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CVS commit: wip/bzr

Module name:    wip
Committed by:   ddeus
Date:           Wed Nov 16 10:10:13 UTC 2011

Modified Files:
        wip/bzr: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
New stable Bazaar version 2.4.2.

bzr 2.4.2

:2.4.2: 2011-10-27

This is a bugfix release. Most of the bugs dealt with portability
issues. Upgrading is recommended for all users of earlier 2.4 releases.

External Compatibility Breaks


New Features



* Fixed a bug where ``bzr tags -r x..y`` loaded the branch history once for
  every revision in the range; it's now much faster. (Vincent Ladeuil, #857335)

Bug Fixes

* Fixed an infinite loop when creating a repo at the root of the filesystem, 
  i.e. "/", due to posixpath.normpath() not collapsing 2 leading slashes into 
  one, thus respecting the POSIX standard, but making relpath() loop infinitely.
  (Florian Vichot, #861008)

* Fixed loading of external merge tools from config to properly decode
  command-lines which contain embedded quotes. (Gordon Tyler, #828803)

* Include declaration of 'changed' to avoid an UnboundLocalError in dirstate
  pyrex code with new Cython versions. (Denys Duchier, #837221)

* Prevent several kinds of OverflowError and other fallout from failing to fit
  stat fields into four bytes in dirstate pack_stat implementations.
  (Martin Packman, #683191 #706957)

* Return early from create_delta_index_from_delta given tiny inputs. This
  avoids raising a spurious MemoryError on certain platforms such as AIX.
  (John Arbash Meinel, #856731)

* Corrected documentation for ``bzr serve`` in the Admin Guide.
  (Morten Bøgeskov, Martin Pool, #832576)

API Changes



No changes.


* Accept both old and new style testtools output in selftest tests.
  (Jelmer Vernooij, Martin Packman, #815423)

* Fix the race for TestingThreadingTCPServer in
  test_server_crash_while_responding. (Vincent Ladeuil, #869366)

* Really corrupt the pack file without depending on a special length or value.
  (Vincent Ladeuil, #807032)

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cvs -z3 rdiff -u -r1.1.1.1 -r1.2 wip/bzr/
cvs -z3 rdiff -u -r1.4 -r1.5 wip/bzr/Makefile wip/bzr/distinfo

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