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CVS commit: wip/sjg-mk-files

Module name:    wip
Committed by:   cheusov
Date:           Sun May 29 08:17:46 UTC 2011

Modified Files:
        wip/sjg-mk-files: Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:

Update to mk-20110505

    2011-05-04  Simon J. Gerraty  <>

        * install-mk (MK_VERSION): bump version to 20110505
          first release including meta mode makefiles

    2011-05-02  Simon J. Gerraty  <>

        * add STAGE_AS_SETS and stage_as
          for things that need to be staged with different names.

    2011-05-01  Simon J. Gerraty  <>

        * add notion of STAGE_SETS
          so a makefile can stage to multiple dirs

    2011-04-03  Simon J. Gerraty  <>

        * convert rst to s5 (slides) or plain html depending
          on target name. 

    2011-03-30  Simon J. Gerraty  <>

        * install-mk (MK_VERSION): bump version to 20110330

    2011-03-29  Simon J. Gerraty  <>

        * (_DEBUG_MAKE_FLAGS): use indirection so that
          can be used to debug level 0 only and DEBUG_MAKE_FLAGS for the rest.
        * re-define M_whence in terms of M_type.
          M_type is useful for checking if something is a builtin.
    2011-03-16  Simon J. Gerraty  <>

        * add stage_symlinks and leverage StageLinks for

    2011-03-10  Simon J. Gerraty  <>

        * correct value for _depdir_files depends on
          Add our copyright - just to make it clear we have frobbed this
          quite a bit.
          DEP_MACHINE needs to be set to MACHINE each time, if using only
          Makefile.depend (cf. Makefile.depend.${MACHINE})

        * meta mode version of staging

        *, include local.*.mk to simplify customization

    2011-03-03  Simon J. Gerraty  <>

        * just because we are doing mk destroy, we should
          still set .OBJDIR correctly if it exists.

        * install-mk (mksrc): do not exclude

    2011-03-01  Simon J. Gerraty  <>

        * set/export _HOST_ARCH etc separately,
          catch junk resulting from uname -p, so we can find sys/

    2011-02-18  Simon J. Gerraty  <>

        * throw an error if /dev/filemon is missing and we
          expected to be updating Makefile.depend*

    2011-02-14  Simon J. Gerraty  <>

        * install-mk (MK_VERSION): bump version to 20110214
        * add support for -DBOOTSTRAP_DEPENDFILES

    2010-09-25  Simon J. Gerraty  <>

        * not valid for older bmake

    2010-09-24  Simon J. Gerraty  <>

        * install-mk (MK_VERSION): bump version to 20100919
        include et al from Juniper Networks, 
        for meta mode - requires filemon(9).
        *, Add hooks for meta mode.
        we do this as, and
        to make turning it on/off simple.

    2010-06-16  Simon J. Gerraty  <>

        * install-mk (MK_VERSION): bump version to 20100616
        * fix typo in

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    wip/sjg-mk-files/PLIST wip/sjg-mk-files/distinfo

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