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CVS commit: wip/p5-Getopt-GUI-Long

Module name:    wip
Committed by:   leot1990
Date:           Tue Aug 25 22:30:19 UTC 2009

Import into wip/p5-Getopt-GUI-Long

Log Message:
Import p5-Getopt-GUI-Long-0.91 as wip/p5-Getopt-GUI-Long.

This module is a wrapper around Getopt::Long that extends the value of
the original Getopt::Long module to:

1) add a simple graphical user interface option screen if no arguments
   are passed to the program.
2) provide an auto-help mechanism such that -h and --help are handled

It's designed to make the creation of graphical shells trivial without the
programmer having to think about it much as well as providing automatic
good-looking usage output without the programmer needing to write usage()

This also can turn normal command line programs into web CGI scripts as
well (automatically).  If the Getopt::GUI::Long program is installed as a
CGI script then it will automatically prompt the user for the same


Vendor Tag:     LEOT1990
Release Tags:   LEOT1990_20090826
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N wip/p5-Getopt-GUI-Long/DESCR

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