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CVS commit: wip/pandoc

Module name:    wip
Committed by:   szptvlfn
Date:           Fri Aug 23 01:09:34 UTC 2013

Modified Files:
        wip/pandoc: Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
Update to 1.11.1

pandoc (1.11.1)

  * Markdown reader:

    + Fixed regression in which parentheses were lost in link URLs.
      Added tests.  Closes #786.
    + Better handling of unmatched double quotes in `--smart` mode.
      These occur frequently in fiction, since it is customary not to
      close quotes in dialogue if the speaker does not change between
      paragraphs.  The unmatched quotes now get turned into literal
      left double quotes. (No `Quoted` inline is generated, however.)
      Closes #99 (again).
  * HTML writer: Fixed numbering mismatch between TOC and sections.
    `--number-offset` now affects TOC numbering as well
    as section numbering, as it should have all along.  Closes #789.

  * Markdown writer: Reverted 1.11 change that caused citations to be rendered
    as markdown citations, even if `--bibliography` was specified, unless
    `citation` extension is disabled.  Now, formatted citations are always
    printed if `--bibliography` was specified.  If you want to reformat
    markdown keeping pandoc markdown citations intact, don't use
    `--bibliography`.  Note that citations parsed from LaTeX documents will
    be rendered as pandoc markdown citations when `--bibliography` is not

  * ODT writer: Fixed regression leading to corrupt ODTs.
    This was due to a change in the `Show` instance for
    `Text.Pandoc.Pretty.Doc`.  Closes #780.

  * Fixed spacing bugs involving code block attributes in
    RST reader and Markdown writer. Closes #763.

  * Windows package:  Various improvements due to Fyodor Sheremetyev.

    + Automatically set installation path (Program Files or Local App Data).
    + Set system PATH environment variable when installing for all users.
    + Pandoc can installed for all users using the following command.
      `msiexec /i pandoc-1.11.msi ALLUSERS=1`.

  * Bumped QuickCheck version bound.

pandoc (1.11)

  * Added `--number-offset` option.  (See README for description.)

  * Added `--default-image-extension` option.  (See README for description.)
  * `--number-sections` behavior change: headers with class `unnumbered`
    will not be numbered.

  * `--version` now reports the default data directory.

  * `Text.Pandoc.Parsing` is no longer exposed. (API change.)

  * `Text.Pandoc.Highlighting` is no longer exposed. (API change.)

  * `Text.Pandoc.Shared`:  Changed type of `Element`.  `Sec` now includes
    a field for `Attr` rather than just `String`.  (API change.)

  * Added `markdown_github` as input format.  This was an accidental
    omission in 1.10.

  * Added `readerDefaultImageExtension` field to `ReaderOptions`.  (API

  * Added `writerNumberOffset` field in `WriterOptions`. (API change.)

  * Beamer template:

    + Fixed captions with longtable.  Thanks to Joost Kremers.
    + Provide `\Oldincludegraphics` as in LaTeX template (Benjamin Bannier).

  * LaTeX template:

    + Load microtype after fonts.  Microtype needs to know
      what fonts are being used.  Thanks to dfc for the patch.
    + Set `secnumdepth` to 5 if `--number-sections` specified.
      This yields behavior equivalent to the other writers, numbering
      level 4 and 5 headers too.  Closes #753.

  * HTML reader:

    + Handle `<colgroup>` tag.
    + Preserve all header attributes.

  * LaTeX reader:

    + Parse `\hrule` as `HorizontalRule`.  Closes #746.
    + Parse starred variants of `\section` etc. as headers with
      attribute `unnumbered`.
    + Read optional attributes in `lstlisting` and `Verbatim` environments.
      We convert these to pandoc standard names, e.g. `numberLines`
      for `numbers=left`, `startFrom=100` from `firstnumber=100`.
    + Handle language attribute for lstlistings.
    + Better support for Verbatim and minted environments.  Closes #763.

  * Markdown reader:
    + `-` in an attribute context = `.unnumbered`.  The point of this
      is to provide a way to specify unnumbered headers in non-English
    + Fixed bug parsing key/value attributes.  Parsing failed if you
      had an unquoted attribute immediately before the final '}'.
    + Make backslash escape work in attributes.
    + Fix title block parsing.  Now if `mmd_title_blocks` is specified,
      pandoc will parse a MMD title block if it sees one, even if
      `pandoc_title_blocks` is enabled.
    + Refactoring: `litChar` now includes entities, so we don't need
      to use `fromEntities` e.g. on titles.
    + Allow spaces around borders in pipe tables.  Closes #772.
    + Allow all punctuation in angle-bracket autolinks.  Previously
      things like `----` were disallowed, because the uri parser
      treated them as trailing punctuation.  Closes #768.
    + Make `implicit_header_references` work properly when
      headers are given explicit identifiers.
    + Check for tables before line blocks.  Otherwise some pipe
      tables get treated as line blocks.
    + Allow `&` in emails (for entities).
    + Properly handle entities in titles and links.  A markdown link
      `<http://g&ouml;>` should be a link to `http://gö`.
      Closes #723.

  * Textile reader:
    + Handle attributes on headers.

  * LaTeX reader:

    + Add `fig:` as title for images with captions.
      This is needed for them to be rendered as figures.  Closes #766.
    + Never emit an empty paragraph.  See #761.
    + Handle `\caption` for images in figures.  Closes #766.
    + Parse `\section*`, etc. as unnumbered sections.

  * HTML writer:

    + Support header attributes.  The attributes go on
      the enclosing `section` or `div` tag if `--section-divs` is specified.
    + Fixed a regression (only now noticed) in html+lhs output.
      Previously the bird tracks were being omitted.

  * LaTeX writer:

    + Omit lists with no items to avoid LaTeX errors.
    + Support line numbering with `--listings`.
      If `numberLines` class is present, we add `numbers=left`;
      if `startFrom` is present, we add `firstnumber=`. (#763)

  * ConTeXt writer:

    + Removed `\placecontent`.  This produced a duplicate toc,
      in conjunction with `\placelist`.
    + Use `\title`, `\subject` etc. for headers with
      `unnumbered` class.

  * Textile writer:
    + Support header attributes.

  * Markdown writer:

    + Use grid tables when needed, and if enabled.  Closes #740.
    + Render citations as pandoc-markdown citations.
      Previously citations were rendered as citeproc-formatted citations
      by default.  Now we render them as pandoc citations, e.g. `[@item1]`,
      unless the `citations` extension is disabled.
      If you still want formatted citations in your markdown output,
      use `pandoc -t markdown-citations`.

  * RST writer:
    + Support `:number-lines:` in code blocks.

  * Docx writer:
    + Better treatment of display math.  Display math inside a
      paragraph is now put in a separate paragraph, so it will render
      properly (centered and without extra blank lines around it).
      Partially addresses #742.
    + Content types and document rels xml files are now created from
      scratch, rather than being taken over from `reference.docx`.
      This fixes problems that arise when you edit the `reference.docx`
      with Word.
    + We also now encode mime types for each individual image rather
      than using defaults.  This should allow us to handle a wider
      range of image types (including PDF).   Closes #414.
    + Changed style names in `reference docx`.
      `FootnoteReference` -> `FootnoteRef`, `Hyperlink` -> `Link`.
      The old names got changed by Word when the `reference.docx` was
      edited.  Closes #414.

  * EPUB writer:
    + Fix section numbering.  Previously the numbering restarted from 1
      in each chapter (with `--number-sections`), though the numbers in
      the table of contents were correct.
    + Headers with "unnumbered" attribute are not numbered.  (Nor do they
      cause an increment in running numbering.) Section numbers now work
      properly, even when there is material before the first numbered section.
    + Include HTML TOC, even in epub2.  The TOC is included in `<spine>`,
      but `linear` is set to `no` unless the `--toc` option is specified.
      Include `<guide>` element in OPF.  This should allow the TOC to
      be useable in Kindles when converted with kindlegen. Closes #773.

  * `Text.Pandoc.Parsing`: Optimized `oneOfStringsCI`.
    This dramatically reduces the speed penalty that comes from enabling the
    `autolink_bare_uris` extension.  The penalty is still substantial (in one
    test, from 0.33s to 0.44s), but nowhere near what it used to be.
    The RST reader is also much faster now, as it autodetects URIs.

  * `Text.Pandoc.Shared`:  `hierarchicalize` will not number section
    with class "unnumbered".  Unnumbered sections get `[]` for their
    section number.

  * `Text.Pandoc.Pretty`:
    + Fixed `chomp` so it works inside `Prefixed` elements.
    + Changed `Show` instance so it is better for debugging.

  * `Text.Pandoc.ImageSize`:  Added `Pdf` to `ImageType`.

  * `Text.Pandoc.UTF8`:  Strip off BOM if present.  Closes #743.

  * Windows installer improvements:

    + The installer is now signed with a certificate (thanks to
      Fyodor Sheremetyev).
    + WiX is used instead of InnoSetup.  The installer is now a
      standard msi file.
    + The version number is now auto-detected, and need not be
      updated separately.

  * OSX installer improvements:

    + The package and pandoc executable are now signed with a
      certificate (thanks to Fyodor Sheremetyev).
    + RTF version of license is used.
    + Use full path for sysctl in `InstallationCheck` script (jonahbull).
      Closes #580.

  * Converted COPYING to markdown.

  * pandoc.cabal:  Require latest versions of highlighting-kate,
    texmath, citeproc-hs, zip-archive.

pandoc (1.10.1)

  * Markdown reader:  various optimizations, leading to a
    significant performance boost.

  * RST reader:  Allow anonymous form of inline links:
    `` `hello <url>`__ `` Closes #724.

  * Mediawiki reader: Don't require newlines after tables.
    Thanks to jrunningen for the patch. Closes #733.

  * Fixed LaTeX macro parsing.  Now LaTeX macro definitions are preserved
    when output is LaTeX, and applied when it is another format.
    Partially addresses #730.

  * Markdown and RST readers:  Added parser to `block` that skips blank
    lines.  This fixes a subtle regression involving grid tables with
    empty cells.  Also added test for grid table with empty cells.
    Closes #732.

  * RST writer:  Use `.. code:: language` for code blocks with language.
    Closes #721.

  * DocBook writer:  Fixed output for hard line breaks, adding a newline
    between `<literallayout>` tags.

  * Markdown writer:  Use an autolink when link text matches url.
    Previously we also checked for a null title, but this
    test fails for links produced by citeproc-hs in bibliographies.
    So, if the link has a title, it will be lost on conversion
    to an autolink, but that seems okay.

  * Markdown writer:  Set title, author, date variables as before.
    These are no longer used in the default template, since we use
    titleblock, but we set them anyway for those who use custom templates.

  * LaTeX writer:  Avoid extra space at start/end of table cell.
    Thanks to Nick Bart for the suggestion of using @{}.

  * `Text.Pandoc.Parsing`:
    + More efficient version of `anyLine`.
    + Type of `macro` has changed; the parser now returns `Blocks`
      instead of `Block`.

  * Relaxed old-time version bound, allowing 1.0.*.

  * Removed obsolete `hsmarkdown` script.  Those who need `hsmarkdown`
    should create a symlink as described in the README.

pandoc (

  * Markdown reader: Try `lhsCodeBlock` before `rawTeXBlock`.  Otherwise
    `\begin{code}...\end{code}` isn't handled properly in markdown+lhs.
    Thanks to Daniel Miot for noticing the bug and suggesting the fix.

  * Markdown reader: Fixed bug with headerless grid tables.
    The 1.10 code assumed that each table header cell contains exactly one
    block. That failed for headerless tables (0) and also for tables with
    multiple blocks in a header cell.  The code is fixed and tests provided.
    Thanks to Andrew Lee for pointing out the bug.

  * Markdown reader: Fixed regressions in fenced code blocks. Closes #722.
    + Tilde code fences can again take a bare language string
      (`~~~ haskell`), not just curly-bracketed attributes
      (`~~~ {.haskell}`).
    + Backtick code blocks can take the curly-bracketed attributes.
    + Backtick code blocks don't *require* a language.
    + Consolidated code for the two kinds of fenced code blocks.

  * LaTeX template: Use `\urlstyle{same}` to avoid monospace URLs.

  * Markdown writer: Use proportional font for email autolinks with
    obfuscation.  Closes #714.

  * Corrected name of `blank_before_blockquote` in README.  Closes #718.

  * `Text.Pandoc.Shared`: Fixed bug in `uri` parser.
    The bug prevented an autolink at the end of a string (e.g.
    at the end of a line block line) from counting as a link.  Closes #711.

  * Use the `hsb2hs` preprocessor instead of TH for embed_data_files.
    This should work on Windows, unlike the TH solution with

  * Eliminated use of TH in test suite.

  * Added `Text.Pandoc.Data` (non-exported) to hold the association
    list of embedded data files, if the `embed_data_files` flag is selected.
    This isolates the code that needs special treatment with file-embed or

  * Changes to `make-windows-installer.bat`.
    + Exit batch file if any of the cabal-dev installs fail.
    + There's no longer any need to reinstall `highlighting-kate`.
    + Don't start with a `cabal update`; leave that to the user.
    + Force reinstall of pandoc.

  * Fixed EPUB writer so it builds with blaze-html 0.4.x. Thanks to
    Jens Petersen.

pandoc (

  * Fixed bug with escaped % in LaTeX reader. Closes #710.

pandoc (

  * Added further missing fb2 tests to cabal file.

pandoc (

  * Added fb2 tests to cabal file's extra-source-files.

pandoc (

  * Bump version bounds on test-framework packages.

pandoc (1.10)

  [new features]

  * New input formats:  `mediawiki` (MediaWiki markup).

  * New output formats:  `epub3` (EPUB v3 with MathML),
    `fb2` (FictionBook2 ebooks).

  * New `--toc-depth` option, specifying how many levels of
    headers to include in a table of contents.

  * New `--epub-chapter-level` option, specifying the header
    level at which to divide EPUBs into separate files.
    Note that this normally affects only performance, not the
    visual presentation of the EPUB in a reader.

  * Removed the `--strict` option.  Instead of using `--strict`,
    one can now use the format name `markdown_strict` for either input
    or output.  This gives more fine-grained control that `--strict`
    did, allowing one to convert from pandoc's markdown to strict
    markdown or vice versa.

  * It is now possible to enable or disable specific syntax
    extensions by appending them (with `+` or `-`) to the writer
    or reader name.  For example,

        pandoc -f markdown-footnotes+hard_line_breaks

    disables footnotes and enables treating newlines as hard
    line breaks.  The literate Haskell extensions are now implemented
    this way as well, using either `+lhs` or `+literate_haskell`.
    For a list of extension names, see the README under
    "Pandoc's Markdown."

  * The following aliases have been introduced for specific
    combinations of markdown extensions:  `markdown_phpextra`,
    `markdown_github`, `markdown_mmd`, `markdown_strict`.  These aliases
    work just like regular reader and writer names, and can be modified
    with extension modifiers as described above. (Note that conversion
    from one markdown dialect to another does not work perfectly,
    because there are differences in markdown parsers besides
    just the extensions, and because pandoc's internal document model is
    not rich enough to capture all of the extensions.)

  * New `--html-q-tags` option.  The previous default was to use `<q>`
    tags for smart quotes in HTML5.  But `<q>` tags are also valid HTML4.
    Moreover, they are not a robust way of typesetting quotes, since
    some user agents don't support them, and some CSS resets (e.g.
    bootstrap) prevent pandoc's quotes CSS from working properly.
    We now just insert literal quote characters by default in both
    `html` and `html5` output, but this option is provided for
    those who still want `<q>` tags.

  * The markdown reader now prints warnings (to stderr) about
    duplicate link and note references.  Closes #375.

  * Markdown syntax extensions:

    + Added pipe tables.  Thanks to François Gannaz for the initial patch.
      These conform to PHP Markdown Extra's pipe table syntax. A subset
      of org-mode table syntax is also supported, which means that you can
      use org-mode's nice table editor to create tables.

    + Added support for RST-style line blocks. These are
      useful for verse and addresses.

    + Attributes can now be specified for headers, using the same
      syntax as in code blocks.  (However, currently only the
      identifier has any effect in most writers.)  For example,

            # My header {#foo}

            See [the header above](#foo).

    + Pandoc will now act as if link references have been defined
      for all headers without explicit identifiers.
      So, you can do this:

            # My header

            Link to [My header].
            Another link to [it][My header].

      Closes #691.

  * LaTeX reader:

    + Command macros now work everywhere, including non-math.
      Environment macros still not supported.
    + `\input` now works, as well as `\include`.  TEXINPUTS is used.
      Pandoc looks recursively into included files for more included files.

  [behavior changes]

  * The Markdown reader no longer puts the text of autolinks in a
    `Code` inline.  This means that autolinks will no longer appear
    in a monospace font.

  * The character `/` can now appear in markdown citation keys.

  * HTML blocks in strict_markdown are no longer required to begin
    at the left margin.  Technically this is required, according to
    the markdown syntax document, but `` and other markdown
    processors are more liberal.

  * The `-V` option has been changed so that if there are duplicate
    variables, those specified later on the command line take precedence.

  * Tight lists now work in LaTeX and ConTeXt output.

  * The LaTeX writer no longer relien on the `enumerate` package.
    Instead, it uses standard LaTeX commands to change the list numbering

  * The LaTeX writer now uses `longtable` instead of `ctable`. This allows
    tables to be split over page boundaries.

  * The RST writer now uses a line block to render paragraphs containing
    linebreaks (which previously weren't supported at all).

  * The markdown writer now applies the `--id-prefix` to footnote IDs.
    Closes #614.

  * The plain writer no longer uses backslash-escaped line breaks
    (which are not very "plain").

  * `Text.Pandoc.UTF8`: Better error message for invalid UTF8.
    Read bytestring and use `Text`'s decodeUtf8 instead of using
    `System.IO.hGetContents`.  This way you get a message saying
    "invalid UTF-8 stream" instead of "invalid byte sequence."
    You are also told which byte caused the problem.

  * Docx, ODT, and EPUB writers now download images specified by a URL
    instead of skipping them or raising an error.

  * EPUB writer:

    + The default CSS now left-aligns headers by default, instead of
      centering.  This is more consistent with the rest of the writers.
    + A proper multi-level table of contents is now used in `toc.ncx`.
      There is no longer a subsidiary table of contents at the beginning
      of each chapter.
    + Code highlighting now works by default.
    + Section divs are used by default for better semantic markup.
    + The title is used instead of "Title Page" in the table of contents.
      Otherwise we have a hard-coded English string, which looks
      strange in ebooks written in other languages.  Closes #572.

  * HTML writer:

    + Put mathjax in span with class "math".  Closes #562.
    + Put citations in a span with class "citation." In HTML5, also include
      a `data-cite` attribute with a space-separated list of citation

  * `Text.Pandoc.UTF8`:  use universalNewlineMode in reading.
    This treats both `\r\n` and `\n` as `\n` on input, no matter
    what platform we're running on.

  * Citation processing is now done in the Markdown and LaTeX
    readers, not in `pandoc.hs`.  This makes it easier for library users
    to use citations.

  [template changes]

  * HTML: Added css to template to preserve spaces in `<code>` tags.
    Thanks to Dirk Laurie.

  * Beamer:  Remove English-centric strings in section pages.
    Section pages used to have "Section" and a number as well as the
    section title. Now they just have the title.  Similarly for part
    and subsection.  Closes #566.

  * LaTeX, ConTeXt: Added papersize variable.

  * LaTeX, Beamer templates: Use longtable instead of ctable.

  * LaTeX, Beamer templates: Don't require 'float' package for tables.
    We don't actually seem to use the '[H]' option.

  * LaTeX:  Use `upquote` package if it is available.  This fixes
    straight quotes in verbatim environments.

  * Markdown, plain: Fixed titleblock so it is just a single string.
    Previously separate title, author, and date variables were used,
    but this didn't allow different kinds of title blocks.

  * EPUB:

    + Rationalized templates.  Previously there were three different
      templates involved in epub production. There is now just one
      template, `default.epub` or `default.epub3`. It can now be
      overridden using `--template`, just like other templates.
      The titlepage is now folded into the default template.
      A `titlepage` variable selects it.
    + UTF-8, lang tag, meta tags, title element.

  * Added scale-to-width feature to beamer template

  [API changes]

  * `Text.Pandoc.Definition`: Added `Attr` field to `Header`.
    Previously header identifers were autogenerated by the writers.
    Now they are added in the readers (either automatically or explicitly).

  * `Text.Pandoc.Builder`:

    + `Inlines` and `Blocks` are now synonyms for `Many Inline` and
      `Many Block`.  `Many` is a newtype wrapper around `Seq`, with
      custom Monoid instances for `Many Inline` and `Many Block.  This
      allows `Many` to be made an instance of `Foldable` and `Traversable`.
    + The old `Listable` class has been removed.
    + The module now exports `isNull`, `toList`, `fromList`.
    + The old `Read` and `Show` instances have been removed; derived
      instances are now used.
    + Added `headerWith`.

  * The readers now take a `ReaderOptions` rather than a `ParserState`
    as a parameter.  Indeed, not all parsers use the `ParserState` type;
    some have a custom state.  The motivation for this change was to separate
    user-specifiable options from the accounting functions of parser state.

  * New module `Text.Pandoc.Options`.  This includes the `WriterOptions`
    formerly in `Text.Pandoc.Shared`, and its associated
    data types.  It also includes a new type `ReaderOptions`, which
    contains many options formerly in `ParserState`, and its associated
    data types:

    + `ParserState.stateParseRaw` -> `ReaderOptions.readerParseRaw`.
    + `ParserState.stateColumns` -> `ReaderOptions.readerColumns`.
    + `ParserState.stateTabStop` -> `ReaderOptions.readerTabStop`.
    + `ParserState.stateOldDashes` -> `ReaderOptions.readerOldDashes`.
    + `ParserState.stateLiterateHaskell` -> 
    + `ParserState.stateCitations` -> `ReaderOptions.readerReferences`.
    + `ParserState.stateApplyMacros` -> `ReaderOptions.readerApplyMacros`.
    + `ParserState.stateIndentedCodeClasses` ->
    + Added `ReaderOptions.readerCitationStyle`.

  * `WriterOptions` now includes `writerEpubVersion`, `writerEpubChapterLevel`,
    `writerEpubStylesheet`, `writerEpubFonts`, `writerReferenceODT`,
    `writerReferenceDocx`, and `writerTOCDepth`.  `writerEPUBMetadata` has
    been renamed `writerEpubMetadata` for consistency.

  * Changed signatures of `writeODT`, `writeDocx`, `writeEPUB`, since they no
    longer stylesheet, fonts, reference files as separate parameters.

  * Removed `writerLiterateHaskell` from `WriterOptions`, and
    `readerLiterateHaskell` from `ReaderOptions`.  LHS is now handled
    by an extension (`Ext_literate_haskell`).

  * Removed deprecated `writerXeTeX`.

  * Removed `writerStrict` from `WriterOptions`.  Added `writerExtensions`.
    Strict is now handled through extensions.

  * `Text.Pandoc.Options` exports `pandocExtensions`, `strictExtensions`,
    `phpMarkdownExtraExtensions`, `githubMarkdownExtensions`,
    and `multimarkdownExtensions`, as well as the `Extensions` type.

  * New `Text.Pandoc.Readers.MediaWiki` module, exporting

  * New `Text.Pandoc.Writers.FB2` module, exporting `writeFB2`
    (thanks to Sergey Astanin).

  * `Text.Pandoc`:

    + Added `getReader`, `getWriter` to `Text.Pandoc`.
    + `writers` is now an association list `(String, Writer)`.
      A `Writer` can be a `PureStringWriter`, an `IOStringWriter`, or
      an `IOByteStringWriter`.  ALL writers are now in the 'writers'
      list, including the binary writers and FB2 writer.  This allows
      code in `pandoc.hs` to be simplified.
    + Changed type of `readers`, so all readers are in IO.
      Users who want pure readers can still get them form the reader
      modules; this just affects the function `getReader` that looks up
      a reader based on the format name.  The point of this change is to
      make it possible to print warnings from the parser.

  * `Text.Pandoc.Parsing`:

    + `Text.Parsec` now exports all Parsec functions used in pandoc code.
      No other module directly imports Parsec.  This will make it easier
      to change the parsing backend in the future, if we want to.
    + `Text.Parsec` is used instead of `Text.ParserCombinators.Parsec`.
    + Export the type synonym `Parser`.
    + Export `widthsFromIndices`, `NoteTable'`, `KeyTable'`, `Key'`, `toKey'`,
     `withQuoteContext`, `singleQuoteStart`, `singleQuoteEnd`,
     `doubleQuoteStart`, `doubleQuoteEnd`, `ellipses`, `apostrophe`,
     `dash`, `nested`, `F(..)`, `askF`, `asksF`, `runF`, `lineBlockLines`.
    + `ParserState` is no longer an instance of `Show`.
    + Added `stateSubstitutions` and `stateWarnings` to `ParserState`.
    + Generalized type of `withQuoteContext`.
    + Added `guardEnabled`, `guardDisabled`, `getOption`.
    + Removed `failIfStrict`.
    + `lookupKeySrc` and `fromKey` are no longer exported.

  * `Data.Default` instances are now provided for `ReaderOptions`,
    `WriterOptions`, and `ParserState`.  `Text.Pandoc` re-exports `def`.
    Now you can use `def` (which is re-exported by `Text.Pandoc`) instead
    of `defaultWriterOptions` (which is still defined).  Closes #546.

  * `Text.Pandoc.Shared`:

    + Added `safeRead`.
    + Renamed `removedLeadingTrailingSpace` to `trim`,
      `removeLeadingSpace` to `triml`, and `removeTrailingSpace` to `trimr`.
    + Count `\r` as space in `trim` functions.
    + Moved `renderTags'` from HTML reader and `Text.Pandoc.SelfContained`
      to `Shared`.
    + Removed `failUnlessLHS`.
    + Export `compactify'`, formerly in Markdown reader.
    + Export `isTightList`.
    + Do not export `findDataFile`.
    + `readDataFile` now returns a strict ByteString.
    + Export `readDataFileUTF8` which returns a String, like the
      old `readDataFile`.
    + Export `fetchItem` and `openURL`.

  * `Text.Pandoc.ImageSize`: Use strict, not lazy bytestrings.
    Removed `readImageSize`.

  * `Text.Pandoc.UTF8`: Export `encodePath`, `decodePath`,
     `decodeArg`, `toString`, `fromString`, `toStringLazy`,

  * `Text.Pandoc.UTF8` is now an exposed module.

  * `Text.Pandoc.Biblio`:

    + csl parameter now a `String` rather than a `FilePath`.
    + Changed type of `processBiblio`.  It is no longer in the IO monad.
      It now takes a `Maybe Style` argument rather than parameters for CSL
      and abbrev filenames.  (`pandoc.hs` now calls the functions to parse
      the style file and add abbreviations.)

  * Markdown reader now exports `readMarkdownWithWarnings`.

  * `Text.Pandoc.RTF` now exports `writeRTFWithEmbeddedImages` instead of

  [bug fixes]

  * Make `--ascii` work properly with `--self-contained`.  Closes #568.

  * Markdown reader:

    + Fixed link parser to avoid exponential slowdowns.  Closes #620.
      Previously the parser would hang on input like this:


      We fixed this by making the link parser parser characters
      between balanced brackets (skipping brackets in inline code spans),
      then parsing the result as an inline list.  One change is that

            [hi *there]* bud](/url)

      is now no longer parsed as a link.  But in this respect pandoc behaved
      differently from most other implementations anyway, so that seems okay.

    + Look for raw html/latex blocks before tables.
      Otherwise the following gets parsed as a table:

            -- My comment.

      Closes #578.

  * RST reader:

    + Added support for `:target:` on `.. image::` blocks
      and substitutions.
    + Field list fixes:

        - Fixed field lists items with body beginning after a new line
          (Denis Laxalde).
        - Allow any char but ':' in names of field lists in RST reader
          (Denis Laxalde).
        - Don't allow line breaks in field names.
        - Require whitespace after field list field names.
        - Don't create empty definition list for metadata field lists.
          Previously a field list consisting only of metadata fields (author,
          title, date) would be parsed as an empty DefinitionList, which is
          not legal in LaTeX and not needed in any format.

    + Don't recognize inline-markup starts inside words.
      For example, `2*2 = 4*1` should not contain an emphasized
      section.  Added test case for "Literal symbols".  Closes #569.
    + Allow dashes as separator in simple tables.  Closes #555.
    + Added support for `container`, `compound`, `epigraph`,
      `rubric`, `highlights`, `pull-quote`.
    + Added support for `.. code::`.
    + Made directive labels case-insensitive.
    + Removed requirement that directives begin at left margin.
      This was (correctly) not in earlier releases; docutils doesn't
      make the requirement.
    + Added support for `replace::` and `unicode::` substitutions.
    + Ignore unknown interpreted roles.
    + Renamed image parser to `subst`, since it now handles all
      substitution references.

  * Textile reader:

    + Allow newlines before pipes in table.  Closes #654.
    + Fixed bug with list items containing line breaks.
      Now pandoc correctly handles hard line breaks inside list items.
      Previously they broke list parsing.
    + Implemented comment blocks.
    + Fixed bug affected words ending in hyphen.
    + Properly handle links with surrounding brackets.
      Square brackets need to be used when the link isn't surrounded by
      spaces or punctuation, or when the URL ending may be ambiguous.
      Closes #564.
    + Removed nullBlock.  Better to know about parsing problems than
      to skip stuff when we get stuck.
    + Allow ID attributes on headers.
    + Textile reader:  Avoid parsing dashes as strikeout.
      Previously the input


      would be parsed with strikeouts rather than dashes. This fixes
      the problem by requiring that a strikeout delimiting - not be
      followed by a -.  Closes #631.
    + Expanded list of `stringBreakers`.
      This fixes a bug on input like "(_hello_)" which should
      be a parenthesized emphasized "hello".
      The new list is taken from the PHP source of textile 2.4.
    + Fixed autolinks.  Previously the textile reader and writer
      incorrectly implented RST-style autolinks for URLs and email
      addresses.  This has been fixed.  Now an autolink is done this way:
    + Fixed footnotes bug in textile.  This affected notes occuring
      before punctuation, e.g. `foo[1].`.  Closes #518.

  * LaTeX reader:

    + Better handling of citation commands.
    + Better handling of `\noindent`.
    + Added a 'try' in rawLaTeXBlock, so we can handle `\begin` without `{`.
      Closes #622.
    + Made `rawLaTeXInline` try to parse block commands as well.  This
      is usually what we want, given how `rawLaTeXInline` is used in
      the markdown and textile readers.  If a block-level LaTeX command
      is used in the middle of a paragraph (e.g. `\subtitle` inside a title),
      we can treat it as raw inline LaTeX.
    + Handle \slash command.  Closes #605.
    + Basic `\enquote` support.
    + Fixed parsing of paragraphs beginning with a group.  Closes #606.
    + Use curly quotes for bare straight quotes.
    + Support obeylines environment.  Closes #604.
    + Guard against "begin", "end" in inlineCommand and
    + Better error messages for environments.  Now it should tell you that
      it was looking for \end{env}, instead of giving "unknown parse error."

  * HTML reader:

    + Added HTML 5 tags to list of block-level tags.
    + HTML reader: Fixed bug in `htmlBalanced`, which
      caused hangs in parsing certain markdown input using
      strict mode.
    + Parse `<q>` as `Quoted DoubleQuote`.
    + Handle nested `<q>` tags properly.
    + Modified `htmlTag` for fewer false positives.
      A tag must start with `<` followed by `!`,`?`, `/`, or a letter.
      This makes it more useful in the wikimedia and markdown parsers.

  * DocBook reader: Support title in "figure" element.  Closes #650.

  * MediaWiki writer:

    + Remove newline after `<br/>` in translation of `LineBreak`
      There's no particular need for a newline (other than making the
      generated MediaWiki source look nice to a human), and in fact
      sometimes it is incorrect: in particular, inside an enumeration, list
      items cannot have embedded newline characters. (Brent Yorgey)
    + Use `<code>` not `<tt>` for Code.

  * Man writer: Escape `-` as `\-`.
    Unescaped `-`'s become hyphens, while `\-`'s are left as ascii minus
    signs.  That is preferable for use with command-line options.  See
    <>.  Thanks
    to Andrea Bolognani for bringing the issue to our attention.

  * RST writer:

    + Improved line block output. Use nonbreaking spaces for
      initial indent (otherwise lost in HTML and LaTeX).
      Allow multiple paragraphs in a single line block.
      Allow soft breaks w continuations in line blocks.
    + Properly handle images with no alt text.  Closes #678.
    + Fixed bug with links with duplicate text.  We now (a) use anonymous
      links for links with inline URLs, and (b) use an inline link instead
      of a reference link if the reference link would require a label that
      has already been used for a different link.  Closes #511.
    + Fixed hyperlinked images. Closes #611. Use `:target:`
      field when you have a simple linked image.
    + Don't add `:align: center` to figures.

  * Texinfo writer:  Fixed internal cross-references.
    Now we insert anchors after each header, and use `@ref` instead of `@uref`
    for links.  Commas are now escaped as `@comma{}` only when needed;
    previously all commas were escaped.  (This change is needed, in part,
    because `@ref` commands must be followed by a real comma or period.) Also
    insert a blank line in from of `@verbatim` environments.

  * DocBook writer:

    + Made --id-prefix work in DocBook as well as HTML.
      Closes #607.
    + Don't include empty captions in figures.  Closes #581.

  * LaTeX writer:

    + Use `\hspace*` for nonbreaking space after line break,
      since `~` spaces after a line break are just ignored.
      Closes #687.
    + Don't escape `_` in URLs or hyperref identifiers.
    + Properly escape strings inside \url{}.  Closes #576.
    + Use `[fragile]` only for slides containing code rendered
      using listings. Closes #649.
    + Escape `|` as `\vert` in LaTeX math.  This avoids a clash with
      highlighting-kate's macros, which redefine `|` as a short verbatim
      delimiter.  Thanks to Björn Peemöller for raising this issue.
    + Use minipage rather than parbox for block containers in tables.
      This allows verbatim code to be included in grid tables.
      Closes #663.
    + Prevent paragraphs containing only linebreaks or spaces.

  * HTML writer:

    + Included `highlighting-css` for code spans, too.
      Previously it was only included if used in a code block.  Closes #653.
    + Improved line breaks with `<dd>` tags.  We now put a newline between
      `</dd>` and `<dd>` when there are multiple definitions.
    + Changed mathjax cdn url so it doesn't use https.  (This caused
      problems when used with `--self-contained`.) See #609.

  * EPUB writer:

    + `--number-sections` now works properly.
    + Don't strip meta and link elements in epub metadata.
      Patch from aberrancy. Closes #589.
    + Fixed a couple validation bugs.
    + Use ch001, ch002, etc. for chapter filenames.  This improves sorting
      of chapters in some readers, which apparently sort ch2 after ch10.
      Closes #610.

  * ODT writer: properly set title property (Arlo O'Keeffe).

  * Docx writer:

    + Fixed bug with nested lists.  Previously a list like

            1. one
                - a
                - b
            2. two

      would come out with a bullet instead of "2."
      Thanks to Russell Allen for reporting the bug.
    + Use `w:cr` in `w:r` instead of `w:br` for linebreaks.
      This seems to fix a problem viewing pandoc-generated
      docx files in LibreOffice.
    + Use integer ids for bookmarks.  Closes #626.
    + Added nsid to abstractNum elements.  This helps when merging
      word documents with numbered or bulleted lists.  Closes #627.
    + Use separate footnotes.xml for notes.
      This seems to help LibreOffice convert the file, even though
      it was valid docx before.  Closes #637.
    + Use rIdNN identifiers for r:embed in images.
    + Avoid reading image files again when we've already processed them.
    + Fixed typo in `referenc.docx` that prevented image captions from
      working. Thanks to Huashan Chen.

  * `Text.Pandoc.Parsing`:

    + Fixed bug in `withRaw`, which didn't correctly handle the case
      where nothing is parsed.
    + Made `emailAddress` parser more correct.  Now it is based on RFC 822,
      though it still doesn't implement quoted strings in email addresses.
    + Revised URI parser.  It now allows many more schemes, allows
      uppercase URIs, and better handles trailing punctuation and
      trailing slashes in bare URIs.  Added many tests.
    + Simplified and improved singleQuoteStart.  This makes `'s'`, `'l'`,
      etc. parse properly.  Formerly we had some English-centric heuristics,
      but they are no longer needed. Closes #698.

  * `Text.Pandoc.Pretty`:  Added wide punctuation range to `charWidth`.
    This fixes bug with Chinese commas in markdown and reST tables, and
    a bug that caused combining characters to be dropped.

  * `Text.Pandoc.MIME`: Added MIME types for .wof and .eot.  Closes #640.

  * `Text.Pandoc.Biblio`:

    + Run `mvPunc` and `deNote` on metadata too.
      This fixed a bug with notes on titles using footnote styles.
    + Fixed bug in fetching CSL files from CSL data directory.

  * `pandoc.hs`:  Give correct value to `writerSourceDirectory` when a URL
    is provided.  It should be the URL up to the path.

  * Fixed/simplified diff output for tests.
    Biblio: Make sure mvPunc and deNote run on metadata too.
    This fixed a bug with notes on titles using footnote styles.

  [under the hood improvements]

  * We no longer depend on `utf8-string`.  Instead we use functions
    defined in `Text.Pandoc.UTF8` that use `Data.Text`'s conversions.

  * Use `safeRead` instead of using `reads` directly (various modules).

  * "Implicit figures" (images alone in a paragraph) are now handled
    differently.  The markdown reader gives their titles the prefix `fig:`; the
    writers look for this before treating the image as a figure.  Though this
    is a bit of a hack, it has two advantages: (i) implicit figures can be
    limited to the markdown reader, and (ii) they can be deactivated by turning
    off the `implicit_figures` extension.

  * `catch` from `Control.Exception` is now used instead of the
    old Preface `catch`.

  * `Text.Pandoc.Shared`:  Improved algorithm for `normalizeSpaces`
    and `oneOfStrings` (which is now non-backtracking).

  * `Text.Pandoc.Biblio`: Remove workaround for `toCapital`.
    Now citeproc-hs is fixed upstream, so this is no longer needed.
    Closes #531.

  * Textile reader: Improved speed of `hyphenedWords`.
    This speeds up the textile  reader by about a factor of 4.

  * Use `Text.Pandoc.Builder` in RST reader, for more flexibility,
    better performance, and automatic normalization.

  * Major rewrite of markdown reader:

    + Use `Text.Pandoc.Builder` instead of lists.  This also
      means that everything is normalized automatically.
    + Move to a one-pass parsing strategy, returning values in the reader
      monad, which are then run (at the end of parsing) against the final
      parser state.

  * In HTML writer, we now use `toHtml` instead of pre-escaping.
    We work around the problem that blaze-html unnecessarily escapes `'`
    by pre-escaping just the `'` characters, instead of the whole string.
    If blaze-html later stops escaping `'` characters, we can simplify
    `strToHtml` to `toHtml`.  Closes #629.

  * Moved code for embedding images in RTFs from `pandoc.hs` to the
    RTF writer (which now exports `writeRTFWithEmbeddedImages`).

  * Moved citation processing from `pandoc.hs` into the readers.
    This makes things more convenient for library users.

  * The man pages are now built by an executable `make-pandoc-man-pages`,
    which has its own stanza in the cabal file so that dependencies can be
    handled by Cabal. Special treatment in `Setup.hs` ensures that this
    executable never gets installed; it is only used to create the man pages.

  * The cabal file has been modified so that the pandoc library is used
    in building the pandoc executable.  (This required moving `pandoc.hs`
    from `src` to `.`.)  This cuts compile time in half.

  * `-O2` is no longer used in building pandoc.  The performance improvement
    it yields is so slight that it is not worth it.  (Measured with
    benchmarks on ghc 7.4.)

  * The `executable` and `library` flags have been removed.

  * `-threaded` has been removed from ghc-options.

  * Version bounds of dependencies have been raised, and the
    `blaze_html_0_5` flag now defaults to True.  Pandoc now compiles on
    GHC 7.6.

  * We now require base >= 4.2.

  * Integrated the benchmark program into cabal.  One can now do:

        cabal configure --enable-benchmarks && cabal build
        cabal bench --benchmark-option='markdown' --benchmark-option='-s 20'

    The benchmark now uses README + testsuite, so benchmark results
    from older versions aren't comparable.

  * Integrated test suite with cabal.
    To run tests, configure with `--enable-tests`, then `cabal test`.
    You can specify particular tests using `--test-options='-t markdown'`.
    No output is shown unless tests fail.  The Haskell test modules
    have been moved from `src/` to `tests/`.

  * Moved all data files and templates to the `data/` subdirectory.

  * Added an `embed_data_files` cabal flag.  This causes all
    data files to be embedded in the binary, so that the binary
    is self-sufficient and can be relocated anywhere, copied on
    a USB key, etc.  The Windows installer now uses this.
    (Since we no longer have the option to build the executable
    without the library, this is the only way to get a relocatable
    binary on Windows.)

  * Removed pcre3.dll from windows package.
    It isn't needed unless highlighting-kate is compilled with the
    `pcre-light` flag. By default, regex-prce-builtin is used.

pandoc (

  * Don't encode/decode file paths if base >= 4.4.
    Prior to base 4.4, filepaths and command line arguments were treated
    as unencoded lists of bytes, not unicode strings, so we had to work
    around that by encoding and decoding them. This commit adds CPP
    checks for the base version that intelligibly enable encoding/decoding
    when needed. Fixes a bug with multilingual filenames when pandoc was
    compiled with ghc 7.4 (#540).
  * Don't generate an empty H1 after hrule slide breaks.
    We now use a slide-level header with contents `[Str "\0"]` to mark
    an hrule break.  This avoids creation of an empty H1 in these
    contexts.  Closes #484.
  * Docbook reader: Added support for "bold" emphasis.  Thanks to mb21.
  * In, ensure citeproc-hs is built with the
    embed_data_files flag.
  * MediaWiki writer: Avoid extra blank lines after sublists (Gavin Beatty).
  * ConTeXt writer: Don't escape `&`, `^`, `<`, `>`, `_`,
    simplified escapes for `}` and `{` to `\{` and `\}` (Aditya Mahajan).

  * Fixed handling of absolute URLs in CSS imports with `--self-contained`.
    Closes #535.

  * Added webm to mime types. Closes #543.

  * Added some missing exports and tests to the cabal file
    (Alexander V Vershilov).
  * Compile with `-rtsopts` and `-threaded` by default.

pandoc (

  * Markdown reader: Added `cf.` and `cp.` to list of likely abbreviations.

  * LaTeX template: Added `linkcolor`, `urlcolor` and `links-as-notes`
    variables.  Make TOC links black.

  * LaTeX template improvements.

    + Don't print date unless one is given explicitly in the document.
    + Simplified templates.
    + Use fontenc [T1] by default, and lmodern.
    + Use microtype if available.

  * Biblio:
    + Add comma to beginning of bare suffix, e.g. `@item1 [50]`.
      Motivation: `@item1 [50]` should be as close as possible to
      `[@item1, 50]`.
    + Added workaround for a bug in citeproc-hs 0.3.4 that causes footnotes
      beginning with a citation to be empty.  Closes #531.

  * Fixed documentation on mixed lists.  Closes #533.

pandoc (1.9.4)

  * Simplified `Text.Pandoc.Biblio` and fixed bugs with citations inside
    footnotes and captions.  We now handle note citations by inserting
    footnotes during initial citation processing, and doing a separate
    pass later to remove notes inside notes.

  * Added 'zenburn' highlight style from highlighting-kate.

  * Added Slideous writer. Slideous is an HTML + javascript slide show
    format, similar to Slidy, but works with IE 7. (Jonas Smedegaard)

  * LaTeX writer:

    + Ensure we don't have extra blank lines at ends of cells.
      This can cause LaTeX errors, as they are interpreted as new paragraphs.
    + More consistent interblock spacing.
    + Require highlighting-kate >= 0.5.1, for proper highlighted inline
      code in LaTeX.  Closes #527.
    + Ensure that a Verbatim at the end of a footnote is followed by
      a newline. (Fixes a regression in the previous version.)
    + In default template, use black for internal links and TOC.
      Added commented-out code to use footnotes for links, as would
      be suitable in print output.

  * Beamer writer:  When `--incremental` is used, lists inside
    a block quote should appear all at once.  (This makes Beamer
    output consistent with the HTML slide show formats.)

  * ConTeXt writer:

    + Escape `%` as `\letterpercent{}` not `\letterpercent `,
      to avoid gobbling spaces after the `%` sign.
    + Ensure space after `\stopformula`.

  * Markdown writer:

    + Use `:` form instead of `~` in definition lists, for better
      compatibility with other markdown implementations.
    + Don't wrap the term, because it breaks definition lists.
    + Use a nonzero space to prevent false recognition
      of list marker in ordered lists.  Closes #516.

  * Org writer: Add space before language name.  Closes #523.

  * Docx writer: Simplified bullet characters so they work properly
    with Word 2007. Closes #520.

  * LaTeX reader: Support `\centerline`.

  * RST reader:  handle figures.  Closes #522.

  * Textile reader: fix for `<notextile>` and `==`.  Closes #517.
    (Paul Rivier)

pandoc (1.9.3)

  * Fixed bug in `fromEntities`.  The previous version would turn
    `hi & low you know;` into `hi &`.

  * HTML reader:

    + Don't skip nonbreaking spaces.
      Previously a paragraph containing just `&nbsp;` would be rendered
      as an empty paragraph. Thanks to Paul Vorbach for pointing out the bug.
    + Support `<col>` and `<caption>` in tables. Closes #486.

  * Markdown reader:

    + Don't recognize references inside delimited code blocks.
    + Allow list items to begin with lists.

  * Added basic docbook reader (John MacFarlane and Mauro Bieg).

  * LaTeX reader:

    + Handle `\bgroup`, `\egroup`, `\begingroup`, `\endgroup`.
    + Control sequences can't be followed by a letter.
      This fixes a bug where `\begingroup` was parsed as `\begin`
      followed by `group`.
    + Parse 'dimension' arguments to unknown commands.  e.g. `\parindent0pt`
    + Make `\label` and `\ref` sensitive to `--parse-raw`.
      If `--parse-raw` is selected, these will be parsed as raw latex
      inlines, rather than bracketed text.
    + Don't crash on unknown block commands (like `\vspace{10pt}`)
      inside `\author`; just skip them.  Closes #505.

  * Textile reader:

    + Implemented literal escapes with `==` and `<notextile>`.  Closes #473.
    + Added support for LaTeX blocks and inlines (Paul Rivier).
    + Better conformance to RedCloth inline parsing (Paul Rivier).
    + Parse '+text+' as emphasized (should be underlined, but this
      is better than leaving literal plus characters in the output.

  * Docx writer: Fixed multi-paragraph list items.  Previously they each
    got a list marker.  Closes #457.

  * LaTeX writer:

    + Added `--no-tex-ligatures` option to avoid replacing
      quotation marks and dashes with TeX ligatures.
    + Use `fixltx2e` package to provide '\textsubscript'.
    + Improve spacing around LaTeX block environments:
      quote, verbatim, itemize, description, enumerate.
      Closes #502.
    + Use blue instead of pink for URL links in latex/pdf output.

  * ConTeXt writer: Fixed escaping of `%`.
    In text, `%` needs to be escaped as `\letterpercent`, not `\%`
    Inside URLs, `%` needs to be escaped as `\%`
    Thanks to jmarca and adityam for the fix.  Closes #492.

  * Texinfo writer:  Escape special characters in node titles.
    This fixes a problem pointed out by Joost Kremers.  Pandoc used
    to escape an '@' in a chapter title, but not in the corresponding
    node title, leading to invalid texinfo.

  * Fixed document encoding in texinfo template.
    Resolves Debian Bug #667816.

  * Markdown writer:

    + Don't force delimited code blocks to be flush left.
      Fixes bug with delimited code blocks inside lists etc.
    + Escape `<` and `$`.

  * LaTeX writer: Use `\hyperref[ident]{text}` for internal links.
    Previously we used `\href{\#ident}{text}`, which didn't work on
    all systems. Thanks to Dirk Laurie.

  * RST writer: Don't wrap link references.  Closes #487.

  * Updated to use latest versions of blaze-html, mtl.

pandoc (1.9.2)

  * LaTeX reader:

    + Made `lstlisting` work as a proper verbatim environment.
    + Fixed bug parsing LaTeX tables with one column.

  * LaTeX writer:

    + Use `{}` around `ctable` caption, so that formatting can be used.
    + Don't require eurosym package unless document has a â?¬.

  * LaTeX template: Added variables for `geometry`, `romanfont`,
    `sansfont`, `mathfont`, `mainfont` so users can more easily
    customize fonts.

  * PDF writer:

    + Run latex engine at least two times, to ensure
      that PDFs will have hyperlinked bookmarks.
    + Added PDF metadata (title,author) in LaTeX standalone + PDF output.

  * Texinfo writer: retain directories in image paths.  (Peter Wang)

  * RST writer:  Better handling of inline formatting, in accord
    with docutils' "inline markup recognition rules" (though we don't
    implement the unicode rules fully). Now `hi*there*hi` gets
    rendered properly as `hi\ *there*\ hi`, and unnecessary
    `\ ` are avoided around `:math:`, `:sub:`, `:sup:`.

  * RST reader:

    + Parse `\ ` as null, not escaped space.
    + Allow `` :math:`...` `` even when not followed by blank
      or `\`.  This does not implement the complex rule docutils follows,
      but it should be good enough for most purposes.
    + Add support for the rST default-role directive. (Greg Maslov)

  * Text.Pandoc.Parsing: Added `stateRstDefaultRole` field to `ParserState`.
    (Greg Maslov)

  * Markdown reader: Properly handle citations nested in other inline

  * Markdown writer:  don't replace empty alt in image with "image".

  * DZSlides:  Updated template.html and styles in default template.
    Removed bizarre CSS for `q` in dzslides template.

  * Avoid repeated `id` attribute in section and header in HTML slides.

  * README improvements:  new instructions on internal links,
    removed misleading note on reST math.

  * Build system:

    + Fixed Windows installer so that dzslides works.
    + Removed
    + Added .travis.yml for Travis continuous integration support..
    + Fixed upper bound for zlib (Sergei Trofimovich).
    + Fixed upper bound for test-framework.
    + Updated haddocks for haddock-2.10 (Sergei Trofimovich).

pandoc (

  * Added `beamer+lhs` as output format.

  * Don't escape `<` in `<style>` tags with `--self-contained`.
    This fixes a bug which prevented highlighting from working
    when using `--self-contained`.

  * PDF: run latex engine three times if `--toc` specified.
    This fixes page numbers in the table of contents.

  * Docx writer: Added TableNormal style to tables.

  * LaTeX math environment fixes. `aligned` is now used instead of
    the nonexistent `aligned*`. `multline` instead of the nonexistent

  * LaTeX writer: Use `\textasciitilde` for literal `~`.

  * HTML writer: Don't escape contents of EQ tags with --gladtex.
    This fixes a regression from 1.8.

  * Use `<q>` tags for Quoted items for HTML5 output.
    The quote style can be changed by modifying the template
    or including a css file. A default quote style is included.

  * LaTeX reader: Fixed accents (\~{a}, `\c{c}`).
    Correctly handle \^{}. Support "minted" as a LaTeX verbatim block.

  * Updated LaTeX template for better language support.
    Use `polyglossia` instead of `babel` with xetex.
    Set `lang` as documentclass option.
    `\setmainlanguage` will use the last of a comma-separated
    list of languages. Thanks to François Gannaz.

  * Fixed default LaTeX template so `\euro` and `â?¬` work.  The
    `eurosym` package is needed if you are using pdflatex.

  * Fixed escaping of period in man writer (thanks to Michael Thompson).

  * Fixed list label positions in beamer.

  * Set `mainlang` variable in context writer.
    This parallels behavior of latex writer.  `mainlang` is the last
    of a comma-separated list of languages in lang.

  * EPUB language metadat: convert e.g. `en_US` from locale to `en-US`.

  * Changed `-V` so that you can specify a key without a value.
    Such keys get the value `true`.

  * Fixed permissions on installed man pages - thanks Magnus Therning.

  * Windows installer: require XP or higher.  The installer is
    now compiled on a Windows 7 machine, which fixes a problem
    using citation functions on Windows 7.

  * OSX package: Check for 64-bit Intel CPU before installing.

pandoc (

  * Better handling of raw latex environments in markdown.  Now


    turns into a raw latex block as expected.

  * Improvements to LaTeX reader:

    + Skip options after block commands.
    + Correctly handle `{\\}` in braced.
    + Added a needed 'try'.
    + Citations: add `, ` to suffix if it doesn't start with space or
      punctuation. Otherwise we get no space between the year and the
      suffix in author-date styles.

  * Added two needed data files for S5.  This fixes a problem with
    `pandoc -t s5 --self-contained`.  Also removed `slides.min.js`,
    which was no longer being used.

  * Fixed some minor problems in `reference.docx`:
    name on "Date" style, `xCs` instead of `xIs`.

  * Fixed a problem creating docx files using a reference docx
    modified using Word.  The problem seems to be that Word
    modifies `_rels/.rels`, changing the Type of the Relationship to
    `docProps/core.xml`. Pandoc now changes this back to the correct
    value if it has been altered, fixing the problem.

  * Fixed html5 template so it works properly with highlighting.

pandoc (1.9.1)

  * LaTeX reader:
    + Fixed regression in 1.9; properly handle escaped $ in latex math.
    + Put LaTeX verse environments in blockquotes.

  * Markdown reader:
    + Limit nesting of strong/emph.  This avoids exponential lookahead
      in parasitic cases, like `a**a*a**a*a**a*a**a*a**a*a**a*a**a*a**`.
    + Improved attributes syntax (inn code blocks/spans):
      (1) Attributes can contain line breaks. (2) Values in key-value
      attributes can be surrounded by either double or single quotes, or
      left unquoted if they contain no spaces.

  * Don't wrap headers in markdown or RST writers.

  * Added `stateMaxNestingLevel` to `ParserState`.
    We set this to 6, so you can still have `Emph` inside `Emph`,
    just not indefinitely.

  * More efficient implementation of `nowrap` in `Text.Pandoc.Pretty`.

  * `Text.Pandoc.PDF`:  Only run latex twice if `\tableofcontents`
    is present.

  * Require highlighting-kate >=, texmath >=

pandoc (

  * Changed cabal file so that build-depends for the test program
    are not required unless the tests flag is used.

  * LaTeX writer:  insert `{}` between adjacent hyphens so they don't
    form ligatures (dashes) in code spans.

pandoc (

  * Raised version bound on test-framework to avoid problems
    compiling tests on GHC 7.4.1.

  * LaTeX reader: Use raw LaTeX as fallback inline text for Cites,
    so citations don't just disappear unless you process with
    citeproc.  Ignore `\bibliographystyle`, `\nocite`.

  * Simplified tex2pdf; it will always run latex twice to
    resolve table of contents and hyperrefs.

pandoc (

  * Require Cabal >= 1.10.
  * Tweaked cabal file to meet Cabal 1.10 requirements.

pandoc (

  * Allow build with json 0.4 or 0.5.  Otherwise we can't build with
    ghc 6.12.

pandoc (1.9)

  [new features]

  * Added a Microsoft Word `docx` writer. The writer includes support
    for highlighted code and for math (which is converted from TeX to OMML,
    Office's native math markup language, using texmath's new OMML module).
    A new option `--reference-docx` allows the user to customize the

  * Added an `asciidoc` writer (<>).

  * Better support for slide shows:

    + Added a `dzslides` writer. DZSlides is a lightweight HTML5/javascript
      slide show format due to Paul Rouget (<>).

    + Added a LaTeX `beamer` writer. Beamer is a LaTeX package for creating
      slide presentations.

    + New, flexible rules for dividing documents into sections and slides
      (see the "Structuring the slide show" in the User's Guide).  These
      are backward-compatible with the old rules, but they allow slide
      shows to be organized into sections and subsections containing
      multiple slides.

    + A new `--slide-level` option allows users to override defaults
      and select a slide level below the first header level with content.

  * A new `--self-contained` option produces HTML output that does not
    depend on an internet connection or the presence of any external
    files. Linked images, CSS, and javascript is downloaded (or fetched
    locally) and encoded in `data:` URIs. This is useful for making portable
    `HTML slide shows. The --offline` option has been deprecated and is now
    `treated as a synonym or --self-contained`.

  * Support for PDF output:

    + Removed the old `markdown2pdf`.
    + `pandoc` can now create PDFs (assuming you have latex and a set of
      appropriate packages installed): just specify an output file with the
      `.pdf` extension.
    + A new option `--latex-engine` allows you to specify `pdflatex`,
      `xelatex`, or `lualatex` as the processor.

  * Highlighting changes:

    + Syntax highlighting is now a standard feature; the `highlighting`
      flag is no longer needed when compiling.
    + A new `--no-highlight` option allows highlighting to be disabled.
    + Highlighting now works in `docx`, `latex`, and `epub`, as well as
      `html`, `html5`, `dzslides`, `s5`, and `slidy`.
    + A new `--highlight-style` option selects between various highlighting
      color themes.

  * Internal links to sections now work in ConTeXt and LaTeX as well as HTML.

  * LaTeX `\include` and `\usepackage` commands are now processed,
    provided the files are in the working directory.

  * EPUB improvements:

    + Internal and external links now work in EPUB.
    + Raw HTML is allowed.
    + New `--epub-embed-font` option.
    + Customizable templates for EPUB pages offer more control over
      formatting: `epub-page.html`, `epub-coverimage.html`,

  * `--mathml` now works with DocBook.

  * Added support for math in RST reader and writer.  Inline math uses the
    `` :math:`...` `` construct.  Display math uses

        .. math:: ...

    or if the math is multiline,

        .. math::


    These constructions are now supported now by ``.

  * Github syntax for fenced code blocks is supported in pandoc's
    markdown.  You can now write

        x = 2

    instead of

        ~~~ {.ruby}
        x = 2

  * Easier scripting:  a new `toJsonFilter` function makes it easier to
    write Haskell scripts to manipulate the Pandoc AST.

  [behavior changes]

  * Fixed parsing of consecutive lists in markdown.
    Pandoc previously behaved like for consecutive
    lists of different styles. Thus, the following would be parsed
    as a single ordered list, rather than an ordered list followed
    by an unordered list:

        1. one
        2. two

        - one
        - two

    This change makes pandoc behave more sensibly, parsing this as
    two lists.  Any change in list type (ordered/unordered) or in
    list number style will trigger a new list. Thus, the following
    will also be parsed as two lists:

        1. one
        2. two

        a. one
        b. two

    Since we regard this as a bug in, and not something
    anyone would ever rely on, we do not preserve the old behavior
    even when `--strict` is selected.

  * Dashes work differently with `--smart`: `---` is always em-dash,
    and `--` is always en-dash.  Pandoc no longer tries to guess when
    `-` should be en-dash.  *Note:* This may change how existing documents
    look when processed with pandoc. A new option, `--old-dashes`,
    is provided for legacy documents.

  * The markdown writer now uses setext headers for levels 1-2.
    The old behavior (ATX headers for all levels) can be restored
    using the new `--atx-headers` option.

  * Links are now allowed in markdown image captions.  They are also
    allowed in links, but will appear there as regular text. So,

        [link with [link](/url)](/url)

    will turn into

        <p><a href="/url">link with link</a></p>

  * Improved handling of citations using `citeproc-hs-0.3.4`.
    Added `--citation-abbreviations` option.

  * Citation keys can no longer end with a punctuation character.
    This means that `@item1.` will be parsed as a citation with key
    'item1', followed by a period, instead of a citation with key
    'item1.', as was the case previously.

  * In HTML output, citations are now put in a span with class `citation`.

  * The markdown reader now recognizes DocBook block and inline tags.
    It was always possible to include raw DocBook tags in a markdown
    document, but now pandoc will be able to distinguish block from
    inline tags and behave accordingly. Thus, for example,


    will not be wrapped in `<para>` tags.
  * The LaTeX parser has been completely rewritten; it is now much more
    accurate, robust, and extensible. However, there are two important
    changes in how it treats unknown LaTeX. (1) Previously, unknown
    environments became BlockQuote elements; now, they are treated
    as "transparent", so `\begin{unknown}xyz\end{unknown}` is the
    same as `xyz`.  (2) Previously, arguments of unknown commands
    were passed through with their braces; now the braces are stripped

  * `--smart` is no longer selected automatically with `man` output.

  * The deprecated `--xetex` option has been removed.

  * The `--html5`/`-5` option has been deprecated. Use `-t html5`
    instead. `html5` and `html5+lhs` are now separate output formats.

  * Single quotes are no longer escaped in HTML output.  They do not
    need to be escaped outside of attributes.

  * Pandoc will no longer transform leading newlines in code
    blocks to `<br/>` tags.

  * The ODT writer now sizes images appropriately, using the image
    size and DPI information embedded in the image.

  * `--standalone` is once again implicitly for a non-text output format
    (ODT, EPUB).  You can again do `pandoc test.txt -o test.odt`
    and get a standalone ODT file.

  * The Docbook writer now uses `<sect1>`, `<sect2>`, etc. instead of

  * The HTML writer now uses `<del>` for strikeout.

  * In HTML output with `--section-divs`, the classes `section` and
    `level[1,2,..6]` are put on the `div` tags so they can be styled.
    In HTML 5 output with `--section-divs`, the classes
    `level[1,2,...6]` are put on `section` tags.

  * EPUB writer changes:

    + The `lang` variable now sets the language
      in the metadata (if it is not set, we default to the locale).
    + EPUB:  UTF-8 is used rather than decimal entities.

  * Added `titleslide` class to title slide in S5 template.

  * In HTML, EPUB, and docx metadata, the date is normalized into
    YYYY-MM-DD format if possible. (This is required for validation.)

  * Attributes in highlighted code blocks are now preserved in HTML.
    The container element will have the classes, id, and key-value attributes
    you specified in the delimited code block. Previously these were stripped

  * The reference backlink in the HTML writer no longer has a special
    `footnoteBacklink` class.

  * The HTML template has been split into `html` and `html5` templates.

  * Author and date are treated more consistently in HTML templates.
    Authors are now `<h2>`, date `<h3>`.

  * URLs are hyphenated in the ConTeXt writer (B. Scott Michel).

  * In `Text.Pandoc.Builder`, `+++` has been replaced by `<>`.

  [bug fixes]

  * Better support for combining characters and East Asian wide characters
    in markdown and reST.

  * Better handling of single quotes with `--smart`.
    Previously `D'oh l'*aide*` would be parsed with left and right single
    quotes instead of apostrophes. This kind of error is now fixed.

  * Highlighting: Use `reads` instead of `read` for better error handling.
    Fixes crash on `startNum="abc"`.

  * Added blank comment after directives in rst template.

  * Unescape entities in citation `refId`. The `refId`s coming
    from citeproc contain XML numeric entities, and these don't match with the
    citation keys parsed by pandoc. Solution is to unescape them.

  * HTML reader: Fixed bug parsing tables with both thead and tbody.

  * Markdown reader:

    + Better handling of escapes in link URLs and titles.
    + Fixed backslash escapes in reference links.
    + Fixed bug in table/hrule parsing, by checking that the top
      line of a table is not followed by a blank line. This bug caused
      slowdowns on some files with hrules and tables, as pandoc tried to
      interpret the hrules as the tops of multiline tables.
    + Fixed bug in code block attribute parser. Previously the ID attribute
      got lost if it didn't come first. Now attributes can come in any order.

  * RST reader: allow footnotes followed by newline without space characters.

  * LaTeX reader:

    + Ignore empty groups {}, { }.
    + LaTeX reader: Handle \@.
    + LaTeX reader:  Don't crash on commands like `\itemsep`.
    + LaTeX reader:  Better handling of letter environments.

  * RST writer: Fixed bug involving empty table cells. isSimple was being
    calculated in a way that assumed there were no non-empty cells.

  * ConTeXt writer:

    + Made `--toc` work even without `--number-sections`.
    + Escape # in link URLs.
    + Use buffering for footnotes containing code blocks.
    + Changed 'descr' to 'description', fixed alignment.

  * LaTeX writer:

    + Escape euro character.
    + Don't escape ~ inside href{...}.
    + Escape # in href URLs.
    + Improved detection of book classes.  We now check the
      `documentclass` variable, and if that is not set, we look through
      the template itself.  Also, we have added the KOMA classes scrreprt
      and scrbook.  You can now make a book using
      `pandoc -V documentclass:book mybook.txt -o mybook.pdf`
    + LHS files now set the "listings" variable, so that the definition
      of the `code` environment will be included in the template.
    + Links are colored blue by default (this can be changed by
      modifying `hyperref` settings in the template).
    + Added `lang` variable to LaTeX template.

  * HTML writer:

    + Fixed bug in HTML template with html5 and mathml.
    + Don't use self-closing img, br, hr tags for HTML5.
    + Use `<section>` for footnotes if HTML5.
    + Update HTML templates to use Content-Style-Type meta tag.
    + Use separate variables for meta-date, meta-author.
      This makes footnotes work in author and date fields.
    + Use 'vertical-align:middle' in WebTeX math for better alignment.

  * S5/slidy writer:  Make footnotes appear on separate slide at end.

  * MIME: Added 'layout-cache' to getMimeType. This ensures that the
    META-INF/manifest.xml for ODT files will have everything it needs, so
    that ODT files modified by LibreOffice can be used as `--reference-odt`.

  * `Text.Pandoc.Templates`: Return empty string for json template.

  * `Text.Pandoc.Biblio`:

    + Expand citations recursively inside nested inlines.
    + Treat `\160` as space when parsing locator and suffix.
      This fixes a bug with "p. 33" when `--smart` is used. Previously
      the whole "p. 33" would be included in the suffix, with no locator.
    + Put whole author-in-text citation in a Cite.  Previously just the
      date and other info went in the Cite.
    + Don't add comma+space to prefix if it ends in punctuation.

  * Updated chicago-author-date.csl.  The old version did not work
    properly for edited volumes with no author.

  * EPUB writer:

    + Add date to EPUB titlepage and metadata.
    + Added TOC identifier in EPUB page template.
    + Don't generate superfluous file `cover-image.jpg`.

  [under the hood improvements]

  * Modified `` to use cabal-dev.
    Items are no longer installed as root.
    Man pages are zipped and given proper permissions.

  * Modified windows installer generater to use cabal-dev.

  * Setup: Making man pages now works with cabal-dev (at least on OSX). In
    Setup.hs we now invoke 'runghc' in a way that points it to the correct
    package databases, instead of always falling back to the default user
    package db.

  * Updated to work with GHC 7.4.1.

  * Removed dependency on old-time.

  * Removed dependency on dlist.

  * New slidy directory for "self-contained."

  * TeXMath writer:  Use unicode thin spaces for thin spaces.

  * Markdown citations: don't strip off initial space in locator.

  [API changes]

  * Removed `Apostrophe`, `EmDash`, `EnDash`, and `Ellipses`
    from the native `Inline` type in pandoc-types.  Now we use `Str`
    elements with unicode.

  * Improvements to `Text.Pandoc.Builder`:

    + `Inlines` and `Blocks` are now newtypes (not synonyms for
    + Instances are defined for `IsString`, `Show`, `Read`, `Monoid`,
      and a new `Listable` class, which allows these to be manipulated
      to some extent like lists. Monoid append includes automatic
    + `+++` has been replaced by `<>` (mappend).

  * Use blaze-html instead of xhtml for HTML generation.
    This changes the type of `writeHtml`.

  * `Text.Pandoc.Shared`:

    + Added `warn` and `err`.
    + Removed `unescapeURI`, modified `escapeURI`.
      (See under [behavior changes], above.)

  * Changes in URI escaping:  Previously the readers escaped URIs by
    converting unicode characters to octets and then percent encoding.
    Now unicode characters are left as they are, and `escapeURI` only
    percent-encodes space characters.  This gives more readable
    URIs, and works well with modern user agents. URIs are no longer unescaped
    at all on conversion to `markdown`, `asciidoc`, `rst`, `org`.

  * New module `Text.Pandoc.SelfContained`.

  * New module `Text.Pandoc.Docx`.

  * New module `Text.Pandoc.PDF`.

  * Added `writerBeamer` to `WriterOptions`.

  * Added `normalizeDate` to `Text.Pandoc.Shared`.

  * Added `splitStringWithIndices` in `Text.Pandoc.Shared`.
    This is like `splitWithIndices`, but it is sensitive to distinctions
    between wide, combining, and regular characters.

  * `Text.Pandoc.Pretty`:

    + Added `chomp` combinator.
    + Added `beforeNonBreak` combinator.  This allows you to include
      something conditionally on it being before a nonblank.
      Used for RST inline math.
    + Added `charWidth` function. All characters marked W or F in the unicode
      spec EastAsianWidth.txt get width 2.
    + Added `realLength`, based on `charWidth`. `realLength` is now
      used in calculating offsets.

  * New module `Text.Pandoc.Slides`, for common functions for breaking
    a document into slides.

  * Removed `Text.Pandoc.S5`, which is no longer needed.

  * Removed `Text.Pandoc.CharacterReferences`.  Moved
    `characterReference` to `Text.Pandoc.Parsing`.
    `decodeCharacterReferences` is replaced by `fromEntities`
    in `Text.Pandoc.XML`.

  * Added `Text.Pandoc.ImageSize`.  This is intened for use
    in `docx` and `odt` writers, so the size and dpi of images
    can be calculated.

  * Removed `writerAscii` in `WriterOptions`.

  * Added `writerHighlight` to `WriterOptions`.

  * Added `DZSlides` to `HTMLSlideVariant`.

  * `writeEPUB` has a new argument for font files to embed.

  * Added `stateLastStrPos` to `ParserState`. This lets us keep track
    of whether we're parsing the position immediately after a regular
    (non-space, non-symbol) string, which is useful for distinguishing
    apostrophes from single quote starts.

  * `Text.Pandoc.Parsing`:

    + `escaped` now returns a `Char`.
    + Removed `charsInBalanced'`, added a character parser as
      a parameter of `charsInBalanced`.  This is needed for
      proper handling of escapes, etc.
    + Added `withRaw`.

  * Added `toEntities` to `Text.Pandoc.XML`.

  * `Text.Pandoc.Readers.LaTeX`:

    + Export `handleIncludes`.
    + Export `rawLaTeXBlock` instead of `rawLaTeXEnvironment'`.

  * Added `ToJsonFilter` class and `toJsonFilter` function to
    `Text.Pandoc`, deprecating the old `jsonFilter` function.

  * `Text.Pandoc.Highlighting`:

     + Removed `highlightHtml`, `defaultHighlightingCss`.
     + Export `formatLaTeXInline`, `formatLaTeXBlock`, and `highlight`, plus
       key functions from highlighting-kate.
     + Changed types of highlighting function.  `highlight` returns a
       `Maybe`, not an `Either`.

pandoc (

  * Relaxed cabal consntraints for test-framework (S. Trofimovich).

  * Relaxed cabal constraints for pandoc-types.

  * Adjusted Arbitrary instance to help avoid timeouts in tests.

  * Added `Tests.Writers.Markdown` to cabal file.

pandoc (1.8.2)

  * Added script to produce OS X package.

  * Made `templates` directory a git submodule.  This should make it
    easier for people to revise their custom templates when the default
    templates change.

  * Changed template naming scheme: `FORMAT.template` -> `default.FORMAT`.
    **Note:** If you have existing templates in `~/.pandoc/templates`, you
    must rename them to conform to the new scheme!

  * Fixed smart quotes bug, now handling `'...hi'` properly.

  * RST reader:

    + Partial support for labeled footnotes.
    + Improved accuracy of `simpleReferenceName` parser.

  * HTML reader:

    + Substitute correct unicode characters for
      characters in the 128..159 range, which are often found even in
      HTML that purports to be UTF-8.

  * LaTeX reader:  Handle `\subtitle` command (a subtitle is added
    to the title, after a colon and linebreak). Closes #280.

  * Leaner `reference.odt`.

  * Added unexported module `Text.Pandoc.MIME` for use in
    the ODT writer.

  * ODT writer:  Construct `manifest.xml` based on archive contents.
    This fixes a bug in ODTs containing images. Recent versions of
    LibreOffice would reject these as corrupt, because `manifest.xml`
    did not contain a reference to the image files.

  * LaTeX writer:

    + Make verbatim environments flush to avoid spurious
      blank lines.  Closes #277.
    + Use `\texttt` and escapes insntead of `\verb!...!`, which
      is too fragile (doesn't work in command arguments).
    + Use `\enquote{}` for quotes if the template includes
      the `csquotes` package. This provides better support for
      local quoting styles. (Thanks to Andreas Wagner for the idea.)

  * ConTeXt writer:  Make `\starttyping`/`\stoptyping` flush with
    margin, preventing spurious blank lines.

  * Slidy writer:

    + Use non-minimized version of `slidy.css` with `--offline`
      option, so users can more easily edit it.
    + Also fixed a bug in the CSS that prevented proper centering
      of title (now reported and fixed upstream).

  * S5 writer:

    + Replaced `s5/default/slides.js.{comment,packed}` with
      new compressed `s5/default/slides.min.js`.
    + Use `data:` protocol to embed S5 CSS in `<link>` tags,
      when `--offline` is specified. Using inline CSS didn't
      work with Chrome or Safari.  This fixes offline
      S5 on those browsers.

  * HTML writer:  Removed English title on footnote backlinks.
    This is incongrous in non-English documents.

  * Docbook writer:

    + Use CALS tables.  (Some older docbook software does not work
      well with XHTML tables.)  Closes #77.
    + Use `programlisting` tags (instead of `screen`) for code blocks.

  * `markdown2pdf`:

    + Calls latex with `-halt-on-error -interaction nonstopmode` instead
      of `-interaction=batchmode`, which essentially just ignored errors,
      leading to bad results. Better to know when something is wrong.
    + Fixed issues with non-UTF-8 output of `pdflatex`.
    + Better error reporting.

  * `--mathjax` now takes an optional URL argument. If it is not
    provided, pandoc links directly to the (secure) mathjax CDN,
    as now recommended (thanks to dsanson).

  * Deprecated `--xetex` option in `pandoc`.  It is no longer needed,
    since the LaTeX writer now produces a file that can be processed by
    `latex`, `pdflatex`, `lualatex`, or `xelatex`.

  * Introduced `--luatex` option to `markdown2pdf`. This causes `lualatex`
    to be used to create the PDF.

  * If a template specified with `--template` is not found, look for it
    in `datadir`.  Also, if no extension is provided, supply one based
    on the writer.  So now you can put your `special.latex` template in
    `~/.pandoc/templates`, and use it from any directory via
    `pandoc -t latex --template special`.

  * Default template improvements:

    + HTML:  Display author and date after title.
    + HTML:  Made table of contents more customizable.  The container
      for the TOC is now in the template, so users can insert a header
      or other styling. (Thanks to Bruce D'Arcus for the suggestion.)
    + HTML, Slidy, S5:  Enclose scripts in CDATA tags.
    + Slidy, S5: Added `s5-url` and `slidy-url` variables, instead of
      hard-coding.  If you want to put your slidy files in the slidy
      subdirectory, for example, you can do
      `pandoc -t slidy -V slidy-url=slidy -s`.
    + LaTeX: Use `\and` to separate authors in LaTeX documents (reader
      & writer).  Closes #279.
    + LaTeX: Use different `hyperref` options for `xetex`, fixing
      problems with unicode bookmarks (thanks to CircleCode).
    + LaTeX: Removed `ucs` package, use `utf8` rather than `utf8x`
      with `inputenc`.  This covers fewer characters but is more
      robust with other packages, and `ucs` is unmaintained.  Users
      who need better unicode support should use xelatex or lualatex.

pandoc (

  * Added `--epub-cover-image` option.

  * Documented `--biblatex` and `--natbib` options.

  * Allow `--section-divs` with slidy output.  Resolves Issue #296.

  * Disallow notes within notes in reST and markdown.
    These previously caused infinite looping and stack overflows.
    For example:


        [^1]: See [^1]

    Note references are allowed in reST notes, so this isn't a full
    implementation of reST. That can come later. For now we need to
    prevent the stack overflows.  Partially resolves Issue #297.

  * EPUB writer: Allow non-plain math methods.

  * Forbid ()s in citation item keys.  Resolves Issue #304: problems with
    `(@item1; @item2)` because the final paren was being parsed as part of
    the item key.

  * Changed URI parser so it doesn't include trailing punctuation.
    So, in RST, `` should be parsed as a link followed by a
    period. The parser is smart enough to recognize balanced parentheses, as
    often occur in wikipedia links: ``.

  * Markdown+lhs reader: Require space after inverse bird tracks, so that
    HTML tags can be used freely at the left margin of a markdown+lhs document.
    Thanks to Conal Elliot for the suggestion.

  * Markdown reader:

    + Improved emph/strong parsing; fixes bug found by Perry Wagle.
    + Fixed bug in footnote order (reported by CircleCode).

  * RST reader:
      + Fixed bug in in field lists with multi-line items at the
        end of the list.
      + Added parentheses to RST `specialChars`, so
        `(` will be parsed as a link in parens.
        Resolves Issue #291.
      + Allow `|` followed by newline in RST line block.

  * LaTeX reader:
      + Support `\dots`.
      + Gobble option & space after linebreak `\\[10pt]`.

  * Textile reader:
      + Make it possible to have colons after links.  (qerub)
      + Make it possible to have colons after links.  (Christoffer Sawicki)

  * HTML reader:
      + Skip spaces after `<b>`, `<emph>`, etc.
      + Handle tbody, thead in simple tables.  Closes #274.
      + Implicit `Para`s instead of `Plains` in some contexts.

  * OpenDocument writer:  Use special `First paragraph` style for
    first paragraph after most non-paragraph blocks. This allows users to
    specify e.g. that only paragraphs after the first paragraph of a block are
    to be indented. Thanks to Andrea Rossato for the patch. Closes #20.

  * LaTeX writer:  use `deVerb` on table and picture captions.
    Otherwise LaTeX complains about `\verb` inside command argument.
    Thanks to bbanier for reporting the bug.

  * Markdown writer: Insert HTML comment btw list and indented code block.
    This prevents the code block from being interpreted as part of the list.

  * EPUB writer: Add a meta element specify the cover.
    Some EPUB e-readers, such as the Nook, require a meta element inside the
    OPF metadata block to ensure the cover image is properly displayed.
    (Kelsey Hightower)

  * HTML writer: Use embed tag for images with non-image extensions.
    (e.g.  PDFs).  Closes #264.

  * LaTeX writer: Improved tables.

      + More space between lines, top-align cells.
      + Use ctable package, which allows footnotes and
        provides additional options.
      + Made cell alignments work in multiline tables.
      + Closes #271, #272.

  * Un-URI-escape image filenames in LaTeX, ConTeXt, RTF, Texinfo.
    Also do this when copying image files into EPUBs and ODTs.
    Closes #263.

  * Changed to github issue tracker.

  * Added failing emph/strong markdown test case due to Perry Wagle.

  * Slidy improvements:
      + Updated to use Slidy2.
      + Fixed bug, unclosed div tag.
      + Added `duration` variable in template.
        Setting this activates the timer.
      + Use 'titlepage' instead of 'cover' for title div.

pandoc (

  * `markdown2pdf`:  Removed some debugging lines accidentally included
    in the 1.8.1 release. With those lines, the temp directory is created
    in the working directory, and it is not deleted.  This fix restores
    the original behavior.

pandoc (1.8.1)

  * Added `--ascii` option.  Currently supported only in HTML writer,
    which it causes to use numerical entities instead of UTF-8.

  * EPUB writer: `--toc` now works to provide a table of contents
    at the beginning of each chapter.

  * LaTeX writer:  Change figure defaults to `htbp`.
    This prevents "too many unprocessed floats."  Resolves
    Issue #285.

  * `Text.Pandoc.UTF8`:  Encode filenames even when using recent

  * `markdown2pdf`: Fixed filename encoding issues. With help from Paulo
    Tanimoto. Resolves Issue #286.

  * HTML writer: Put line breaks in section divs.

  * `Text.Pandoc.Shared`: Make `writerSectionDivs` default to False.

pandoc (

  * Fixed Source-repository stanza in cabal file.

pandoc (

  * HTML writer:

    + Stringify alt text instead of converting to HTML.
    + Break lines after block elements, not inside tags.
      HTML output now closely resembles that of tidy. Resolves Issue #134.

  * Markdown reader: Fixed bug in footnote block parser (pointed out
    by Jesse Rosenthal).  The problem arose when the blank line
    at the end of a footnote block contained indenting spaces.

  * Shared: Improved 'normalize' function so it normalizes Spaces too.
    In normal form, Space elements only occur to separate two non-Space
    elements.  So, we never have [Space], or [, ..., Space].

  * Tests:

    + Improved Arbitrary instance.
    + Added timeout for test instances.


    + Added section on four-space rule for lists.  Resolves Issue #283.
    + Clarified optional arguments on math options.

  * markdown2pdf: Fixed bug with output file extensions.
    Previously `markdown2pdf test.txt -o test.en.pdf` would produce
    `test.pdf`, not `test.en.pdf`.  Thanks to Paolo Tanimoto for the fix.

pandoc (

  * Revised Interact.hs so that it works with the CPP macros
    in the UTF8 module.

  * Revised Setup.hs so that we don't call MakeManPage.hs unless
    the man pages are out of date.

pandoc (1.8)

  [new features]

  * Support for citations using Andrea Rossato's `citeproc-hs` 0.3.
    You can now write, for example,

        Water is wet [see @doe99, pp. 33-35; also @smith04, ch. 1].

    and, when you process your document using `pandoc`, specifying
    a citation style using `--csl` and a bibliography using `--bibliography`,
    the citation will be replaced by an appropriately formatted
    citation, and a list of works cited will be added to the end
    of the document.

    This means that you can switch effortlessly between different citation
    and bibliography styles, including footnote, numerical, and author-date
    formats. The bibliography can be in any of the following formats: MODS,
    BibTeX, BibLaTeX, RIS, EndNote, EndNote XML, ISI, MEDLINE, Copac, or JSON.
    See the README for further details.

    Citations are supported in the markdown reader, using a special
    syntax, and in the LaTeX reader, using natbib or biblatex syntax.
    (Thanks to Nathan Gass for the natbib and biblatex support.)

  * New `textile` reader and writer.  Thanks to Paul Rivier for contributing
    the `textile` reader, an almost complete implementation of the textile
    syntax used by the ruby [RedCloth library](
    Resolves Issue #51.

  * New `org` writer, for Emacs Org-mode, contributed by Puneeth Chaganti.

  * New `json` reader and writer, for reading and writing a JSON
    representation of the native Pandoc AST.  These are much faster
    than the `native` reader and writer, and should be used for
    serializing Pandoc to text.  To convert between the JSON representation
    and native Pandoc, use `encodeJSON` and `decodeJSON` from

  * A new `jsonFilter` function in `Text.Pandoc` makes it easy
    to write scripts that transform a JSON-encoded pandoc document.
    For example:

        -- removelinks.hs - removes links from document
        import Text.Pandoc
        main = interact $ jsonFilter $ bottomUp removeLink
                 where removeLink (Link xs _) = Emph xs
                       removeLink x = x

    To use this to remove links while translating markdown to LaTeX:

        pandoc -t json | runghc removelinks.hs | pandoc -f json -t latex

  * Attributes are now allowed in inline `Code` elements, for example:

        In this code, `ulist ! [theclass "special"] << elts`{.haskell} is...

    The attribute syntax is the same as for delimited code blocks.
    `Code` inline has an extra argument place for attributes, just like
    `CodeBlock`. Inline code will be highlighted in HTML output, if pandoc
    is compiled with highlighting support. Resolves Issue #119.

  * New `RawBlock` and `RawInline` elements (replacing `RawHtml`,
    `HtmlInline`, and `TeX`) provide lots of flexibility in writing
    scripts to transform Pandoc documents. Scripts can now change
    how each element is rendered in each output format.

  * You can now define LaTeX macros in markdown documents, and pandoc
    will apply them to TeX math.  For example,

        \newcommand{\plus}[2]{#1 + #2}

    yields `3+4`.  Since the macros are applied in the reader, they
    will work in every output format, not just LaTeX.

  * LaTeX macros can also be used in LaTeX documents (both in math
    and in non-math contexts).

  * A new `--mathjax` option has been added for displaying
    math in HTML using MathJax.  Resolves issue #259.

  * Footnotes are now supported in the RST reader. (Note, however,
    that unlike docutils, pandoc ignores the numeral or symbol used in
    the note; footnotes are put in an auto-numbered ordered list.)
    Resolves Issue #258.

  * A new `--normalize` option causes pandoc to normalize the AST
    before writing the document.  This means that, for example,
    `*hi**there*` will be rendered as `<em>hithere</em>`
    instead of `<em>hi</em><em>there</em>`.  This is not the default,
    because there is a significant performance penalty.

  * A new `--chapters` command-line option causes headers
    in DocBook, LaTeX, and ConTeXt to start with "chapter" (level one).
    Resolves Issue #265.

  * In DocBook output, `<chapter>` is now used for top-level
    headers if the template contains `<book>`. Resolves Issue #265.

  * A new `--listings` option in `pandoc` and `markdown2pdf` causes
    the LaTeX writer to use the listings package for code blocks.
    (Thanks to Josef Svennigsson for the pandoc patch, and Etienne
    Millon for the markdown2pdf patch.)

  * `markdown2pdf` now supports `--data-dir`.

  * URLs in autolinks now have class "url" so they can be styled.

  * Improved prettyprinting in most formats.  Lines will be wrapped
    more evenly and duplicate blank lines avoided.

  * New `--columns` command-line option sets the column width for
    line wrapping and relative width calculations for tables.

  * Made `--smart` work in HTML, RST, and Textile readers, as well
    as markdown.

  * Added `--html5` option for HTML5 output.

  * Added support for listings package in LaTeX reader
    (Puneeth Chaganti).

  * Added support for simple tables in the LaTeX reader.

  * Added support for simple tables in the HTML reader.

  * Significant performance improvements in many readers and writers.

  [API and program changes]

  * Moved `Text.Pandoc.Definition` from the `pandoc` package to a new
    auxiliary package, `pandoc-types`. This will make it possible for other
    programs to supply output in Pandoc format, without depending on the whole
    pandoc package.

  * Added `Attr` field to `Code`.

  * Removed `RawHtml`, `HtmlInline`, and `TeX` elements; added generic
    `RawBlock` and `RawInline`.

  * Moved generic functions to `Text.Pandoc.Generic`. Deprecated
    `processWith`, replacing it with two functions, `bottomUp` and `topDown`.
    Removed previously deprecated functions `processPandoc` and `queryPandoc`.

  * Added `Text.Pandoc.Builder`, for building `Pandoc` structures.

  * `Text.Pandoc` now exports association lists `readers` and `writers`.

  * Added `Text.Pandoc.Readers.Native`, which exports `readNative`.
    `readNative` can now read full pandoc documents, block lists, blocks,
    inline lists, or inlines.  It will interpret `Str "hi"`
    as if it were `Pandoc (Meta [] [] []) [Plain [Str "hi"]]`.
    This should make testing easier.

  * Removed deprecated `-C/--custom-header` option.
    Use `--template` instead.

  * `--biblio-file` has been replaced by `--bibliography`.
    `--biblio-format` has been removed; pandoc now guesses the format
    from the file extension (see README).

  * pandoc will treat an argument as a URI only if it has an
    `http(s)` scheme.  Previously pandoc would treat some
    Windows pathnames beginning with `C:/` as URIs.

  * The `--sanitize-html` option and the `stateSanitize` field in
    `ParserState` have been removed. Sanitization is better done in the
    resulting HTML using `xss-sanitize`, which is based on pandoc's
    sanitization, but improved.

  * pandoc now adds a newline to the end of its output in fragment
    mode (= not `--standalone`).

  * Added support for `lang` in `html` tag in the HTML template,
    so you can do `pandoc -s -V lang=es`, for example.

  * `highlightHtml` in `Text.Pandoc.Highlighting` now takes
    a boolean argument that selects between "inline" and
    "block" HTML.

  * `Text.Pandoc.Writers.RTF` now exports `rtfEmbedImage`.
    Images are embedded in RTF output when possible (png, jpeg).
    Resolves Issue #275.

  * Added `Text.Pandoc.Pretty`. This is better suited for pandoc than the
    `pretty` package.  Changed all writers that used
    `Text.PrettyPrint.HughesPJ` to use `Text.Pandoc.Pretty` instead.

  * Rewrote `writeNative` using the new prettyprinting module. It is
    now much faster. The output has been made more consistent and compressed.
    `writeNative` is also now sensitive to writerStandalone`, and will simply
    `print a block list if writerStandalone` is False.

  * Removed `Text.Pandoc.Blocks`. `Text.Pandoc.Pretty` allows you to define
    blocks and concatenate them, so a separate module is no longer needed.

  * `Text.Pandoc.Shared`:

    + Added `writerColumns`, `writerChapters`, and `writerHtml5` to
    + Added `normalize`.
    + Removed unneeded prettyprinting functions:
      `wrapped`, `wrapIfNeeded`, `wrappedTeX`, `wrapTeXIfNeeded`, `hang'`,
      `BlockWrapper`, `wrappedBlocksToDoc`.
    + Made `splitBy` take a test instead of an element.
    + Added `findDataFile`, refactored `readDataFile`.
    + Added `stringify`. Rewrote `inlineListToIdentifier` using `stringify`.
    + Fixed `inlineListToIdentifier` to treat '\160' as ' '.

  * `Text.Pandoc.Readers.HTML`:

    + Removed `rawHtmlBlock`, `anyHtmlBlockTag`, `anyHtmlInlineTag`,
      `anyHtmlTag`, `anyHtmlEndTag`, `htmlEndTag`, `extractTagType`,
      `htmlBlockElement`, `htmlComment`
    + Added `htmlTag`, `htmlInBalanced`, `isInlineTag`, `isBlockTag`,

  * Moved `smartPunctuation` from `Text.Pandoc.Readers.Markdown`
    to `Text.Pandoc.Readers.Parsing`, and parameterized it with
    an inline parser.

  * Added `nonspaceChar` to `Text.Pandoc.Parsing`.

  * Ellipses are no longer allowed to contain spaces.
    Previously we allowed '. . .', ' . . . ', etc.  This caused
    too many complications, and removed author's flexibility in
    combining ellipses with spaces and periods.

  * Allow linebreaks in URLs (treat as spaces). Also, a string of
    consecutive spaces or tabs is now parsed as a single space. If you have
    multiple spaces in your URL, use `%20%20`.

  * `Text.Pandoc.Parsing`:

    + Removed `refsMatch`.
    + Hid `Key` constructor.
    + Removed custom `Ord` and `Eq` instances for `Key`.
    + Added `toKey` and `fromKey` to convert between `Key` and `[Inline]`.
    + Generalized type on `readWith`.

  * Small change in calculation of relative widths of table columns.
    If the size of the header > the specified column width, use
    the header size as 100% for purposes of calculating
    relative widths of columns.

  * Markdown writer now uses some pandoc-specific features when `--strict`
    is not specified: `\` newline is used for a hard linebreak instead of
    two spaces then a newline. And delimited code blocks are used when
    there are attributes.

  * HTML writer:  improved gladTeX output by setting ENV appropriately
    for display or inline math (Jonathan Daugherty).

  * LaTeX writer: Use `\paragraph`, `\subparagraph` for level 4,5 headers.

  * LaTeX reader:

    + `\label{foo}` and `\ref{foo}` now become `{foo}` instead of `(foo)`.
    + `\index{}` commands are skipped.

  * Added `fontsize` variable to default LaTeX template.
    This makes it easy to set the font size using `markdown2pdf`:
    `markdown2pdf -V fontsize=12pt input.txt`.

  * Fixed problem with strikeout in LaTeX headers when using
    hyperref, by adding a command to the default LaTeX template
    that disables `\sout` inside pdf strings. Thanks to Joost Kremers
    for the fix.

  * The `COLUMNS` environment variable no longer has any effect.

  [under-the-hood improvements]

  * Pandoc now compiles with GHC 7. (This alone leads to a
    significant performance improvement, 15-20%.)

  * Completely rewrote HTML reader using tagsoup as a lexer. The
    new reader is faster and more accurate.  Unlike the
    old reader, it does not get bogged down on some input
    (Issues #277, 255). And it handles namespaces in tags
    (Issue #274).

  * Replaced `escapeStringAsXML` with a faster version.

  * Rewrote `spaceChar` and some other parsers in Text.Pandoc.Parsing
    for a significant performance boost.

  * Improved performance of all readers by rewriting parsers.

  * Simplified Text.Pandoc.CharacterReferences by using
    entity lookup functions from TagSoup.

  * `Text.Pandoc.UTF8` now uses the unicode-aware IO functions
    from `System.IO` if base >= 4.2.  This gives support for
    windows line endings on windows.

  * Remove duplications in documentation by generating the
    pandoc man page from README, using `MakeManPage.hs`.

  * README now includes a full description of markdown syntax,
    including non-pandoc-specific parts.  A new `pandoc_markdown`
    man page is extracted from this, so you can look up markdown
    syntax by doing `man pandoc_markdown`.

  * Completely revised test framework (with help from Nathan Gass).
    The new test framework is built when the `tests` Cabal flag is set. It
    includes the old integration tests, but also some new unit and quickcheck
    tests. Test output has been much improved, and you can now specify a glob
    pattern after `cabal test` to indicate which tests should be run;
    for example `cabal test citations` will run all the citation tests.

  * Added a shell script, ``, for filtering ANSI control
    sequences from test output: `cabal test | ./ > test.log`.

  * Added `Interact.hs` to make it easier to use ghci while developing.
    `Interact.hs` loads `ghci` from the `src` directory, specifying
    all the options needed to load pandoc modules (including
    specific package dependencies, which it gets by parsing

  * Added `Benchmark.hs`, testing all readers + writers using criterion.

  * Added ``, to make it easier to collect and archive
    benchmark and lines-of-code stats.

  * Added upper bounds to all cabal dependencies.

  * Include man pages in extra-source-files.  This allows users to
    install pandoc from the tarball without needing to build the man

  [bug fixes]

  * Filenames are encoded as UTF8.  Resolves Issue #252.

  * Handle curly quotes better in `--smart` mode. Previously, curly quotes
    were just parsed literally, leading to problems in some output formats.
    Now they are parsed as `Quoted` inlines, if `--smart` is specified.
    Resolves Issue #270.

  * Text.Pandoc.Parsing: Fixed bug in grid table parser.
    Spaces at end of line were not being stripped properly,
    resulting in unintended LineBreaks.

  * Markdown reader:

    + Allow HTML comments as inline elements in markdown.
      So, `aaa <!-- comment --> bbb` can be a single paragraph.
    + Fixed superscripts with links: `^[link](/foo)^` gets
      recognized as a superscripted link, not an inline note followed by
    + Fixed regression, making markdown reference keys case-insensitive again.
      Resolves Issue #272.
    + Properly handle abbreviations (like `Mr.`) at the end of a line.
    + Better handling of intraword underscores, avoiding exponential
      slowdowns in some cases.  Resolves Issue #182.
    + Fixed bug in alignments in tables with blank rows in the header.

  * RST reader:

    + Field lists now allow spaces in field names, and
      block content in field values. (Thanks to Lachlan Musicman
      for pointing out the bug.)
    + Definition list items are now always `Para` instead of
      `Plain`, matching behavior of ``.
    + In image blocks, the description is parsed properly and
      used for the alt attribute, not also the title.
    + Skip blank lines at beginning of file. Resolves
      Debian #611328.

  * LaTeX reader:

    + Improved parsing of preamble.
      Previously you'd get unexpected behavior on a document that
      contained `\begin{document}` in, say, a verbatim block.
    + Allow spaces between `\begin` or `\end` and `{`.
    + Support `\L` and `\l`.
    + Skip comments inside paragraphs.

  * LaTeX writer:

    + Escape strings in `\href{..}`.
    + In nonsimple tables, put cells in `\parbox`.

  * OpenDocument writer:  don't print raw TeX.

  * Markdown writer:

    + Fixed bug in `Image`.  URI was getting unescaped twice!
    + Avoid printing extra blank lines at the end if there are
      no notes or references.

  * LaTeX and ConTeXt: Escape `[` and `]` as `{[}` and `{]}`.
    This avoids unwanted interpretation as an optional argument.

  * ConTeXt writer: Fixed problem with inline code.  Previously
    `}` would be rendered `\type{}}`. Now we check the string for '}' and '{'.
    If it contains neither, use `\type{}`; otherwise use `\mono{}`
    with an escaped version of the string.

  * `:` now allowed in HTML tags. Resolves Issue #274.

pandoc (1.6)

  [ John MacFarlane ]

  * New EPUB and HTML Slidy writers. (Issue #122)

      - EPUB is a standard ebook format, used in Apple's iBooks for
        the iPad and iPhone, Barnes and Noble's nook reader, the Sony
        reader, and many other devices.
      - Slidy, like S5, is a system for producing HTML+javascript slide

  * All input is assumed to be UTF-8, no matter what the locale and ghc
    version, and all output is UTF-8. This reverts to pre-1.5 behavior.
    Also, a BOM, if present, is stripped from the input.

  * Markdown now supports grid tables, whose cells can contain
    arbitrary block elements. (Issue #43)

  * Sequentially numbered example lists in markdown with `@` marker.

  * Markdown table captions can begin with a bare colon and no longer need
    to include the English word "table." Also, a caption can now occur
    either before or after the table. (Issue #227)

  * New command-line options:

      - `--epub-stylesheet` allows you to specify a CSS file that will
        be used to style your ebook.
      - `--epub-metadata` allows you to specify metadata for the ebook.
      - `--offline` causes the generated HTML slideshow to include all
        needed scripts and stylesheets.
      - `--webtex` causes TeX math to be converted to images using the
        Google Charts API (unless a different URL is specified).
      - `--section-divs` causes div tags to be added around each section
        in an HTML document. (Issue #230, 239)

  * Default behavior of S5 writer in standalone mode has changed:
    previously, it would include all needed scripts and stylesheets
    in the generated HTML; now, only links are included unless
    the `--offline` option is used.

  * Default behavior of HTML writer has changed. Between 1.2 and 1.5,
    pandoc would enclose sections in div tags with identifiers on the
    div tags, so that the sections can be manipulated in javascript.
    This caused undesirable interactions with raw HTML div tags. So,
    starting with 1.6, the default is to put the identifiers directly
    on the header tags, and not to include the divs.  The `--section-divs`
    option selects the 1.2-1.5 behavior.

  * API changes:

      - `HTMLMathMethod`: Added `WebTeX`, removed `MimeTeX`.
      - `WriterOptions`: Added `writerUserDataDir`, `writerSourceDirectory`,
        `writerEPUBMetadata` fields. Removed `writerIncludeBefore`,
      - Added `headerShift` to `Text.Pandoc.Shared`.
      - Moved parsing code and `ParserState` from `Text.Pandoc.Shared`
        to a new module, `Text.Pandoc.Parsing`.
      - Added `stateHasChapters` to `ParserState`.
      - Added `HTMLSlideVariant`.
      - Made `KeyTable` a map instead of an association list.
      - Added accessors for `Meta` fields (`docTitle`, `docAuthors`,
      - `Pandoc`, `Meta`, `Inline`, and `Block` have been given `Ord`
      - Reference keys now have a type of their own (`Key`), with its
        own `Ord` instance for case-insensitive comparison.
      - Added `Text.Pandoc.Writers.EPUB`.
      - Added `Text.Pandoc.UUID`.
      - Removed `Text.Pandoc.ODT`, added `Text.Pandoc.Writers.ODT`.
        Removed `saveOpenDocumentAsODT`, added `writeODT`.
      - Added `Text.Pandoc.Writers.Native` and `writeNative`.
        Removed `prettyPandoc`.
      - Added `Text.Pandoc.UTF8` for portable UTF8 string IO.
      - Removed `Text.Pandoc.Writers.S5` and the `writeS5` function.
        Moved `s5Includes` to a new module, `Text.Pandoc.S5`.
        To write S5, you now use `writeHtml` with `writerSlideVariant`
        set to `S5Slides` or `SlidySlides`.

  * Template changes.  If you use custom templates, please update them,
    particularly if you use syntax highlighting with pandoc. The old HTML
    templates hardcoded highlighting CSS that will no longer work with
    the most recent version of highlighting-kate.

      - HTML template: avoid empty meta tag if no date.
      - HTML template: Use default highlighting CSS from highlighting-kate
        instead of hard-coding the CSS into the template.
      - HTML template: insert-before text goes before the title, and
        immediately after the <body> tag, as documented. (Issue #241)
      - Added slidy and s5 templates.
      - Added amssymb to preamble of latex template. (github Issue 1)

  * Removed excess newlines at the end of output. Note: because output
    will not contain an extra newline, you may need to make adjustments
    if you are inserting pandoc's output into a template.

  * In S5 and slidy, horizontal rules now cause a new slide, so you
    are no longer limited to one slide per section.

  * Improved handling of code in man writer. Inline code is now monospace,
    not bold, and code blocks now use .nf (no fill) and .IP (indented para).

  * HTML reader parses `<tt>` as Code. (Issue #247)

  * html+lhs output now contains bird tracks, even when compiled without
    highlighting support. (Issue #242)

  * Colons are now no longer allowed in autogenerated XML/HTML identifiers,
    since they have a special meaning in XML.

  * Code improvements in ODT writer.  Remote images are now replaced with
    their alt text rather than a broken link.

  * LaTeX reader improvements:

      - Made latex `\section`, `\chapter` parsers more forgiving of
      - Parse `\chapter{}` in latex.
      - Changed `rawLaTeXInline` to accept `\section`, `\begin`, etc.
      - Use new `rawLaTeXInline'` in LaTeX reader, and export `rawLaTeXInline`
        for use in markdown reader.
      - Fixes bug wherein `\section{foo}` was not recognized as raw TeX
        in markdown document.

  * LaTeX writer:  images are automatically shrunk if they would extend
    beyond the page margin.

  * Plain, markdown, RST writers now use unicode for smart punctuation.

  * Man writer converts math to unicode when possible, as in other writers.

  * `markdown2pdf` can now recognize citeproc options.

  * Command-line arguments are converted to UTF-8. (Issue #234)

  * `Text.Pandoc.TeXMath` has been rewritten to use texmath's parser.
    This allows it to handle a wider range of formulas. Also, if a formula
    cannot be converted, it is left in raw TeX; formulas are no longer
    partially converted.

  * Unicode curly quotes are left alone when parsing smart quotes. (Issue

  * Cabal file changes:

      - Removed parsec < 3 restriction.
      - Added 'threaded' flag for architectures where GHC lacks a threaded
      - Use 'threaded' only for markdown2pdf; it is not needed for pandoc.
      - Require highlighting-kate 0.2.7.

  * Use explicit imports from `Data.Generics`. Otherwise we have a
    conflict with the 'empty' symbol, introduced in syb >= 0.2. (Issue #237)

  * New data files:  slidy/slidy.min.js, slidy/slidy.min.css, epub.css.

pandoc (

  [ John MacFarlane ]

 * Fixed uniqueIdent in Shared so that header identifiers work as
   advertized in the README and are are valid XHTML names.

pandoc (1.5.1)

  [ John MacFarlane ]

  * Fixed treatment of unicode characters in URIs.
    + Shared now exports escapeURI and unescapeURI. These handle
      UTF8 encoding and decoding as well as URI escaping/unescaping.
    + Shared: uri and emailAddress now return a pair of the original
      parsed text and the escaped URI (in the latter case, with
      the mailto: prefix).
    + HTML reader: unsanitaryURI has been modified to allow unicode
      high characters in a URI.
    + Readers:  All link and image URIs are now escaped using
    + Markdown and RST writers:  unescapeURI is used so that URIs
      in these formats are human-readable.

  * Setup.hs: Don't assume that the build directory is "dist".
    Instead, get it from localBuildInfo.

  * OpenDocument writer: Use a Map for stTextStyleAttr.
    This avoids duplicates (and invalid xml). Resolves Issue #222.

pandoc (

  [ John MacFarlane ]

  * HTML writer: Fixed error in math writer (with MathML option)
    that caused an infinite loop for unparsable MathML.

pandoc (1.5)

  [ John MacFarlane ]

  * Added --mathml option.  When this is selected, pandoc will convert
    TeX math into MathML.
    + Added data/MathMLinHTML.js, which is included when no URL is
      provided for --mathml.  This allows MathML to be displayed (in
      better browsers) as text/html.
    + Removed Text.Pandoc.LaTeXMathML.  The module was no longer
      necessary; it was replaced by two lines in pandoc.hs.
    + Replaced LaTeXMathML.js.commend and LaTeXMathML.js.packed with a
      single combined file, LaTeXMathML.js.

  * Added --data-dir option.
    This specifies a user data directory. If not specified, will default
    to ~/.pandoc on unix or Application Data\pandoc on Windows.
    Files placed in the user data directory will override system default
    data files.

  * Added Maybe datadir parameter to readDataFile, saveOpenDocumentAsODT,
    latexMathMLScript, s5HeaderIncludes, and getDefaultTemplate. If
          Nothing, no user directory is searched for an override.

  * Added 'plain' output format. This is similar to markdown, but
    removes links, pictures, inline formatting, and most anything that
    looks even vaguely markupish. The function writePlain is exported by
    Text.Pandoc.Writers.Markdown, with which it shares most of its code.

  * Allow multi-line titles and authors in meta block.
    Titles may span multiple lines, provided continuation lines
    begin with a space character.  Separate authors may be put on
    multiple lines, provided each line after the first begins with
    a space character.  Each author must fit on one line. Multiple
    authors on a single line may still be separated by a semicolon.
    Based on a patch by Justin Bogner.

  * When given an absolute URI as parameter, pandoc will try to fetch
    the content via HTTP.  So you can do:
    'pandoc -r html -w markdown'
    Adds dependency on HTTP.

  * Made HTML reader much more forgiving.
    + Incorporated idea (from HXT) that an element can be closed
      by an open tag for another element.
    + Javascript is partially parsed to make sure that a <script>
      section is not closed by a </script> in a comment or string.
    + More lenient non-quoted attribute values.
      Now we accept anything but a space character, quote, or <>.
      This helps in parsing e.g.!
    + Bare & signs are now parsed as a string.  This is a common
      HTML mistake.
    + Skip a bare < in malformed HTML.

  * Removed html2markdown and hsmarkdown.
    + html2markdown is no longer needed, since you can now pass URI
      arguments to pandoc and directly convert web pages. (Note,
      however, that pandoc assumes the pages are UTF8. html2markdown
      made an attempt to guess the encoding and convert them.)
    + hsmarkdown is pointless -- a large executable that could be
      replaced by 'pandoc --strict'.

  * In most writers, an image in a paragraph by itself is now rendered
    as a figure, with the alt text as the caption. (Texinfo, HTML, RST,
    MediaWiki, Docbook, LaTeX, ConTeXt, HTML.) Other images are
    rendered inline.

  * Depend on extensible-exceptions.  This allows pandoc to be compiled
    on GHC 6.8.

  * Added --base-header-level option.  For example, --base-header-level=2
    will change level 1 headers to level 2, level 2 to level 3, etc.
    Closes Debian #563416.

  * Incomplete support for RST tables (simple and grid).
    Thanks to Eric Kow. Colspans and rowspans not yet supported.

  * Added accessors (docTitle, docAuthors, docDate) to Meta type.

  * MediaWiki writer:  format links with relative URLs as wikilinks.
    The new rule:  If the link target is an absolute URL, an external
    link is created. Otherwise, a wikilink is created.

  * Text.Pandoc.Shared: Export uniqueIdent, and don't allow tilde in
    identifier.  Note:  This may break links to sections that involve

  * Markdown(+lhs) reader:  handle "inverse bird tracks."
    Inverse bird tracks (<) are used for haskell example code that is not
    part of the literate Haskell program.  Resolves Issue #211.

  * LaTeX reader:
    + Recognize '\ ' (interword space).
    + Recognize nonbreaking space '~'.
    + Ignore \section, \pdfannot, \pdfstringdef.  Ignore alt title in
      section headers.  Don't treat \section as inline LaTeX.
      Resolves Issue #202.
    + LaTeX reader:  allow any special character to be escaped.
      Resolves Issue #221.
    + LaTeX reader: treat \paragraph and \subparagraph as level 4, 5
      headers.  Resolves Issue #207.

  * Use template variables for include-before/after.
    + These options now imply -s; previously they worked also in fragment
    + Users can now adjust position of include-before and include-after
      text in the templates.
    + Default position of include-before moved back (as it was before 1.4)
      before table of contents.
    + Resolves Issue #217.

  * Don't print an empty table header: (all writers).
    Resolves Issue #210.

  * HTML, Docbook writer: Use tbody, thead, and cols in tables.

  * HTML writer: Don't include TOC div if table of contents is empty.

  * Markdown writer:  Fixed citations.
    Previously the markdown writer printed raw citation codes, e.g.
    [geach1970], rather than the expanded citations provided by
    citeproc, e.g. (Geach 1970). Now it prints the expanded citations.
    This means that the document produced can be processed as a markdown
    document without citeproc. Thanks to dsanson for reporting, and
    Andrea Rossato for the patch.

  * Improved and simplified title block in context template.
    Previously it caused an error if there was no title.
    This method should also be easier for users to customize.

  * Markdown reader:
    + Treat p., pp., sec., ch., as abbreviations in smart mode.
    + Disallow blank lines in inline code span.
    + Allow footnotes to be indented < 4 spaces.
      This fixes a regression.  A test case has been added.
    + Escape spaces in URLs as %20. Previously they were incorrectly
                  escaped as +, which is appropriate only for the query part of
                        a URL. Resolves Issue #220.
    + Require two spaces after capital letter + period for list item.
      Otherwise "E. coli" starts a list. This might change the semantics
      of some existing documents, since previously the two-space
      requirement was only enforced when the second word started
      with a capital letter. But it is consistent with the existing
      documentation and follows the principle of least surprise.
      Resolves Issue #212.

  * LaTeX template: redefine labelwidth when using enumerate package.
    Otherwise the list labels (numbers) often extend past the left
    margin, which looks bad.

  * Mediawiki writer: Don't print a "== Notes ==" header before
    references.  This is too English-centric. Writers can provide their
    own header at the end of the document.

  * Promoted mediawiki headers.  '= head =' is now level 1, '== head =='
    level 2, etc.  This seems to be correct; it's only by convention
    that wikipedia articles have level 2 headers at most.
    Patch due to Eric Kow.

  * RunTests.hs: Set LANG to a UTF-8 locale. Use 'pandoc --data-dir=' so
    data files don't need to have been installed. This removes the need to
    set HOME.

  * HTML reader:
    + Handle spaces before <html>.  Resolves Issue #216.
    + Be forgiving in parsing a bare list within a list.
      The following is not valid xhtml, but the intent is clear:
      We'll treat the <ol> as if it's in a <li>.  Resolves Issue #215.

  * Updated INSTALL instructions.  cabal method is now promoted.

  * Updated markdown2pdf man page. It no longer says all pandoc options
    are accepted.

  * README/man pages: Removed advice to pipe through tidy before HTML
    reader.  This is obsolete, now that we have a forgiving HTML parser.

  * LaTeX writer: set numbersections template variable, so
    the section numbering options work again.

  * Removed obsolete Makefile.

  * Website: renamed -> index.txt.

  * New batch file to make-windows-installer.
    + Removed old
    + Added make-windows-installer.bat
    + Modified default installer name in pandoc-setup.iss

  * Removed freebsd and macports directories.
    They are no longer up to date.

  * Setup.hs:
    + Made man page building sensitive to build verbosity.
    + Improved detection of highlighting support in test hook.
    + Install wrapper scripts into cabal bin directory.
    + Also simplified installManpages.
    + Setup.hs: install manpages to mandir.  Code borrowed from darcs.

  * Changed default of writerXeTeX to False.

  * HTML writer: don't include empty UL if --toc but no sections.
    Resolves Issue #199.

  * LaTeX writer:

    + If book, report, or memoir documentclass, use \chapter{}
      for first-level headers. Otherwise use \section{}.
    + Removed stLink, link template variable. Reason: we now always
      include hyperref in the template.

  * LaTeX template:

    + Only show \author if there are some.
    + Always include hyperref package. It is used not just for links but
      for toc, section heading bookmarks, footnotes, etc. Also added
      unicode=true on hyperref options.

  * markdown2pdf: always do at least two runs. hyperref bookmarks
    require this.

  * cabal file: Removed unneeded dependency on template-haskell.

  * Windows installer - fixed bug in data file locations.
    Resolves Issue #197.

  * Deprecated --custom-header in documentation.
    Removed old "Custom Headers" section in README.

pandoc (1.4)

  [ John MacFarlane ]

  * Pandoc will now compile with either GHC 6.10 or 6.12.
    + Don't use System.IO.UTF8 when compiling with 6.12
    + Use -fno-warn-unused-do-bind option when compiling with 6.12

  * Replaced old headers with templates.  Now users have much more
    control over the way documents appear in --standalone mode,
    and writer code is simplified.  Resolves Issues #59, 147.
    Every effort has been made to retain backwards compatibilty.
    So, the --custom-header option should still work as before.

    + Added Text.Pandoc.Templates.  This provides functions for
      retrieving default templates and for rendering templates.
    + System templates (in the pandoc data directory) can be
      overridden by user templates in $HOME/.pandoc/templates.
    + Removed Text.Pandoc.DefaultHeaders.
    + Removed data/headers directory.
    + Added templates directory.
    + Added writerTemplate and writerVariables fields to WriterOptions.
    + Removed writerTitlePrefix, writerHeader fields from WriterOptions.
    + Changed --print-default-header to --print-default-template.
    + Added --template option.
    + Added -V/--variable option to set custom template variables.

  * Pandoc no longer requires Template Haskell.  Resolves Issue #186.

    + Removed need for TH in ODT module. Instead get reference.odt from
          data file at run time.
    + Removed TH dependency from S5 module. S5 module now exports
      s5HeaderIncludes, which pandoc.hs includes if writer is s5 and
    + Refactored LaTeXMathML not to use TH.

  * Meta is now Meta [Inline] [[Inline]] [Inline] rather than
    Meta [Inline] [String] String. Authors and date in Meta are now lists
    of Inline elements rather than raw strings. This means that they can
    be formatted and can include footnotes. NOTE: This may be a breaking
    change for those using pandoc as a library.

  * Added readDataFile to Text.Pandoc.Shared.  This retrieves
    a data file from the user pandoc data directory (~/.pandoc
    on unix), or, if not found there, from the system data
    directory ($CABALDIR/shared/pandoc-VERSION/). All data
    files, including templates, LaTeXMathML.js, s5 styles,
        and reference.odt, can be overridden by the user.

  * s5 files moved from data/ui/default to s5/default.

  * Use unicode instead of entities in HTML and XML output.  Resolves
    Issue #163.

  * Prettier HTML footnote references:  put anchor inside sup,
    instead of other way.  Resolves Issue #191. Thanks to

  * Added --xetex option to pandoc and markdown2pdf.
    If --xetex is specified, pandoc produces latex suitable for
    processing by xelatex, and markdown2pdf uses xelatex to create
    the PDF. Resolves Issue #185.

  * RTF writer: multiple authors now occupy multiple paragraphs rather
    than using a line break.

  * Man writer: now the "--after-body" will come after the "AUTHORS"
    section, whereas before it would come before it.  This is a
    slight break from backwards compatibility.

  * Added --reference-odt option, so users may customize the styles
    used in pandoc-generated ODT files.  Users may also place a
        default reference.odt in the ~\.pandoc directory.

  * ODT writer:
    + Indented and line-broke styles.xml so it can be modified more easily.
    + Omitted some unnecessary style declarations.
    + Don't wrap text in OpenDocument writer.  The tags are too long, making
      wrapping ugly and pointless.

  * LaTeX reader: use \\ to separate multiple authors.

  * Markdown reader: use ; as separator between authors.
    This allows you to use ',' within author names: e.g. "John Jones, Jr."

  * S5 writer: use linebreak to separate authors in title page.

  * RST reader: Allow :: before lhs code block. The RST spec requires the
    :: before verbatim blocks. This :: should not be treated as literal
    colons. Resolves Issue #189.

  * Documented pandoc 1.3's new definition list syntax in README.
    (An oversight in the last release.)

  * markdown2pdf.hs:
    + interpret ! in a log as an error line.
    + --toc now works properly.

  * Changes in RunTests.hs:
    + Use the Diff library rather than a local copy of Diff.hs.
      (This vastly increases performance.) This change means that 'cabal
      test' presupposes that the Diff library is installed.
    + Removed tests/Diff.hs from cabal file.
    + Changed RunTests to use local environment. We need at least HOME, so
      pandoc can find its data directory.

  * Updated windows installer to install data files in the app directory.

  * Windows installer now installs portable wrappers hsmarkdown and

pandoc (1.3)

  [ John MacFarlane ]

  * Added --id-prefix option (Issue #41). This adds a prefix to all
    automatically generated HTML identifiers, which helps prevent
    duplicate identifiers when you're generating a fragment (say a blog

  * Added --indented-code-classes option.  This specifies classes
    to use for indented code blocks.  (Patch due to buttock; Issue #87.)

  * --number-sections now affects HTML output as well as ConTeXt and LaTeX
    (Issue #150).

  * Improved syntax for markdown definition lists (Issue #24).
    Definition lists are now more compatible with PHP Markdown Extra.
    + You can have multiple definitions for a term (but still not
      multiple terms).
    + Multi-block definitions no longer need a column before each block
      (indeed, this will now cause multiple definitions).
    + The marker no longer needs to be flush with the left margin,
      but can be indented at or two spaces.  Also, ~ as well as :
      can be used as the marker (this suggestion due to David
    + There can now be a blank line between the term and the

  * Better looking simple tables.  Resolves Issue #180.
    + Markdown reader: simple tables are now given column widths of 0.
    + Column width of 0 is interpreted as meaning: use default column width.
    + Writers now include explicit column width information only
      for multiline tables.  (Exception:  RTF writer, which requires
      column widths.  In this case, columns are given equal widths,
      adding up to the text width.)
    + Simple tables should now look better in most output formats.

  * Allow markdown tables without headers (Issue #50).
    The new syntax is described in README. Also allow optional line of
    dashes at bottom of simple tables.

  * Compensate for width of final table column (Issue #144).

  * Treat a backslash followed by a newline as a hard line break
    in markdown.  Resolves Issue #154.  This is a nice alternative
        to markdown's "invisible" way of indicating hardline breaks
        using lines that end with two spaces.

  * Improved performance of markdown reader by ~10% by eliminating the
    need for a separate parsing pass for notes. Raw notes are now stored
    on the first pass (which parses references), then parsed when the
    note is inserted into the AST. The stateNotes field in ParserState
    is now a list of [(String, String)] pairs instead of [(String,

  * In markdown reader, treat 4 or more * or _ in a row as literal
    text.  (Trying to parse long strings of * or _ as strong or emph
        leads to exponential performance problems.)

  * Markdown reader: Use + rather than %20 for spaces in URLs.

  * Fixed htmlComment parser, adding a needed 'try'.

  * Don't print raw HTML in man output.

  * Allow . _ and ~ in header identifiers.

  * Specially mark code blocks that were "literate" in the input.
    They can then be treated differently in the writers.  This allows
    authors to distinguish bits of the literate program they are writing
    from source code examples, even if the examples are marked as
    Haskell for highlighting.  (Issue #174.)

  * Modified html+lhs output to use "haskell" highlighter instead
    of "literateHaskell". The highlighting module now adds bird tracks
        after highlighting (for HTML output), if the code block has the
        "literate" class.  This gives better results, because kate's
    haskell highlighter is much better than the literateHaskell

  * Fixed handling of footnotes in titles (HTML) and headers (LaTeX).
    (Issue #137.)

  * Support for "..code-block" directive in RST reader. Not core
    RST, but used in Sphinx for code blocks annotated with syntax
    information. Thanks to Luke Plant for the patch.

  * Added "head" to list of block-level HTML tags. Resolves
    Issue #108.

  * Added stripTags to Text.Pandoc.XML.  This is used in the HTML writer.

  * Set utf-8 encoding in texinfo headers.

  * Docbook writer: add ids to sections.  Use link for internal links.
    (Issue #60.)

  * Blank lines after lists in MediaWiki writer.

  * Properly handle commented-out list items in markdown.
    Resolves Issue #142.  Example:

    - a
    - b
    - c

  * Changed heuristic in compactify. compactify has to decide whether a
    Para that ends a list is a Para intentionally, or just because of
    the blank lines at the end of every list. In the latter case the
    Para is turned to a Plain. The old heuristic was: change final Para
    to Plain iff the other items all end in Plain. This produces bad
    results when, for example, an item contains just a Plain and an HTML
    comment, as it does in the list above. The new heuristic: change
    final Para to Plain iff the other items don't contain a Para.

  * Added % as an rst underline character.  Resolves Issue #173.

  * Fix inline math parser so that \$ is allowed in math.
    Resolves Issue #169.

  * Translate \int (integral) into unicode when using unicode math
    method. Resolves Issue #177.

  * markdown2pdf.hs improvements:
    + Use System.IO.UTF8.
    + Print error messages on last attempt.
    + Do not create a backup when overwriting a PDF (Issue #166).
    + Accept --longopt=val options.
    + Added man/man1/markdown2pdf.1 to extra-tmp-files in cabal, so that
      it is properly cleaned.

  * Added haddock comments warning that readers assume \n line endings.

  * Updated COPYRIGHT file.

  * Makefile: Changed EXECSBASE so it doesn't pull in hsmarkdown &
    markdown2pdf. Otherwise strip tries to strip shell scripts when you
    install using 'make'.

  * Changed Makefile so it doesn't build Haskell wrappers.

  * Fixed Makefile so it doesn't try to build man pages in build-doc.

  * Install pcre3.dll in Windows install script; this allows us to
    package a version of pandoc with highlighting support.

pandoc (1.2.1)

  [ John MacFarlane ]

  * Fixed regression with --preserveTabs. Brought back optPreserveTabs.
    The trick of setting tabStop to 0 to mean "preserve tabs" had a bad
    side effect: strings of 0 spaces were interpreted as indentation.
    So, with --preserve-tabs, unindented paragraphs were treated as
    code. Resolves Issue #138.

  * HTML writer:  wrap sections in divs.  Resolves Issue #70.

    + hierarchicalize has been rationalized; it builds a hierarchical
      representation of the document from the headers, and simultaneously
      gives each section a unique identifier based on the heading title.
    + Identifiers are now attached to the divs rather than
      to the headers themselves.
    + Table of content backlinks go to the beginning of the table, rather
      than to the section reference that was clicked.
    + Code for constructing identifiers has been moved to Text.Pandoc.Shared
      from the HTML writer, since it is now consumed only by
    + In --strict mode, pandoc just prints bare headings, as before
      (unless --toc has been specified).
    + In s5 output, it does not wrap sections in divs, as that seems to
      confuse the s5 javascript.

  * Man writer: break lines at end of each sentence. groff expects this
    and treats '.' and '?' differently when followed by line ending as
    opposed to ordinary space. Also, don't escape periods. Instead, use
    zero-width character \& to avoid unwanted interpretation of periods
    at start of line. Resolves Issue #148.

  * Markdown writer:  Added '#' and '>' to list of characters to be
    escaped in markdown output.  Removed '<', as it is not an officially
    escapable character. This partially resolves Issue #96.

  * Make --smart the default for man output format. Otherwise we have
    trouble dividing lists of endlines into sentences.

  * DocBook writer: Use language attribute to indicate source language
    in code blocks.

  * RST reader:

    + Allow # to continue list, even if the list was started with an
      explicit marker. For example:

        A. my list
                #. continued

      Resolves Issue #140.
    + Allow continuation lines in line blocks. Also added test cases for
      line blocks for RST reader. Resolves Issue #149.
    + Allow explicit links with spaces in URL: `link <to this>`_

  * Improved LaTeX reader's coverage of math modes. Remove displaymath*
    (which is not in LaTeX) and recognize all the amsmath environments
    that are alternatives to eqnarray, namely equation, equation*,
    gather, gather*, gathered, multline, multline*, align, align*,
    alignat, alignat*, aligned, alignedat, split. Resolves Issue #103.
    Thanks to shreevatsa.public for the patch.

  * Markdown reader:

    + Allow -, _, :, . in markdown attribute names. These are legal in
      XML attribute names.
    + Use non-breaking spaces in abbreviations.
    + Markdown reader: improved efficiency of abbreviation parsing.
      Instead of a separate abbrev parser, we just check for
      abbreviations each time we parse a string. This gives a huge
      performance boost with -S. Resolves Issue #141.

  * Improved efficiency of shared parsers:  hexNum, htmlComment,
    whitespace, indentSpaces.

  * Export HTMLMathMethod in Text.Pandoc.

  * Export languagesByExtension in Text.Pandoc.Highlighting.

  * Added new Haskell version of markdown2pdf, due to
    Paulo Tanimoto.  This should be more portable than the old
        shell script.

  * Made 'pandoc -v' more explicit about compiler options.
    Resolves Issue #139.

  * pandoc.hs:  Made --strict compatible with --standalone, --toc.

  * Use Paths_pandoc to get version number, instead of hard-coding it
    into Text/Pandoc.hs.

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