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CVS commit: wip/py-beets

Module name:    wip
Committed by:   thomasklausner
Date:           Thu Sep 13 13:49:32 UTC 2012

Modified Files:
        wip/py-beets: Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
Update to 1.0b15:

1.0b15 (July 26, 2012)

The fifteenth (!) beta of beets is compendium of small fixes and features, most
of which represent long-standing requests. The improvements include matching
albums with extra tracks, per-disc track numbering in multi-disc albums, an
overhaul of the album art downloader, and robustness enhancements that should
keep beets running even when things go wrong. All these smaller changes should
help us focus on some larger changes coming before 1.0.

Please note that this release contains one backwards-incompatible change: album
art fetching, which was previously baked into the import workflow, is now
encapsulated in a plugin (the :doc:`/plugins/fetchart`). If you want to continue
fetching cover art for your music, enable this plugin after upgrading to beets

* The autotagger can now find matches for albums when you have **extra tracks**
  on your filesystem that aren't present in the MusicBrainz catalog. Previously,
  if you tried to match album with 15 audio files but the MusicBrainz entry had
  only 14 tracks, beets would ignore this match. Now, beets will show you
  matches even when they are "too short" and indicate which tracks from your
  disk are unmatched.
* Tracks on multi-disc albums can now be **numbered per-disc** instead of
  per-album via the :ref:`per_disc_numbering` config option.
* The default output format for the ``beet list`` command is now configurable
  via the :ref:`list_format_item` and :ref:`list_format_album` config options.
  Thanks to Fabrice Laporte.
* Album **cover art fetching** is now encapsulated in the
  :doc:`/plugins/fetchart`. Be sure to enable this plugin if you're using this
  functionality. As a result of this new organization, the new plugin has gained
  a few new features:

  * "As-is" and non-autotagged imports can now have album art imported from
    the local filesystem (although Web repositories are still not searched in
    these cases).
  * A new command, ``beet fetchart``, allows you to download album art
    post-import. If you only want to fetch art manually, not automatically
    during import, set the new plugin's ``autofetch`` option to ``no``.
  * New album art sources have been added.

* Errors when communicating with MusicBrainz now log an error message instead of
  halting the importer.
* Similarly, filesystem manipulation errors now print helpful error messages
  instead of a messy traceback. They still interrupt beets, but they should now
  be easier for users to understand. Tracebacks are still available in verbose
* New metadata fields for `artist credits`_: ``artist_credit`` and
  ``albumartist_credit`` can now contain release- and recording-specific
  variations of the artist's name. See :ref:`itemfields`.
* Revamped the way beets handles concurrent database access to avoid
  nondeterministic SQLite-related crashes when using the multithreaded importer.
  On systems where SQLite was compiled without ``usleep(3)`` support,
  multithreaded database access could cause an internal error (with the message
  "database is locked"). This release synchronizes access to the database to
  avoid internal SQLite contention, which should avoid this error.
* Plugins can now add parallel stages to the import pipeline. See
* Beets now prints out an error when you use an unrecognized field name in a
  query: for example, when running ``beet ls -a artist:foo`` (because ``artist``
  is an item-level field).
* New plugin events:

  * ``import_task_choice`` is called after an import task has an action
  * ``import_task_files`` is called after a task's file manipulation has
    finished (copying or moving files, writing metadata tags).
  * ``library_opened`` is called when beets starts up and opens the library

* :doc:`/plugins/lastgenre`: Fixed a problem where path formats containing
  ``$genre`` would use the old genre instead of the newly discovered one.
* Fix a crash when moving files to a Samba share.
* :doc:`/plugins/mpdupdate`: Fix TypeError crash (thanks to Philippe Mongeau).
* When re-importing files with ``import_copy`` enabled, only files inside the
  library directory are moved. Files outside the library directory are still
  copied. This solves a problem (introduced in 1.0b14) where beets could crash
  after adding files to the library but before finishing copying them; during
  the next import, the (external) files would be moved instead of copied.
* Artist sort names are now populated correctly for multi-artist tracks and
  releases. (Previously, they only reflected the first artist.)
* When previewing changes during import, differences in track duration are now
  shown as "2:50 vs. 3:10" rather than separated with ``->`` like track numbers.
  This should clarify that beets isn't doing anything to modify lengths.
* Fix a problem with query-based path format matching where a field-qualified
  pattern, like ``albumtype_soundtrack``, would match everything.
* :doc:`/plugins/chroma`: Fix matching with ambiguous Acoustids. Some Acoustids
  are identified with multiple recordings; beets now considers any associated
  recording a valid match. This should reduce some cases of errant track
  reordering when using chroma.
* Fix the ID3 tag name for the catalog number field.
* :doc:`/plugins/chroma`: Fix occasional crash at end of fingerprint submission
  and give more context to "failed fingerprint generation" errors.
* Interactive prompts are sent to stdout instead of stderr.
* :doc:`/plugins/embedart`: Fix crash when audio files are unreadable.
* :doc:`/plugins/bpd`: Fix crash when sockets disconnect (thanks to Matteo
* Fix an assertion failure while importing with moving enabled when the file was
  already at its destination.
* Fix Unicode values in the ``replace`` config option (thanks to Jakob Borg).
* Use a nicer error message when input is requested but stdin is closed.
* Fix errors on Windows for certain Unicode characters that can't be represented
  in the MBCS encoding. This required a change to the way that paths are
  represented in the database on Windows; if you find that beets' paths are out
  of sync with your filesystem with this release, delete and recreate your
  database with ``beet import -AWC /path/to/music``.
* Fix ``import`` with relative path arguments on Windows.

.. _artist credits:

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