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CVS commit: wip/hs-vector-bytestring

Module name:    wip
Committed by:   phonohawk
Date:           Thu Feb  2 13:11:52 UTC 2012

Import into wip/hs-vector-bytestring

Log Message:
Import hs-vector-bytestring- as wip/hs-vector-bytestring.

A time and space-efficient implementation of byte vectors using
vectors of Word8, suitable for high performance use, both in terms of
large data quantities, or high speed requirements. Byte vectors are
encoded as strict Word8 arrays of bytes, held in a ForeignPtr, and can
be passed between C and Haskell with little effort.

Original GHC implementation by Bryan O'Sullivan. Rewritten to use
Data.Array.Unboxed.UArray by Simon Marlow. Rewritten to support slices
and use ForeignPtr by David Roundy. Polished and extended by Don
Stewart. Redefined ByteString as a Vector (from the vector package) of
Word8s by Bas van Dijk.


Vendor Tag:     PHONOHAWK
Release Tags:   PHONOHAWK_20120202
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