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CVS commit: wip/awesome

Module name:    wip
Committed by:   blckmaxima
Date:           Fri Apr 27 00:39:30 UTC 2012

Modified Files:
        wip/awesome: Makefile distinfo
        wip/awesome/patches: patch-awesomeConfig.cmake
Removed Files:
        wip/awesome/patches: patch-CMakeLists.txt

Log Message:
update awesome to 3.4.10.  (awesome 3.4.11 needs xcb-util >= 0.3.8.)

Adrian C. (anrxc) (15):
      awful.tooltip: call set_geometry on show() add keygrabber support to clients menu
      awful.wibox: take wibox border into account when updating struts
      Cleanup after revert of "Handle synthetic UnmapNotify events"
      awful.wibox: sanitize height/width args to function new()
      awful.autofocus: improve client focus with multiple screens
      awful.rules: fix client tagging with multiple screens sanitize support for access keys
      awsetbg: add fvwm-root support
      awful.widget: add progressbar set_max_value property
      awful.wibox: update position on height/width property change
      awesomerc: add Mod4+t to set client on-Top
      awful.widget: add progressbar ticks property
      awful.wibox: update struts on align()
      awful.widget: add graph stack property

Alex Alexander (1):
      wibox: fix align

Alexandre "kAworu" Perrin (4):
      awesomeConfig: test for execinfo.h/backtrace()
      avoid using seq in awsetbg, and test for columns count argument of -m 
      test for __builtin_clz() and fallback to an inline implementation.
      use CMake check_function_exists() for execinfo

Andrei 'Garoth' Thorp (2):
      Fix naughty.destroy parameter documentation
      docs: missing a dash to prevent luadoc generation

Andres Freund (1):
      Correct typo in awful.client.restore

Andr?? Apar??cio (1):
      Fix default naughty preset for dbus notifications

Anurag Priyam (6):
      add usage example for keygrabber API
      add markup to's documentation
      fix minor grammar, and typo in's documentation
      add usage example for
      rules: allow defining exceptions to a rule - except, and except_any
      awesomerc: minimize/restore client on a left click in the tasklist entry

Ari Entlich (1):
      Fix possible memory corruption (FS#734)

Beno??t Ryder (2):
      Fixed copy/paste bugs.
      Don't ignore forced width for textbox with background image.

Chris Newton (1):
      Added a flag to the exit signal

Christian Kuka (1):
      German translation of manpages

Daniel Gra??a (1):
      Register systray only if systray widgets are attached. (FS#503)

Diego Moreda (3):
      Basic support for manpages in multiple languages
      Basic support for manpages in multiple languages
      Added Spanish translation of the man pages

Duflot Jean-Luc (1):
      Add french manpages

Enric Morales (1):
      Add imlibsetroot setter to awsetbg script.

Gregor Best (7):
      naughty: add suspend() and resume()
      client: _really_ honor size hints
      dbus: fix compiling error
      fix some deprecated atom constants
      naughty: localize obj
      awful.mouse: fix client snapping
      awful.mouse: fix interclient border snapping

Gwenhael Le Moine (1):
      build: fix typo

Hiltjo Posthuma (2): use actual wibox border width
      Rules: check if properties of a rule exist

Ignas Anikevicius (gns_ank) (2):
      Functionality for deleting a tag using awful.tag.
      Add match_any function and rule_any definition for different client 

Julien Danjou (40):
      util: mark strhash with nonnull
      dbus: field can be nil
      dbus: check that interface is not NULL (FS#667)
      widget: fix screen number of layouts as arg
      wibox: check border width
      build: dist now build .xz instead of .gz
      change codename
      dbus: fix D-Bus documentation typo
      systray: fix screen number retrieval
      image: Use imlib2's image cache
      image: load with image
      dbus: move some convert code in a function
      dbus: add support for array as returned type
      Handle synthetic UnmapNotify events
      change codename
      Handle synthetic UnmapNotify events *correctly*
      ewmh: remove _NET_WORKAREA support (FS#732)
      change codename
      theme/default: change default background
      Move wmsetbg as a last option (FS#737)
      Do not check if we have enough space to draw (FS#731)
      update codename
      Fix awesome-client parameters
      Store widgets references as wibox items
      Fix missing tostring
      naughty: return nothing, not nil
      dbus: only warn, dot not raises an error (FS#713)
      Fix mouse::leave signal emit on widgets (FS#774)
      change codename
      Change codename
      Revert "tag.lua: check name argument to add() is valid"
      change codename
      awful.tag: remove useless line
      awful.tag: do not update history when identical tags
      awful.prompt: add ctrl-backspace
      awesome-client: allow to send multi line code
      timer: add again method
      change codename
      awful.rules: fix typo in example
      change codename

Konstantin Stepanov (2):
      stack graph mode works with max_value
      russian man pages

Levin Du (1):
      Fix awful.util.table.reverse

Maciej Blizinski (1):
      Fix gperf usage (FS#740)

Matthias Schr??der (1): support for access keys

Michael Abbott (1):
      Revert "build: look for libs in /usr/local/lib"

Perry Hargrave (5):
      tag.lua: move() re-index tags
      tag.lua: getidx() returns index of tag
      tag.lua: add() create tags with full table of properties
      tag.lua: check name argument to add() is valid
      awful.client.jumpto: View urgent clients smarter

Pierre Allegraud (3):
      fix build on NetBSD (FS#706)
      build: do not install .in files
      build: make manpage compression optional

Pierre Mazi??re (3):
      Add the possibity for dynamic menu
      fix wibox origin when stretched
      Avoid wibox borders to be recovered by clients

Radu Andries (2):
      Improve naughty's dbus interface
      naughty: escape title too

Renato Botelho (1):
      Do not install txt manpages files

Robert Lehmann (1):
      naughty: fix CloseNotification argument usage

Roman Kosenko (1):
      Fix image cropping/enlarging

Sergey Mironov (3): Fix menu hide/show overloading Add menu position argument Change menu:show() args set

Stjujsckij Nickolaj (2):
      awful.titlebar: Stop using arg
      Remove last known usage of deprecated in Lua 5.1 `arg`

S??bastien Gross (1):
      tooltip: force place() if tooltip is not visible

Thomas Arendsen Hein (1):
      New images for maximized layout.

Thomas Moschny (1):
      Normalize icon path names (fixes #869).

Tomi Belan (1):
      awful.autofocus: fix multiple screens autofocus

Uli Schlachter (93):
      Wibox: Check if a window exists before changing it
      Fix a invalid pointer crash bug
      Make it easier to change the default layout
      Implement the GetCapabilities call in naughty
      Revert "Handle synthetic UnmapNotify events"
      client_focus_update(): Balance the lua stack
      property.c: Don't leave stuff on the lua stack
      Check for UNMAPPED instead of UNVIEWABLE
      Use WM_STATE_NORMAL as default
      Update API docs for recent change to spawn
      Check for xwininfo before using it Raise the newly focused client
      Remove _NET_WM_DESKTOP when client got no tags
      Handle _NET_WM_DESKTOP more intelligently
      Remove invalid variable usage
      Update the tasklist when a client's icon changes
      Add systray windows to the save-set
      Don't reparent systray windows on exit
      Add all managed client windows to the safe set
      Don't manually unban all windows on exit
      Handle errors in the config better
      Read a textbox' text correctly
      textbox: Throw a lua error on invalid markup
      Naughty: Catch invalid markup in notifications
      Clear a draw_text_context_t during wipe()
      Kick out the systray when wiping a wibox
      Avoid some flickering when a new window opens
      Fix a brown paper bag bug in d7d70714d7943ac4
      Ignore size hints on fullscreen windows
      Minor cleanup
      Fix a minor ICCCM incompatibility
      Fix some size hint mixups
      Improve aspect size handling
      Make fullscreen stacking respect EWMH
      awful.placement: Honor border width
      Remove windows from the save set in unmanage
      Remove systray icons from the save set
      Fix an unbalanced lua stack operation
      Naughty: Handle invalid UTF-8 more sanely
      Avoid some round-trips on startup
      Stop using libxcb-property
      Remove some unused function arguments
      Stop using most of libxcb-event
      Remove some more unused function arguments
      Brown paper bag commit
      Remove all uses of attribute "unused"
      client_unmanage: Update WM_STATE later
      Correctly read a textbox' ellipsize and wrap properties
      prompt: Only show error messages
      Add "focusable" property to client objects
      Check "focusable" in awful.client.focus.filter(c)
      Always unban a client that we are trying to focus
      Track the last timestamp received from the server
      Use globalconf.timestamp
      Don't call "focus" hook in client_focus()
      Unban the titlebar when leaving fullscreen
      Ignore the titlebar geometry on fullscreen clients
      Fixes for maximized clients
      Revert "Don't call "focus" hook in client_focus()"
      awful.prompt: "Fix" for multi-byte characters
      awful.placement: Fix a mis-calculation
      Systray: Correctly compute extents (FS#768)
      awful.placement.no_overlap: Ignore desktop clients
      awesome.spawn(): Return the PID
      Use relative paths for the titlebar icons (FS#809)
      Partly revert cd53eb8d3f131360dc9bef4a0fd1ffffc0fbafb9
      {tag,task}list: Use a weak-valued table
      Wibox: Unref old widgets table
      Fix a "table expected instead of nil" error
      Correctly unref widget_nodes
      widget layouts: Check the number of geometries
      Flush the cairo surface after drawing
      Tasklist: Fail less badly with invalid utf8
      Don't fail if execinfo is not available
      awful.util.join: Stop using arg
      Set minimum required cmake version to 2.8.0
      Properly die when the X server dies
      spawn: Create sessions for processes
      awful.client.setwfact: Handle invisible clients (FS#693)
      Use _LDFLAGS instead of _LIBRARIES
      Make awful.client.idx public
      Tag clients more intelligently (FS#700)
      Don't focus a different screen on unmanage (FS#850)
      awful.client.floating.toggle: Fix for dialogs
      tasklist: Update when a c.minimized changes
      Add awful.client.restore()
      Bind awful.client.restore to mod+ctrl+n
      awful.placement.no_overlap: Honor original position
      Fix size restore on unfullscreening
      "Handle" events during startup (FS#877)
      awful.autofocus: Also react on "tagged" signal (FS#883)
      Clarify the mod+n keybinding
      Fix a minor typos

Yves Frederix (1): add item_enter in access key handling

fabschub (1):
      awsetbg was missing break

immerrr (1):
      awful.prompt: insert selection at cursor position

jpike (1):
      Add naughty.config.notify_callback

koniu (4):
      awful.tag: register 'withcurrent' explicitly
      awful.rules: tag clients without flicker (FS#664)
      awful.prompt: add 'autoexec' argument
      awful.completion: callback functions return table of matches

perry (1):
      Revert "awful.autofocus: fix multiple screens autofocus"

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