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CVS commit: wip/haproxy14

Module name:    wip
Committed by:   shindenmorr
Date:           Sun Mar 20 20:40:46 UTC 2011

Modified Files:
        wip/haproxy14: Makefile distinfo
        wip/haproxy14/patches: patch-aa

Log Message:
Update to newest version. ChangeLog:

2011/03/09 : 1.4.13
    - [BUG] config: don't crash on empty pattern files.

2011/03/08 : 1.4.12
    - [MINOR] stats: add support for several packets in stats admin
    - [BUG] stats: admin commands must check the proxy state
    - [BUG] stats: admin web interface must check the proxy state
    - [BUG] http: update the header list's tail when removing the last
    - [DOC] fix typos (http-request instead of http-check)     (cherry
      picked from commit 8f2a1e72bebea700f37add40997b716fdfd86b9c)
    - [BUG] http: use correct ACL pointer when evaluating authentication
    - [BUG] cfgparse: correctly count one socket per port in ranges
    - [BUG] startup: set the rlimits before binding ports, not after.
    - [BUG] acl: srv_id must return no match when the server is NULL
    - [BUG] acl: fd leak when reading patterns from file
    - [DOC] fix minor typo in "usesrc"
    - [BUG] http: fix possible incorrect forwarded wrapping chunk size
    - [BUG] http: fix computation of message body length after
      forwarding has started
    - [BUG] http: balance url_param did not work with first parameters
      on POST
    - [TESTS] update the url_param regression test to test check_post

2011/02/10 : 1.4.11
    - [MINOR] cfgparse: Check whether the path given for the stats
      socket actually fits into the sockaddr_un structure to avoid
    - [DOC] fix a minor typo
    - [DOC] fix ignore-persist documentation
    - [BUG] http: fix http-pretend-keepalive and httpclose/tunnel mode
    - [MINOR] add warnings on features not compatible with multi-process
    - [MINOR] acl: add be_id/srv_id to match backend's and server's id
    - [MINOR] log: add support for passing the forwarded hostname
    - [MINOR] log: ability to override the syslog tag
    - [DOC] fix minor typos in the doc
    - [DOC] fix another typo in the doc
    - [BUG] http chunking: don't report a parsing error on connection
    - [BUG] stream_interface: truncate buffers when sending error
    - [BUG] http: fix incorrect error reporting during data transfers
    - [CRITICAL] session: correctly leave turn-around and queue states
      on abort
    - [BUG] session: release slot before processing pending connections
    - [MINOR] stats: report HTTP message state and buffer flags in error
    - [MINOR] http: support wrapping messages in error captures
    - [MINOR] http: capture incorrectly chunked message bodies
    - [MINOR] stats: add global event ID and count
    - [OPTIM] http: don't send each chunk in a separate packet
    - [BUG] acl: fix handling of empty lines in pattern files
    - [BUG] ebtree: fix ebmb_lookup() with len smaller than the tree's
    - [OPTIM] ebtree: ebmb_lookup: reduce stack usage by moving the
      return code out of the loop

2010/11/29 : 1.4.10
    - [BUG] debug: report the correct poller list in verbose mode
    - [BUG] capture: do not capture a cookie if there is no memory left
    - [BUG] appsession: fix possible double free in case of out of
    - [CRITICAL] cookies: mixing cookies in indirect mode and appsession
      can crash the process
    - [BUG] http: correctly update the header list when removing two
      consecutive headers
    - [BUILD] add the CPU=native and ARCH=32/64 build options
    - [BUILD] add -fno-strict-aliasing to fix warnings with gcc >= 4.4

2010/10/29 : 1.4.9
    - [BUG] stats: session rate limit gets garbaged in the stats
    - [DOC] fix http-request documentation
    - [MEDIUM] enable/disable servers from the stats web interface
    - [MEDIUM] stats: add an admin level
    - [DOC] stats: document the "stats admin" statement
    - [MINOR] checks: add support for LDAPv3 health checks
    - [MINOR] add better support to "mysql-check"
    - [BUG] Restore info about available active/backup servers
    - [CONTRIB] Update
    - [CONTRIB] Update Cacti Tempates
    - [CONTRIB] add templates for Cacti.
    - [MEDIUM] http: forward client's close when abortonclose is set
    - [BUG] queue: don't dequeue proxy-global requests on disabled
    - [MEDIUM] servers: support address as the original
      destination address
    - [BUG] stats: global stats timeout may be specified before stats
    - [BUG] stream_sock: cleanly disable the listener in case of
      resource shortage
    - [BUG] ebtree: string_equal_bits() could return garbage on
      identical strings
    - [BUG] stream_sock: try to flush any extra pending request data
      after a POST
    - [BUILD] proto_http: eliminate some build warnings with gcc-2.95
    - [MEDIUM] make it possible to combine http-pretend-keepalived with
    - [MEDIUM] tcp-request : don't wait for inspect-delay to expire when
      the buffer is full
    - [DOC] bind option is "defer-accept", not "defer_accept"
    - [MEDIUM] checks: add support for HTTP contents lookup
    - [TESTS] add test-check-expect to test various http-check methods
    - [MINOR] global: add "tune.chksize" to change the default check
      buffer size
    - [MINOR] startup: release unused structs after forking
    - [MINOR] startup: don't wait for nothing when no old pid remains
    - [BUG] http: don't consider commas as a header delimitor within
    - [DOC] fix typo in the queue() definition (backend, not frontend)
    - [DOC] fix typo in the avg_queue() and be_conn() definition
      (backend, not frontend)
    - [BUG] deinit: unbind listeners before freeing them
    - [MINOR] halog: add '-tc' to sort by termination codes
    - [MINOR] halog: skip non-traffic logs for -st and -tc
    - [DOC] add a summary about cookie incompatibilities between specs
      and browsers
    - [DOC] fix description of cookie "insert" and "indirect" modes
    - [MEDIUM] http: fix space handling in the request cookie parser
    - [MEDIUM] http: fix space handling in the response cookie parser
    - [MINOR] cookie: add options "maxidle" and "maxlife"
    - [MEDIUM] cookie: support client cookies with some contents
      appended to their value
    - [MINOR] http: make some room in the transaction flags to extend
    - [MINOR] cookie: add the expired (E) and old (O) flags for request
    - [MEDIUM] cookie: reassign set-cookie status flags to store more
    - [MINOR] add encode/decode function for 30-bit integers from/to
    - [MEDIUM] cookie: check for maxidle and maxlife for incoming dated
    - [MEDIUM] cookie: set the date in the cookie if needed
    - [DOC] document the cookie maxidle and maxlife parameters
    - [BUG] checks: don't log backend down for all zero-weight servers
    - [MEDIUM] checks: set server state to one state from failure when
      leaving maintenance
    - [BUG] config: report correct keywords for "observe"
    - [MINOR] checks: ensure that we can inherit binary checks from the
      defaults section
    - [MINOR] acl: add the http_req_first match
    - [DOC] fix typos about bind-process syntax
    - [BUG] cookie: correctly unset default cookie parameters
    - [MINOR] cookie: add support for the "preserve" option
    - [DOC] missing index entry for http-check send-state
    - [BUG] ebtree: fix duplicate strings insertion
    - [CONTRIB] halog: report per-url counts, errors and times
    - [CONTRIB] halog: minor speed improvement in timer parser
    - [BUG] http: denied requests must not be counted as denied resps in
    - [BUG] config: report the correct proxy type in tcp-request errors
    - [BUG] proto_tcp: potential bug on pattern fetch dst and dport

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    wip/haproxy14/distinfo wip/haproxy14/patches/patch-aa

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