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CVS commit: wip/libwildmidi

Module name:    wip
Committed by:   pallegra
Date:           Mon Aug  1 02:29:45 UTC 2011

Import into wip/libwildmidi

Log Message:
Import libwildmidi- as wip/libwildmidi.

WildMIDI is a simple software midi player which has a core softsynth
library that can be use with other applications.

The WildMIDI library uses Gravis Ultrasound patch files to convert
MIDI files into audio which is them passed back to the calling
application for further processing or output. The API of the library
is designed so that it is easy to include WildMIDI into applications
that wish to include MIDI file playback. With multiple MIDI file support
you can develope applications to mix several midi files together at the
same time and with the next release you will be able to use a different
patch set for each MIDI file.


Vendor Tag:     PALLEGRA
Release Tags:   PALLEGRA_20110801
N wip/libwildmidi/Makefile
N wip/libwildmidi/MESSAGE
N wip/libwildmidi/PLIST
N wip/libwildmidi/distinfo
N wip/libwildmidi/
N wip/libwildmidi/DESCR
N wip/libwildmidi/patches/patch-src_wildmidi.c
N wip/libwildmidi/patches/
N wip/libwildmidi/patches/

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