocess in one PyCSP network.
* Added a shutdown() method, which must be called at the end of all applications
  importing pycsp. It closes the channel references and waits for all 
references to
  leave hosted channels, thus ensuring that the PyCSP network is left in a 
* Found a design flaw in AltSelect, which means that AltSelect does not 
  priority when affected by network and scheduling latencies. A new PriSelect 
  been added which is slightly slower but does guarantee priority and thus 
  be used whenever the SkipGuard is needed.

0.7.0 - 0.7.1
* (pycsp.greenlets) Fixed issue with communicating on channels from the main 
* (pycsp.greenlets) Fixed propagation of exceptions from io functions.
* Added "fair" version of AltSelect, which uses the history from an Alternation 
to perform an ordered AltSelect (priority)
* Replaced use of environment variables for some module magic.
* Added pycsp.common.trace module
* Moved AltSelect and FairSelect to a separate file (
* Added Channel() * 3 and 2 * Channel() functionality
* removed from individual implementations.
* Added support for Jython and IronPython in the threads implementation. 

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