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CVS commit: wip/mysql5-embedded

Module name:    wip
Committed by:   thomasklausner
Date:           Tue Dec 15 14:55:29 UTC 2009

Modified Files:
        wip/mysql5-embedded: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Update to 5.1.41:

  C.1.2. Changes in MySQL 5.1.41 (05 November 2009)

   InnoDB Plugin Notes:

     * InnoDB Plugin has been upgraded to version 1.0.5. This version is
       considered of Release Candidate (RC) quality. The InnoDB Plugin Change
       History may contain information in addition to those changes reported

   Functionality added or changed:

     * The InnoDB buffer pool is divided into two sublists: A new sublist
       containing blocks that are heavily used by queries, and an old sublist
       containing less-used blocks and from which candidates for eviction are
       taken. In the default operation of the buffer pool, a block when read
       in is loaded at the midpoint and then moved immediately to the head of
       the new sublist as soon as an access occurs. In the case of a table
       scan (such as performed for a mysqldump operation), each block read by
       the scan ends up moving to the head of the new sublist because
       multiple rows are accessed from each block. This occurs even for a
       one-time scan, where the blocks are not otherwise used by other
       queries. Blocks may also be loaded by the read-ahead background thread
       and then moved to the head of the new sublist by a single access.
       These effects can be disadvantageous because they push blocks that are
       in heavy use by other queries out of the new sublist to the old
       sublist where they become subject to eviction.

       InnoDB Plugin now provides two system variables that enable LRU
       algorithm tuning:

          * innodb_old_blocks_pct

            Specifies the approximate percentage of the buffer pool used for
            the old block sublist. The range of values is 5 to 95. The
            default value is 37 (that is, 3/8 of the pool).

          * innodb_old_blocks_time

            Specifies how long in milliseconds (ms) a block inserted into the
            old sublist must stay there after its first access before it can
            be moved to the new sublist. The default value is 0: A block
            inserted into the old sublist moves immediately to the new
            sublist the first time it is accessed, no matter how soon after
            insertion the access occurs. If the value is greater than 0,
            blocks remain in the old sublist until an access occurs at least
            that many ms after the first access. For example, a value of 1000
            causes blocks to stay in the old sublist for 1 second after the
            first access before they become eligible to move to the new
            sublist. See Section 7.4.6, "The InnoDB Buffer Pool"

       For additional information, see Section 7.4.6, "The InnoDB Buffer
       Pool". (Bug#45015)

     * For InnoDB Plugin, two new status variables have been added to SHOW
       STATUS output. Innodb_buffer_pool_read_ahead and
       Innodb_buffer_pool_read_ahead_evicted indicate the number of pages
       read in by the InnoDB read-ahead background thread, and the number of
       such pages evicted without ever being accessed, respectively. Also,
       the status variables Innodb_buffer_pool_read_ahead_rnd and
       Innodb_buffer_pool_read_ahead_seq status variables have been removed.

       The built-in version of InnoDB is not affected by these changes.

     * The server now supports a Debug Sync facility for thread
       synchronization during testing and debugging. To compile in this
       facility, configure MySQL with the --enable-debug-sync option. The
       debug_sync system variable provides the user interface Debug Sync.
       mysqld and support a --debug-sync-timeout option to
       enable the facility and set the default synchronization point timeout.

   Bugs fixed:

     * Important Change: Security Fix: Additional corrections were made for
       the symlink-related privilege problem originally addressed in MySQL
       5.1.24. The original fix did not correctly handle the data directory
       path name if it contained symlinked directories in its path, and the
       check was made only at table-creation time, not at table-opening time
       later. (Bug#32167, CVE-2008-2079)

       See also Bug#39277.

     * Security Fix: MySQL clients linked against OpenSSL did not check
       server certificates presented by a server linked against yaSSL.

     (and a few hundred lines more)

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