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CVS commit: wip/cl-bordeaux-threads

Module name:    wip
Committed by:   ddeus
Date:           Tue Feb 22 21:17:07 UTC 2011

Import into wip/cl-bordeaux-threads

Log Message:
Import bordeaux-threads-0.8.0 as wip/cl-bordeaux-threads.

BORDEAUX-THREADS is a proposed standard for a minimal MP/Threading interface.
It is similar to the CLIM-SYS threading and lock support, but for the following
broad differences:

- Some behaviours are defined in additional detail: attention has been given to
  special variable interaction, whether and when cleanup forms are run. Some
  behaviours are defined in less detail: an implementation that does not
  support multiple threads is not required to use a new list (nil) for a lock,
  for example.
- Many functions which would be difficult, dangerous or inefficient to provide
  on some implementations have been removed. Chiefly these are functions such
  as thread-wait which expect for efficiency that the thread scheduler is
  written in Lisp and 'hookable', which can't sensibly be done if the scheduler
  is external to the Lisp image, or the system has more than one CPU.
- Unbalanced ACQUIRE-LOCK and RELEASE-LOCK functions have been added.
- Posix-style condition variables have been added, as it's not otherwise
  possible to implement them correctly using the other operations that are


Vendor Tag:     DDEUS
Release Tags:   DDEUS_20110222
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