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CVS commit: wip/pandoc

Module name:    wip
Committed by:   szptvlfn
Date:           Sun Dec  8 01:19:26 UTC 2013

Modified Files:
        wip/pandoc: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Update to 1.12.2

pandoc (1.12.2)

  * Metadata may now be included in YAML blocks in a markdown document.
    For example,

        - type: main
          text: My Book
        - type: subtitle
          text: An investigation of metadata
        - role: author
          text: John Smith
        - role: editor
          text: Sarah Jones
        - scheme: DOI
          text: doi:10.234234.234/33
        publisher:  My Press
        rights:  (c) 2007 John Smith, CC BY-NC
        cover-image: img/mypic.jpg

    Metadata may still be provided using `--epub-metadata`; it will
    be merged with the metadata in YAML blocks.

  * EPUB writer:

    + `meta` tags are now used instead of `opf` attributes for EPUB3.
    + Insert "svg" property as needed in opf (EPUB 3).
    + Simplify `imageTypeOf` using `getMimeType`.
    + Add properties attribute to `cover-image` item for EPUB 3.
    + Don't include node for `cover.xhtml` if no cover!
    + Ensure that same identifier is used throughout (#1044).
      If an identifier is given in metadata, we use that; otherwise
      we generate a random uuid.
    + Add cover reference to guide element (EPUB 2) (Shaun Attfield).
      Fixes an issue with Calibre putting the cover at the end of the book
      if the spine has `linear="no"`.  Apparently this is best practice
      for other converters as well:
    + Allow `stylesheet` in metadata.  The value is a path to the stylesheet.
    + Allow partial dates:  `YYYY`, `YYYY-MM`.

  * Markdown writer:  Fix rendering of tight sublists (#1050).
    Previously a spurious blank line was included after a tight sublist.

  * ODT writer:  Add `draw:name` attribute to `draw:frame` elements (#1069).
    This is reported to be necessary to avoid an error from recent
    versions of Libre Office when files contain more than one image
    Thanks to wmanley for reporting and diagnosing the problem.

  * ConTeXt writer:  Don't hardcode figure/table placement and numbering.
    Instead, let this be set in the template, using `\setupfloat`.
    Thanks to on4aa and Aditya Mahajan for the suggestion (#1067).

  * Implemented CSL flipflopping spans in DOCX, LaTeX, and HTML writers.

  * Fixed bug with markdown intraword emphasis.  Closes #1066.

  * Docbook writer:  Hierarchicalize block content in metadata.
    Previously headers just disappeared from block-level metadata
    when it was used in templates.  Now we apply the 'hierarchicalize'
    transformation.  Note that a block headed by a level-2 header will
    turn into a `<sect1>` element.

  * OpenDocument writer:  Skip raw HTML (#1035).
    Previously it was erroneously included as verbatim text.

  * HTML/EPUB writer, footnotes:  Put `<sup>` tag inside `<a>` tags.
    This allows better control of formatting, since the `<a>`
    tags have a distinguishing class (#1049).

  * Docx writer:

    + Use mime type info returned by fetchItem.
    + Fixed core metadata (#1046).
      Don't create empty date nodes if no date given.
      Don't create multiple `dc:creator` nodes; instead separate by
    + Fix URL for core-properties in `_rels/.rels` (#1046).

  * Plain writer: don't print `<span>` tags.

  * LaTeX writer:

    + Fix definition lists with internal links in terms (#1032).
      This fix puts braces around a term that contains an internal
      link, to avoid problems with square brackets.
    + Properly escape pdftitle, pdfauthor (#1059).
    + Use booktabs package for tables (thanks to Jose Luis Duran).

  * Updated beamer template.  Now references should work properly
    (in a slide) when `--biblatex` or `--natbib` is used.

  * LaTeX reader:

    + Parse contents of curly quotes or matched `"` as quotes.
    + Support `\textnormal` as span with class `nodecor`.
      This is needed for pandoc-citeproc.
    + Improved citation parsing.  This fixes a run-time error that occured
      with `\citet{}` (empty list of keys).  It also ensures that empty keys
      don't get produced.

  * MediaWiki reader:  Add automatic header identifiers.

  * HTML reader:

    + Use pandoc `Div` and `Span` for raw `<div>`, `<span>` when
    + Recognize `svg` tags as block level content (thanks to MinRK).
    + Parse LaTeX math if appropriate options are set.

  * Markdown reader:

    + Yaml block must start immediately after `---`.  If there's a blank
      line after `---`, we interpreted it as a horizontal rule.
    + Correctly handle empty bullet list items.
    + Stop parsing "list lines" when we hit a block tag.
      This fixes exponential slowdown in certain input, e.g.
      a series of lists followed by `</div>`.

  * Slides:  Preserve `<div class="references">` in references slide.

  * `Text.Pandoc.Writer.Shared`:
    + Fixed bug in `tagWithAttrs`.  A space was omitted before key-value
      attributes, leading to invalid HTML.
    + `normalizeDate`: Allow dates with year only (thanks to Shaun Attfield).
    + Fixed bug in `openURL` with `data:` URIs.  Previously the base-64
      encoded bytestring was returned.  We now decode it so it's a proper

  * DocBook reader:  Handle numerical attributes starting with decimal.
    Also use `safeRead` instead of `read`.

  * `Text.Pandoc.Parsing`:

    + Generalized type of `registerHeader`, using new type classes
      `HasReadeOptions`, `HasIdentifierList`, `HasHeaderMap`.
      These allow certain common functions to be reused
      even in parsers that use custom state (instead of `ParserState`),
      such as the MediaWiki reader.
    + Moved inlineMath, displayMath from Markdown reader to Parsing.
      Generalize their types and export them from Parsing.  (API change.)

  * `Text.Pandoc.Readers.TexMath`: Export `readTeXMath'`, which attends
    to display/inline.  Deprecate `readTeXMath`, and use `readTeXMath'`
    in all the writers.  Require `texmath >=`.

  * `Text.Pandoc.MIME`:

    + Add entry for `jfif`.
    + In looking up extensions, drop the encoding info.
      E.g. for 'image/jpg;base64' we should lookup 'image/jpg'.

  * Templates:  Changed how array variables are resolved.  Previously if
    `foo` is an array (which might be because multiple values were set on
    the command line), `$foo$` would resolve to the concatenation of the
    elements of foo.  This is rarely useful behavior.  It has been changed
    so that the first value is rendered.  Of course, you can still iterate
    over the values using `$for(foo)$`.  This has the result that you can
    override earlier settings using `-V` by putting new values later on the
    command line, which is useful for many purposes.
  * `Text.Pandoc`:  Don't default to `pandocExtensions` for all writers.

  * Allow "epub2" as synonym for "epub", "html4" for "html".

  * Don't look for slidy files in data files with `--self-contained`.

  * Allow `https:` command line arguments to be downloaded.

  * Fixed `` so data files embedded in `pandoc-citeproc`.

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