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CVS commit: wip/mawk

Module name:    wip
Committed by:   cheusov
Date:           Sat Sep 12 12:08:13 UTC 2009

Import into wip/mawk

Log Message:
Import mawk- as wip/mawk.

Mike Brennan's awk clone.
It's fast (faster than gawk), and relatively small.
After 13 years of stagnation, mawk now has a new maintainer. Lots of bug fixes.
Most pkgsrc patches were applied.

  Changes by Thomas E Dickey <>

        minor portability/standards fixes for examples/hical

        add WHINY_USERS sorted-array feature, for compatibility with gawk
        (patch by Aharon Robbins).

        correct lower-limit for d_to_U() function, which broke conversion of
        zero in "%x" format, added in fix for Debian #303825 (report by Masami

        modify "%s" and "%c" formatting in printf/sprintf commands to ensure
        that "%02s" does not do zero-padding, for standards conformance
        (discussion with Aharon Robbins, Mike Brennan, prompted by Debian

        add fallback definitions for GCC_NORETURN and GCC_UNUSED to build with
        non-gcc compilers (report by Jan Wells).

        add check/fix to prevent gsub from recurring to modify on a substring
        of the current line when the regular expression is anchored to the
        beginning of the line; fixes gawk's anchgsub testcase.

        add check for implicit concatenation mistaken for exponent; fixes
        gawk's hex testcase.

        add character-classes to built-in regular expressions.

        add 8-bit locale support

        improve configure checks for MAX__UINT.

        add a check for infinite loop in REmatch(), to work with gawk's noloop1

        modify logic to allow setting RS to an explicit null character, e.g.,
        (Ubuntu #400409). 

        modify workaround for (incorrect) scripts which use a zero-parameter
        for substr to ensure the overall length of the result stays the same.
        For example, from makewhatis:
                filename_no_gz = substr(filename, 0, RSTART - 1);

        move regular-expression files into main directory to simplify building
        using configure --srcdir and VPATH.

        modify internal functions for gsub() to handle a case from makewhatis
        script from man 1.6f which substitutes embedded zero bytes to a
        different value (report by Gabor Z Papp).

        change default for configure --with-builtin-regex to prefer the
        builtin regular expressions.  They are incomplete, but POSIX regular
        expressions cannot match nulls embedded in strings.

        require standard C compiler; converted to ANSI C.

        rename #define'd SV_SIGINFO to MAWK_SV_SIGINFO to avoid predefined
        name on Mac OS X (report on comp.lang.awk).

        revise configure script to use conventional scheme for generating

        port to cygwin, modifying test-script to work with executable-suffix
        and fp-exception code to allow const in declaration.

        update patch-date.

        fix Debian #127293 "mawk does not understand unescaped '/' in character
        classes", noting that gawk 3.1.6 also has problems with this area.

        drop support for varargs; use stdarg only.

        add tags rule to makefile.

        rename configure option "--with-local-regexp" to "--with-builtin-regex"

        add build-fix from NetBSD port:  enable vax FP support when
        defined(__vax__) as well as BSD43_VAX.  from ragge.

        add configure --disable-echo option

        identify updated files with "MawkId" keywords, retaining old log
        comments for reference.  Ongoing changes are recorded here.

        update maintainer email address.

        use conventional install/uninstall rules in makefile.

        add install-sh script,, config.guess and config.sub

        add $DESTDIR support to makefile

        add uninstall make-target

        add configure --enable-warnings option (fixed some warnings...)

        update configure script to autoconf 2.52 to permit cross-compiles.

        drop config.user file; replace with conventional autoconf --prefix, etc.

        fill-in CA_REC.type in two places in parse.y which weren't initialized.

        fix Debian #38353 (absent expression on last part of "for" statement
        caused core-dump).

        fix Debian #303825 (printf %x clamps numbers to signed range rather
        than unsigned range).

        apply fix from Debian #355966 (null-pointer check in is_string_split())

        apply fix from Debian #391051 (limit-check in scan.c)

        add patch from Aleksey Cheusov for external regexp libraries
        (originally comp.lang.awk June 15 2005, also cited in Debian #355442
        March 6, 2006).

        fixes to build on BeOS (if LIBS is set to -lroot), and QNX (redefinition
        of setmode).

        fix gcc 4.3.1 -Wall warnings

        transform to aclocal.m4, renaming macros to use "CF_" or
        "CF_MAWK_" prefixes depending on their reusability.  Modified macros
        to use quoting consistent with recent autoconf versions.

        regenerate configure with autoconf version 2.13.20030927

        regenerate parse.c with byacc - 1.9 20080827

        ifdef'd prototypes in nstd.h which belong to stdlib.h, string.h to
        use standard C by default.

        source-in Debian patches 01-08 (see below).  Changes for 20080909 fix
        Debian #496980 as well.

  Debian patches:

  (Peter Eisentraut <>  Sat, 05 Apr 2008 17:11:11 

        Debian #195371

  (James Troup <>  Fri, 30 May 2003 15:24:50 +0100)

        Debian #51875

        Debian #170973


        Debian #103699

        Debian #104124

        Debian #36011

        Debian #28249
        Debian #4293


Vendor Tag:     CHEUSOV
Release Tags:   CHEUSOV_20090912
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