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CVS commit: wip/vba-m

Module name:    wip
Committed by:   othyro
Date:           Wed Dec 28 06:56:35 UTC 2011

Import into wip/vba-m

Log Message:
Import vba-m- as wip/vba-m.

VBA-M is a fork from the now inactive VisualBoy Advance project, with goals to
improve the compatibility and features of the emulator with:

* Improved Save Handling
* Improved Archive Support
* Improved Input Capabilities
* New built-in Pixel Filters
* KEGA Fusion Filter Plugin Support
* Multithreaded Direct3D
* Fixed Vsync for Direct3D
* ARM Thumb Optimised
* Blargg's GB_APU
* OpenAL and XAudio support
* UPS Patch support
* JoyBus support


Vendor Tag:     OTHYRO
Release Tags:   OTHYRO_20111228
N wip/vba-m/
N wip/vba-m/Makefile
N wip/vba-m/PLIST
N wip/vba-m/distinfo
N wip/vba-m/DESCR
N wip/vba-m/patches/patch-CMakeLists.txt

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