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CVS commit: wip/xmakemol

Module name:    wip
Committed by:   jihbed
Date:           Sun Mar 20 23:43:21 UTC 2011

Import into wip/xmakemol

Log Message:
Import xmakemol-5.16 as wip/xmakemol.

XMakemol is a mouse-based program, written using the LessTif widget set,
for viewing and manipulating atomic and other chemical systems. It reads XYZ
input and renders atoms, bonds and hydrogen bonds.

Features include:

 - Animating multiple frame files
 - Interactive measurement of bond lengths, bond angles and torsion angles
 - Control over atom/bond sizes
 - Exporting to Xpm, Encapsulated PostScript and XYZ formats
 - Toggling the visibility of groups of atoms
 - Editing the positions of subsets of atoms


Vendor Tag:     JIHBED
Release Tags:   JIHBED_20110321
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N wip/xmakemol/DESCR
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