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CVS commit: wip/bzr

Module name:    wip
Committed by:   ddeus
Date:           Tue Mar  1 21:50:00 UTC 2011

Import into wip/bzr

Log Message:
Import bzr-2.3.0 as wip/bzr.

bazaar-ng is a distributed/decentralized version control system.

Features include:
 * simple to use
 * runs on Unix and Windows
 * branches can be hosted on an http server with no special software
 * full directory versioning including tracking subdirectories,
   file renames, symlinks and execute-bits
 * friendly interface that should be familiar to users of cvs,
   svn or other systems
 * Python interface for extending and embedding, including a
   plugin interface
 * strong integrity protection, including gpg-signing
 * vibrant and active community

For usage instructions run "bzr help".


Vendor Tag:     DDEUS
Release Tags:   DDEUS_20110301
N wip/bzr/Makefile
N wip/bzr/
N wip/bzr/distinfo
N wip/bzr/PLIST
N wip/bzr/DESCR
N wip/bzr/MESSAGE
N wip/bzr/patches/patch-aa

No conflicts created by this import

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