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CVS commit: wip/darcs-to-git

Module name:    wip
Committed by:   phonohawk
Date:           Wed Feb 10 16:33:59 UTC 2010

Import into wip/darcs-to-git

Log Message:
Import darcs-to-git-0.1nb20100210 as wip/darcs-to-git.

    written by Steve Purcell, some improvements by Thomas Schilling,
    Jonathon Mah

Converts a Darcs repository into a Git repository.  Supports
incremental updates, i.e., you can pull new patches from the source
repository or import a large repository in steps.


(Use `darcs-to-git --help` to display the latest usage instructions.)

1. Create an *empty* directory that will become the new git repository
2. From inside that directory, run this program, passing the location
   of the local source darcs repo as a parameter

The program will git-init the empty directory, and migrate all patches
in the source darcs repo into commits in that repository.

Thereafter, incremental patch conversion from the same source repo is
possible by repeating step 2.


Vendor Tag:     PHONOHAWK
Release Tags:   PHONOHAWK_20100211
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