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CVS commit: wip/discount

Module name:    wip
Committed by:   thomasklausner
Date:           Thu Apr  4 09:38:15 UTC 2013

Modified Files:
        wip/discount: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Update to 2.1.6:

version 2.1.6 does nothing except for some bugfixes (and ignores some 
particularly scary ones that I /must/ fix soon) and adds two small features.

The bugfixes are:

    A < at the end of the input is exactly the same as <(space) does not appear to escape \<[nonwhite] sequences. Sigh.
    Tweak the previous Markdown does not escape... commit to simply push out 
the backslash and back up to the start of the <[nonwhite] sequence, so -fnohtml 
will continue to work.
    Treat hard <br/> (via two spaces) as whitespace.
    Tweak divquote handling so that two adjacent divquotes wonâ??t die if there 
is a space between the second > & leading %
    Tweak one of the list tests back to the previous behavior (Iâ??ve put in a 
hack for list indentation, and accidentally committed the changes. Oops!)

The features are that I now use styles for table cell alignment instead of 
align=, and that Iâ??m using the 3-clause BSD license for this release (because 
there is one widely used closed-source license that claims that you canâ??t 
dynamically link with code that uses the 4-clause license. Fine. Iâ??ll 
3-clause this release to make the stupid GPL happy.)

version 2.1.5a does even more cleanup to deal with clang, plus adds a few small 

    MKD_NOSTYLE â?? treat <style> blocks as regular html.
    some github flavored markdown support; gfm_â?¦() input methods that put 
hardbreaks (== two spaces) at the end of every input line.
    support for github flavored markdown backtick-delimited code blocks (in 
addition to tilde-delimited codeblocks)
    in the markdown program, add
        -S flag (tell markdown to spit out style sections)
        -n flag (tell markdown not to output generated text)

version 2.1.3 cleans up a couple of bugs that have been here for a while, plus 
tweaks the build process a bit for better compilation with the LLVM C compiler, 
mingw, and cygwin.

The bugfixes are

    Stop tripping over tables with leading |s; the first implementation of 
tables treated leading |s as the end of an empty table cell. 2.1.3 corrects 
this to properly be merely decoration.

    As a side-effect, you now need to have all the rows of the table either 
with a leading | or not; you cannot mix and match them, sorry.

    For some mysterious reason I was treating the <br> tag as a block-level 
html tag, so my html blockifier would split paragraphs with explicit <br>s in 

    The table of contents code was apparently generating bad html (something I 
never noticed, because I never use that feature, alas!) but Stefano D'Angelo 
contributed a patch to clean up the generated html to make it correct.

version 2.1.2 tweaks table handling so that tables with leading |â??s wonâ??t 
end up generating empty false <td></td>s, and that tables with trailing |â??s 
wonâ??t end up getting those pipes included in the output.

version corrects a defect in smartypants processing that has been there 
since the beginning of time; Iâ??d managed to misread the reference smartypants 
documentation and thought that 1 dash made an &ndash; and 2 dashes made an 
&mdash; (itâ??s actually 2 and 3 dashes respectively.) John Foerch read the 
documentation recently, noticed it was wrong, and sent me a note pointing it 
out. Whoops! But itâ??s fixed now (as is the this page, which is, regrettably, 
the only documentation about smartypants.)

version corrects one small defect in block handling, plus changes the 
format of the output for failed tests in the test suite.

The defect in block handling is that the reference implementation has text 
block absorbing adjacent code, so

text text text

will generate

<p>text text text code</p>

instead of a paragraph of text(s) followed by code.

The change in failed test output makes it output first the source code of the 
failed test, and then the differences between the expected output and the 
generated output.

version implements PHP markdown extra-style fenced code sections, where 
your chunks of code are surrounded by ~~~ lines instead of being indented 4 

Fenced code sections are a configuration option, not a runtime option, and are 
enabled by using the flag --with-fenced-code (FENCED-CODE in the 
version string).

There are a few optimizations inside markdown.c to support fenced code 
detection without slowing the parser down, but those optimizations donâ??t 
cause any of my test cases to fail. Version 2.1.1 is still a fairly 
experimental release despite this, so take some care with it.

version 2.1.0 cleans up a small collection of warts and build bugs, plus adds 
some fairly small enhancements to the theme and makepage programs:

    more modifications to so that it generates all its test 
scripts in the build directory.
    more MacOS support in; check to see if .dSYM folders are 
created when a test script is compiled, and, if so, donâ??t forget to delete 
them when theyâ??re cleaned up.
    makepage now accepts markdown option flags a'la the markdown program (via 
-Fxxxx, -fname, or in the MARKDOWN_FLAGS environment variable.)
    strip bitfields out of opts[] â?? I canâ??t initialize a bitfield on plan9 
    add a -E flag to theme to ignore context-sensitivity on <?theme xxx?> 

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