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CVS commit: wip/tc-svn

Module name:    wip
Committed by:   makoto
Date:           Mon May 23 13:37:53 UTC 2011

Import into wip/tc-svn

Log Message:
Import tc-2.3.1 (svn version)  as wip/tc-svn.

TC2 provides T-Code and TUT-Code input methods for Emacs users. T-Code
and TUT-Code are called "Kanji Direct Input Method", and desiged to be
more efficient Japanese input method than Kana-Kanji translation.

For more infomation, please look into these web sites.
  T-Code   ->
  TUT-Code ->


Vendor Tag:     MAKOTO
Release Tags:   MAKOTO_20110523
N wip/tc-svn/
N wip/tc-svn/Makefile
N wip/tc-svn/distinfo
N wip/tc-svn/PLIST
N wip/tc-svn/DESCR
N wip/tc-svn/MESSAGE
N wip/tc-svn/patches/patch-lisp_tc-sysdep.el
N wip/tc-svn/patches/
N wip/tc-svn/patches/patch-bushu-util_bushu2canna
N wip/tc-svn/patches/patch-bushu-util_where
N wip/tc-svn/patches/patch-BATCH-SORT
N wip/tc-svn/patches/patch-etc_bushu.rev
N wip/tc-svn/patches/
N wip/tc-svn/patches/
N wip/tc-svn/patches/

No conflicts created by this import

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