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CVS commit: wip/milter-manager

Module name:    wip
Committed by:   obache
Date:           Wed Aug  4 01:16:52 UTC 2010

Modified Files:
        wip/milter-manager: Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
Update milter-manager to 1.5.3.

== [release-1-5-3] 1.5.3: 2010-08-03

The last release of 1.5.x series. (plan)

=== Document

==== Improvements

  * Added a description for

=== milter manager

==== Improvements

  * Ensured to reply for negotiation on negotiation failure.
  * Reduced the default timeout for reporting timeout error
    to MTA. The previous default timeout is the same as MTA
    default. With the value, we can't have a time to report
    timeout error to MTA.
  * command launcher: Supported syslog.
  * Added an applicable condition:
    * ((<Trust|"doc/configuration.rd.ja#trust">))
  * Supported Solaris. [Patched by SATOH Fumiyasu]

=== milter manager admin

==== Improvements

  * Supported Rails 2.3.8.

=== milter-test-server

==== Improvements

  * Added ((<--color|milter-test-server#--color>)) option.
  * Added ((<--threads|milter-test-server#--threads>)) option.

=== milter-core

==== Improvements

  * Chanaged default log level to output error and critical message.

=== Ruby milter

==== Improvements

  * Added --user, --gorup, --unix-socket-group,
    --unix-socket-mode, --syslog, --library-version options.
  * Added milter-test-client implemented by Ruby as a sample.
  * Added milter-regexp.rb as a sample.

=== Thanks

  * SATOH Fumiyasu

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