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CVS commit: wip/im-ja

Module name:    wip
Committed by:   obache
Date:           Sat May 15 06:41:47 UTC 2010

Import into wip/im-ja

Log Message:
Import im-ja-1.5 as wip/im-ja.

im-ja is a Japanese input module for GTK2 and also has a XIM server.
Currently supports hiragana, katakana, half-width katakana, zenkaku, canna, wnn,
anthy, skk and kanji character recognition inputs.
Conversion hotkeys, status window, preedit text colors, etc. can be customized
through a GUI. An optional applet is also included for the gnome-panel which
can be used to display and change the input method.


Vendor Tag:     OBACHE
Release Tags:   OBACHE_20100515
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