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CVS commit: wip/mimedefang/files

Module name:    wip
Committed by:   
Date:           Mon Jul 19 19:45:34 UTC 2010

Added Files:

Log Message:
MIMEDefang is an e-mail filter program which works with Sendmail 8.12
and later.  MIMEDefang filters all e-mail messages sent via SMTP.
MIMEDefang splits multi-part MIME messages into their components and
potentially deletes or modifies the various parts.  It then
reassembles the parts back into an e-mail message and sends it on its

MIMEDefang is written (mostly) in Perl, and the filter actions are
expressed in Perl.  This makes MIMEDefang highly flexible and
configurable.  As a simple example, you can delete all *.exe and *.com
files, convert all Word documents to HTML, and allow other attachments

MIMEDefang uses the "milter" feature of Sendmail to "listen in" to
SMTP connections.  It runs a scan once for each message, not once for
each recipient (as simpler procmail-based systems do.)  Therefore, it
is more CPU-friendly than procmail-based systems.  In addition,
because MIMEDefang can participate in the SMTP connection, you can
bounce messages (something impossible to do with procmail-based

Fixed in this beta release:
* Fix typo in examples/
* Fix compatibility with Postfix (broken in 2.70.)

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