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CVS commit: wip/hs-zip-archive

Module name:    wip
Committed by:   szptvlfn
Date:           Wed Aug 21 20:42:22 UTC 2013

Modified Files:
        wip/hs-zip-archive: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Update to

  - mv Codec/Archive/Zip.hs src/Codec/Archive/Zip.hs
  - Add back binary 0.5 support
  - Fixed digital signature magic numbers
  - fix build failure against directory-1.2 (missing liftM)
      Signed-off-by: Sergei Trofimovich <>

  - Rewrote to use new binary API (binary >= 0.6).
  - Removed unneeded pragma.
  - Removed unnecessary import.
  - Added proper cabal test suite.
  - Constrain binary to < 0.6, since 0.6 removes lookAhead.
      We'll need to find a workaround going forward, but for now
      the constraint is needed in order for zip-archive to compile.
  - Support directory 1.2
      The type of getModificationTime has changed, leading to some CPP
  - Fix parsing of "version needed to extract" field
      This field consists of two bytes, upper one indicating host OS and
      lower one indicating version of Zip (de)compressor. Tomake sure if
      one can unpack given archive it's only lower byte which is needed to
      be checked, but library used to check both.
  - Correctly calculate length of file paths.
      Be sure to use zipifyFilePath and convert to UTF8 before
      calculating length.
  - Fixed problems with zipifyFilePath:
      + Don't ever put drive in zip file path!
      + Don't put leading "./" supplied by some versions of
  - Fixed Test.hs so it will pick up right zip executable on Mac OSX.
  - epochTimeToMSDOSDateTime: return minimum DOS datetime for earlier epoch 
      The previous behavior was just to crash. Epoch times start in 1970,
      while DOS datetimes start in 1980.
      Returning the minimum seems the best solution,
      since you simply can't create a zip archive entry with an earlier time.
      This is also the solution used by zip30.
      Thanks to Radoslav Dorcik for reporting.
  - Fixed warnings uncovered by GHC 6.12.
  - Added explicit upper bound for base version
  - Removed -O2 option
  - Version bump in Zip executable
  - Handle data descriptor record
      OpenOffice-created zip archives sometimes use the "data descriptor
      record" to store checksums and lengths.
      getLocalFile now checks the general purpose bit flags to see
      if there is a data descriptor record; if there is,
      it ignores the compressed size field and instead reads data
      until the data descriptor record is encountered.

      This patch should fix problems reading ODS and other OpenOffice created
      zip archives.
      Thanks to Joel Lehtone for calling the problem to my attention.

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