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CVS commit: wip/mc

Module name:    wip
Committed by:   cheusov
Date:           Fri Feb 19 15:53:34 UTC 2010

Import into wip/mc

Log Message:
Import mc- as wip/mc.

!!! More testing is needed !!!

GNU Midnight Commander is a user-friendly yet powerful file manager
and visual shell, useful to novice and guru alike. It provides a
clear, user-friendly, and somewhat protected interface to a Unix
system while making many frequent file operations more efficient and
preserving the full power of the command prompt. You will wonder how
you could ever live without it.


Vendor Tag:     CHEUSOV
Release Tags:   CHEUSOV_20100219
C wip/mc/PLIST.charset
C wip/mc/distinfo
C wip/mc/Makefile
N wip/mc/
C wip/mc/PLIST.vfs
C wip/mc/PLIST.mcedit
C wip/mc/PLIST
C wip/mc/PLIST.cons.saver
U wip/mc/DESCR
C wip/mc/patches/patch-ac
C wip/mc/patches/patch-aa
N wip/mc/patches/patch-ae
C wip/mc/patches/patch-ab
N wip/mc/patches/patch-af
C wip/mc/patches/patch-ad

11 conflicts created by this import.
Use the following command to help the merge:

        cvs checkout -jCHEUSOV:yesterday -jCHEUSOV wip/mc

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