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CVS commit: wip/cclive

Module name:    wip
Committed by:   thomasklausner
Date:           Mon Sep 30 21:07:38 UTC 2013

Modified Files:
        wip/cclive: Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
Update to 0.7.16:

v0.7.16  [2013-09-14]

Toni Gundogdu:
  - FIX: Network options work only partially or not at all [7ce83bd]

 6 files changed, 6 insertions(+), 30 deletions(-)

v0.7.15  [2013-08-05]

Toni Gundogdu:
  - Add --timestamp: Try to preserve modification time [357e4ac]
      (many thanks to Alexey Dokuchaev for the patch!)
  - Require a2x when building from git [da1f467]

 5 files changed, 34 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

v0.7.14  [2013-06-30]

Toni Gundogdu:
  - --filename-format: Print a notice of deprecated %h sequence [f12faf9]
  - FIX: Warning message for "--query-formats deprecated" [4dba21e]

 4 files changed, 64 insertions(+), 48 deletions(-)

v0.7.13  [2013-05-25]

Toni Gundogdu:
  - Add --print-config [2b47862]
  - Add short-option for --verbose-libcurl [0ed7d49]
  - FIX: Regression in retrying introduced by 4b118378 [0b56b37]
  - FIX: Skip transfer with USR1, do not retry transfer [17b28b8]
  - Update m4/boost.m4 to the latest [3a29b7b]

 14 files changed, 328 insertions(+), 92 deletions(-)

v0.7.12 -- [2013-02-10, r:Toni Gundogdu]

Toni Gundogdu:
  - Add quvi compatibility layer [cda6cc4]
  - Add short-option -h [8a279a6]
  - Add short-option -v [ec969f1]
  - Deprecate --format, add --stream [949d476]
  - Deprecate --query-formats, add --print-streams [7188199]
  - doc: Revise manual [777d82a]
  - FIX: Do not ignore I/O errors during file transfer [6f2e711]
  - options: Make 'continue' configurable [92bd61f]
  - options: Make 'no-resolve' configurable [4afab3e]
  - Upgrade boost.m4 to the latest [c436150]

See ChangeLog for a more detailed list of changes.

 47 files changed, 1881 insertions(+), 1993 deletions(-)

v0.7.11  -- [2012-12-12, r:Toni Gundogdu]

Adam Sampson:
  - Check .error() for user-provided regexps [03d69e0]
  - Copy strings passed to StringPiece [5325ecc]

 3 files changed, 31 insertions(+), 19 deletions(-)

v0.7.10 (2012-08-28) / Toni Gundogdu

Toni Gundogdu:
  - Append contents of INSTALL file to README file [a90c854]
    - README file will contain the cclive specific information
    - INSTALL file will now be provided by GNU Autotools
  - Add AC_PROG_LN_S [da6c39a]
  - Install ccl symlink by default [9ecaaf8]
  - Lower AC_PREREQ to 2.67 [e317832]
  - Modernize AM_INIT options [76fd2d0]
  - Modernize libtool options [0f39e93]
  - Replace deprecated macros [59fce53]
  - Run to get version value [4f0d4a8]
  - DOC: Manual: Revise descriptions for option sections [fe31766]
  - DOC: Rewrite EXIT STATUS section [6690303]
  - FIX: Return non-zero exit status if failure (#18) [4d3c506]
    - exit_status: Redefine as ok (EXIT_SUCCESS) and error (EXIT_FAILURE) 
      - Replace "invalid_option" with "error" [980792e]
    - main: Use exit_status, have caught exceptions set exit status [99bd1b2]
  - Rewrite completely [df0a4ce]
  - go_background: Return application::error instead [36158a1]
  - Install ccl symlink now by default, see --disable-ccl in README
  - install-exec-hook: Remove the 'ccl' symlink [e394f71]
  - m4/boost.m4: Update to the most recent [1044d88]
  - m4/version.m4: Remove the file [d1e6bae]

 17 files changed, 206 insertions(+), 139 deletions(-)

v0.7.9  (2012-03-03) / Toni Gundogdu

Toni Gundogdu:
  - FIX: Print only HTTP category domains with --support (#17) [8172356]
  - FIX: --support: Strip lua escapes from domain patterns (#16) [b089d63]
  - Update boost.m4 to the latest version [edc7b12]

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cvs -z3 rdiff -u -r1.20 -r1.21 wip/cclive/Makefile

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