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CVS commit: wip/ruby-passenger

Module name:    wip
Committed by:   fhajny
Date:           Wed May 16 14:08:20 UTC 2012

Import into wip/ruby-passenger

Log Message:
Import ruby18-passenger-3.0.12 as wip/ruby-passenger.

Phusion Passenger - a.k.a. mod_rails or mod_rack - makes deployment of Ruby
web applications, such as those built on the revolutionary Ruby on Rails web
framework, a breeze. It follows the usual Ruby on Rails conventions, such as

This package holds the Passenger agents and support files only.


Vendor Tag:     FHAJNY
Release Tags:   FHAJNY_20120516
N wip/ruby-passenger/Makefile.common
N wip/ruby-passenger/Makefile
N wip/ruby-passenger/PLIST
N wip/ruby-passenger/distinfo
N wip/ruby-passenger/DESCR
N wip/ruby-passenger/
N wip/ruby-passenger/patches/patch-lib__phusion_passenger.rb
N wip/ruby-passenger/patches/patch-build__packaging.rb
N wip/ruby-passenger/patches/patch-build__agents.rb
N wip/ruby-passenger/patches/patch-ext__apache__Configuration.hpp
N wip/ruby-passenger/patches/patch-ext__nginx__Configuration.c
N wip/ruby-passenger/patches/patch-ext__common__ResourceLocator.rb
N wip/ruby-passenger/patches/patch-ext__boost__config__stdlib__libstdcpp3.hpp

No conflicts created by this import

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