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CVS commit: wip/dos2unix

Module name:    wip
Committed by:   ryo-on
Date:           Fri Apr 29 22:54:29 UTC 2011

Modified Files:
        wip/dos2unix: Makefile distinfo
        wip/dos2unix/patches: patch-Makefile

Log Message:
Update to 5.3

* regen patch

2011-04-26 Erwin Waterlander <>
        * Version 5.3

2011-04-23 Erwin Waterlander <>
        * Don't report an error when unlink() fails because a file
          doesn't exist.

2011-04-13 Erwin Waterlander <>
        * Print system error when input file can't be openened.
          For instance "Permission denied"
        * Update manuals.
        * Update translations.

2011-04-04 Erwin Waterlander <>
        * Always print and return an error when wrong command-line
          options are used. Also in quiet mode.
        * New option '--': Treat all following options as file names.

2011-04-03 Erwin Waterlander <>
        * Improved error reporting. Return system error when an error occurs.
        * Don't quit after first error (like rm, ls, grep, tar).
        * In quiet mode the return value is always zero.

2011-03-27 Erwin Waterlander <>
        * dos2unix.c/unix2dos.c: Check if symbolic links point to
          regular files.
        * dos2unix.c/unix2dos.c: Added short options -F, -R, -S.
        * po: update translations.

2011-03-24 Erwin Waterlander <>
        * dos2unix.c/unix2dos.c: Changed options --follow, --no-follow,
          to  --follow-symlink,  --replace-symlink,  --skip-symlink.
        * dos2unix.c/unix2dos.c: Options --force and --safe are only to
          covert binary files or skip them.
        * dos2unix.c/unix2dos.c: Non-regular files that are not symbolic
          links are never converted.

2011-03-23 Chris Wilson <>
        * dos2unix.c/unix2dos.c: New options --follow and --no-follow.
          In follow mode dos2unix writes to the symlink target, instead
          of replacing the symbolic link with an output file.

2011-03-22 Chris Wilson <>
        * querycp.c: Behave on Cygwin same as on Linux. Default
          code page in ISO mode is CP437.

2011-03-21 Chris Wilson <>
        * dos2unix.c/unix2dos.c:
          - Cygwin may define WIN32 (via include files).
          - bugfix: Cygwin: set mode to binary in stdio mode conversion.
            Needed in case non-Cygwin program launches dos2unix.
          - bugfix: set failure mode if rename fails in quiet mode.
          - New option: -s, --safe. Opposite of -f, --force.
        * Makefile: Cleanup for Cygwin.

2011-03-19 Erwin Waterlander <>
        * Makefile: Install links instead of binary/manpage copies on Cygwin.

2011-03-05 Erwin Waterlander <>
        * man/man1/dos2unix.pod: Replace GPL with FreeBSD license.
        * man/nl/man1/dos2unix.pod: Replace GPL with FreeBSD license.

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