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CVS commit: wip/R-foreach

Module name:    wip
Committed by:   bubuchka
Date:           Thu May  3 22:37:49 UTC 2012

Import into wip/R-foreach

Log Message:
Import R-foreach-1.4.0 as wip/R-foreach.

Support for the foreach looping construct. Foreach is an idiom that
allows for iterating over elements in a collection, without the use
of an explicit loop counter. This package in particular is intended
to be used for its return value, rather than for its side effects.
In that sense, it is similar to the standard lapply function, but
doesn't require the evaluation of a function. Using foreach without
side effects also facilitates executing the loop in parallel.


Vendor Tag:     BUBUCHKA
Release Tags:   BUBUCHKA_20120504
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N wip/R-foreach/MESSAGE
N wip/R-foreach/distinfo
N wip/R-foreach/
N wip/R-foreach/DESCR

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