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CVS commit: wip/libzdb

Module name:    wip
Committed by:   tnn2
Date:           Sat Mar  2 13:22:43 UTC 2013

Modified Files:
        wip/libzdb: Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
Update to libzdb-2.11.1.

Version 2.11.1
* Fixes: MySQL: Fixed a ResultSet bind memory error which could occur
  if string or blob columns of different size caused successive buffer
  reallocation. Thanks to Ryan Addams for discovering the problem.

Version 2.11
* New: Added support for the new bytea hex encoding format
  introduced in PostgreSQL 9.0.
* Fixes: MySQL: A table with two or more columns larger than 256
  bytes would cause libzdb to truncate the second column to 256 
  bytes in the first row. Thanks to Me from China for bug report
  and patch.
* Fixes: Using configure flags --with-xxx without arguments
  now works as expected. Thanks to Johan Bergström for report

Version 2.10.6
* New: ConnectionPool_start() now throws an SQLException instead
  of calling ABORT if starting the pool failed. Thanks to
  Christopher O'Hara for suggestion.
* Fixes: MySQL: Using a stored procedure which returned a
  result set would freeze the connection until it was reaped.
  Thanks to Jesse White for patch.
* Fixes: Ensure that the library can be restarted after it was 
  stopped without leaking resources. Only applicable for MySQL
  which could leak memory on runtime restart. Thanks to Axel 
  Steiner for initial patch and suggestion.

Version 2.10.5
* New: Automatically unescape the following URL components:
  credentials, path and parameter values.

Version 2.10.4
* MySQL: Improved error reporting for select and prepared statements

Version 2.10.3
Bug fixes: Oracle: fixed a compile issue for GCC when strict
C99 is used. Thanks to Stas Oginsky.

Version 2.10.2
Bug fixes: Oracle: fixed a parameter sequence bug at
connection. Bug was introduced in 2.9. Thanks to l00106600.

Version 2.10.1
* A zdb.pc library package config file was added. Thanks to 
  Matthieu Verbert
* Build, configure and minor code improvements

Version 2.10
* Libzdb is now compatible with and can be included in C++ or 
  Objective-C(++) projects.
* Internal optimising changes and improvements

Version 2.9
* SQLite: Unescape path to allow for (white-)space in database file
  path. Thanks to Jonas Schnelli
* SQLite: Use sqlite3_open_v2 instead of sqlite3_enable_shared_cache 
  which is deprecated in OS X Lion. 
* Oracle: Fixed a problem with ResultSet not returning all data

Version 2.8.1
* Oracle: Fixed a transaction related memory leak
Version 2.8
* Allow spaces in URL property values
* PostgreSQL: Allow sending application name to the server for 
  logging. Thanks to Chris Mayo. See the PostgreSQL URL property,
Bug fixes:
* ResultSet_getBlob: Ensure that returned blob size is 0 if blob
  is SQL null.
* Oracle: Fixed ResultSet memory leak.

Version 2.7
* Added tentative support for Oracle. Thanks to Volodymyr
  Tarasenko, and Sergey Pavlov for implementing this.
  This implementation does not support BLOB, though CLOB
  is supported. It will also not run all zdb unit tests,
  but should be useful for most purposes. It is released
  with the hope that others may still find it useful and
  help iron out any remaining issues.
* Added new convenience zdb.h meta include file which
  can be used to include all required API interfaces
* Internal optimizing changes and improvements
* SQLite: Clear connection on rollback to prevent SQLite
  from issue an SQLITE_BUSY error if there are pending
  selects in progress.
* SQLite: added a "heap_limit" URL property. Makes SQLite 
  auto-release unused memory if memory usage goes above 
  the specified limit [KB]. Require that SQLite is
  compiled with the SQLITE_ENABLE_MEMORY_MANAGEMENT option
  to take effect.
Bug fixes:
* SQLite: Ensure that the database file is specified in
  connection URL. Thanks to Bogdan Nicula.
* PostgreSQL: Implemented Connection_setQueryTimeout()

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