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CVS commit: wip/cgterm

Module name:    wip
Committed by:   rodo6510
Date:           Fri Feb 18 11:39:11 UTC 2011

Import into wip/cgterm

Log Message:
Import cgterm-1.7b2 as wip/cgterm.

GTerm is a C/G telnet client that lets you connect to C64 telnet BBS's with
the correct colours and the correct font. Also included is a client for 64CHAT
called CGChat.


    * Open source - runs on Windows, MacOS X, and unix compatibles.
    * Full C64 screen and keyboard emulation.
    * File download with Xmodem, Xmodem/CRC, Xmodem-1k, and Punter protocols.
    * Screen capture to SEQ file, and SEQ file playback.
    * Keyboard macros.
    * Fullscreen mode.
    * and more...


Vendor Tag:     RODO6510
Release Tags:   RODO6510_20110219
N wip/cgterm/Makefile
N wip/cgterm/distinfo
N wip/cgterm/PLIST
N wip/cgterm/DESCR
N wip/cgterm/patches/patch-aa

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