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CVS commit: wip/py-beets

Module name:    wip
Committed by:   thomasklausner
Date:           Thu Mar 14 13:55:18 UTC 2013

Modified Files:
        wip/py-beets: Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
Update to 1.0.0:

1.0.0 (January 29, 2013)

After fifteen betas and two release candidates, beets has finally hit
one-point-oh. Congratulations to everybody involved. This version of beets will
remain stable and receive only bug fixes from here on out. New development is
ongoing in the betas of version 1.1.

* :doc:`/plugins/scrub`: Fix an incompatibility with Python 2.6.
* :doc:`/plugins/lyrics`: Fix an issue that failed to find lyrics when metadata
  contained "real" apostrophes.
* :doc:`/plugins/replaygain`: On Windows, emit a warning instead of
  crashing when analyzing non-ASCII filenames.
* Silence a spurious warning from version 0.04.12 of the Unidecode module.

1.0rc2 (December 31, 2012)

This second release candidate follows quickly after rc1 and fixes a few small
bugs found since that release. There were a couple of regressions and some bugs
in a newly added plugin.

* :doc:`/plugins/echonest_tempo`: If the Echo Nest API limit is exceeded or a
  communication error occurs, the plugin now waits and tries again instead of
  crashing. Thanks to Zach Denton.
* :doc:`/plugins/fetchart`: Fix a regression that caused crashes when art was
  not available from some sources.
* Fix a regression on Windows that caused all relative paths to be "not found".

1.0rc1 (December 17, 2012)

The first release candidate for beets 1.0 includes a deluge of new features
contributed by beets users. The vast majority of the credit for this release
goes to the growing and vibrant beets community. A million thanks to everybody
who contributed to this release.

There are new plugins for transcoding music, fuzzy searches, tempo collection,
and fiddling with metadata. The ReplayGain plugin has been rebuilt from
scratch. Album art images can now be resized automatically. Many other smaller
refinements make things "just work" as smoothly as possible.

With this release candidate, beets 1.0 is feature-complete. We'll be fixing
bugs on the road to 1.0 but no new features will be added. Concurrently, work
begins today on features for version 1.1.

* New plugin: :doc:`/plugins/convert` **transcodes** music and embeds album art
  while copying to a separate directory. Thanks to Jakob Schnitzer and Andrew G.
* New plugin: :doc:`/plugins/fuzzy_search` lets you find albums and tracks
  using **fuzzy string matching** so you don't have to type (or even remember)
  their exact names. Thanks to Philippe Mongeau.
* New plugin: :doc:`/plugins/echonest_tempo` fetches **tempo** (BPM) information
  from `The Echo Nest`_. Thanks to David Brenner.
* New plugin: :doc:`/plugins/the` adds a template function that helps format
  text for nicely-sorted directory listings. Thanks to Blemjhoo Tezoulbr.
* New plugin: :doc:`/plugins/zero` **filters out undesirable fields** before
  they are written to your tags. Thanks again to Blemjhoo Tezoulbr.
* New plugin: :doc:`/plugins/ihate` automatically skips (or warns you about)
  importing albums that match certain criteria. Thanks once again to Blemjhoo
* :doc:`/plugins/replaygain`: This plugin has been completely overhauled to use
  the `mp3gain`_ or `aacgain`_ command-line tools instead of the failure-prone
  Gstreamer ReplayGain implementation. Thanks to Fabrice Laporte.
* :doc:`/plugins/fetchart` and :doc:`/plugins/embedart`: Both plugins can now
  **resize album art** to avoid excessively large images. Use the ``maxwidth``
  config option with either plugin. Thanks to Fabrice Laporte.
* :doc:`/plugins/scrub`: Scrubbing now removes *all* types of tags from a file
  rather than just one. For example, if your FLAC file has both ordinary FLAC
  tags and ID3 tags, the ID3 tags are now also removed.
* :ref:`stats-cmd` command: New ``--exact`` switch to make the file size
  calculation more accurate (thanks to Jakob Schnitzer).
* :ref:`list-cmd` command: Templates given with ``-f`` can now show items' and
  albums' paths (using ``$path``).
* The output of the :ref:`update-cmd`, :ref:`remove-cmd`, and :ref:`modify-cmd`
  commands now respects the :ref:`list_format_album` and
  :ref:`list_format_item` config options. Thanks to Mike Kazantsev.
* The :ref:`art-filename` option can now be a template rather than a simple
  string. Thanks to Jarrod Beardwood.
* Fix album queries for ``artpath`` and other non-item fields.
* Null values in the database can now be matched with the empty-string regular
  expression, ``^$``.
* Queries now correctly match non-string values in path format predicates.
* When autotagging a various-artists album, the album artist field is now
  used instead of the majority track artist.
* :doc:`/plugins/lastgenre`: Use the albums' existing genre tags if they pass
  the whitelist (thanks to Fabrice Laporte).
* :doc:`/plugins/lastgenre`: Add a ``lastgenre`` command for fetching genres
  post facto (thanks to Jakob Schnitzer).
* :doc:`/plugins/fetchart`: Local image filenames are now used in alphabetical
* :doc:`/plugins/fetchart`: Fix a bug where cover art filenames could lack
  a ``.jpg`` extension.
* :doc:`/plugins/lyrics`: Fix an exception with non-ASCII lyrics.
* :doc:`/plugins/web`: The API now reports file sizes (for use with the
  `Tomahawk resolver`_).
* :doc:`/plugins/web`: Files now download with a reasonable filename rather
  than just being called "file" (thanks to Zach Denton).
* :doc:`/plugins/importfeeds`: Fix error in symlink mode with non-ASCII
* :doc:`/plugins/mbcollection`: Fix an error when submitting a large number of
  releases (we now submit only 200 releases at a time instead of 350). Thanks
  to Jonathan Towne.
* :doc:`/plugins/embedart`: Made the method for embedding art into FLAC files
  Thanks to Daniele Sluijters.
* Add the track mapping dictionary to the ``album_distance`` plugin function.
* When an exception is raised while reading a file, the path of the file in
  question is now logged (thanks to Mike Kazantsev).
* Truncate long filenames based on their *bytes* rather than their Unicode
  *characters*, fixing situations where encoded names could be too long.
* Filename truncation now incorporates the length of the extension.
* Fix an assertion failure when the MusicBrainz main database and search server
* Fix a bug that caused the :doc:`/plugins/lastgenre` and other plugins not to
  modify files' tags even when they successfully change the database.
* Fix a VFS bug leading to a crash in the :doc:`/plugins/bpd` when files had
  non-ASCII extensions.
* Fix for changing date fields (like "year") with the :ref:`modify-cmd`
* Fix a crash when input is read from a pipe without a specified encoding.
* Fix some problem with identifying files on Windows with Unicode directory
  names in their path.
* Fix a crash when Unicode queries were used with ``import -L`` re-imports.
* Fix an error when fingerprinting files with Unicode filenames on Windows.
* Warn instead of crashing when importing a specific file in singleton mode.
* Add human-readable error messages when writing files' tags fails or when a
  directory can't be created.
* Changed plugin loading so that modules can be imported without
  unintentionally loading the plugins they contain.

.. _The Echo Nest:
.. _Tomahawk resolver:
.. _mp3gain:
.. _aacgain:

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