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CVS commit: wip/jabberd2

Module name:    wip
Committed by:   schnoebe
Date:           Thu Jul 23 03:06:10 UTC 2009

Modified Files:
        wip/jabberd2: Makefile distinfo
        wip/jabberd2/patches: patch-aa patch-ac

Log Message:


This release brings MANY new features among MANY bugfixes.
Main changes are:
- Component clustering
- Many virtual hosts in one SM process
- FreeBSD kqueue support
- PBX integration interface
- Memory usage improvements
- XML serializer fixes
- 64 bit platform fixes
- SQLite is a default storage backend

You may read about the clustering and virtual hosts in my blog posts:

      * Enable experimental features by default
      * Added external to authentication mechanisms examples
      * change the definition of xhash_walker, in case that somebody
        zaps items of the hash table while walking.
      * Merged a patch for size_t related GSASL crash on 64bit platform.
        Fixes Bug #367783
      * VERY crude test infrastructure added
      * Fixed S2S incoming packet beeing damaged while mangling. When
        there are already 'jabber:client' elements move them to next
        namespace before cutting uri_CLIENT chain.
      * should put method:xhash_free to pool_cleanup instead of
      * should use method:pmalloco to allocate memory for xhash:stat.
      * Removed check of multiple names from legacy components
      * Inform about select() FD_SETSIZE overrun
      * Gracefully abort when MIO was not allocated
      * Do not throw stream errors on SSL wrapper sockets when
      * Gracefully abort when MIO was not created
      * SSL errors are undefined-condition not internal errors
      * Do not send invalid XML down the outgoing stream
      * Correctly iterate streams while shutdown
      * Proper checks for serviced domains in SM
      * Do not crash on shutdown with pending streams
      * Get outgoing packets to/from addresses from the packet data
      * Do not disable superseeded <session> request yet
      * Return feature-not-implemented when user client requested not
        implemented feature
      * Proper Makefile dependencies for etc/ files
      * Remove presence routing optimisations. We now do not have
        authoritative domain information. There may be other SM
        servicing the domain.
      * Implemented component clustering. You may now connect many SM
        instances and external components servicing the same domain. The
        routing is based on user JID, which (after hashing) selects the
        component to deliver packet to.
      * Split shahash to shahas_raw() and shahash_r()
      * Attach <error/> element in root namespace
      * Use SM id as a response packet source
      * Process disco results to sm id also
      * Better error packet generation
      * Use router.lost setting after router disconnection.
      * Minor ns check fix
      * Added preliminary support for multiple component routes for one
        domain name.
      * Fixed some signedness compilation warnings
      * Defaulting to SQLite storage
      * Implemented virtual hosts support in SM. (merged r791-792,r797
        from vhosts branch) Session Manager is now able to handle more
        than one domain. This means that you do not need to launch more
        than one sm process instance for many domains with same
      * Drop IQ result packet before delivering them to the router. User
        client is generating IQ result packet for every server generated
        IQ set. If we do not process them in SM module, we should not
        deliver them back to the client.
      * Fixed mutual subscription flow
      * Fixed xhash freeing related crash
      * Implemented correct disco#info for 'sessions' node
      * Merged xhash optimisations by Eric Liang. Refs Bug #385035
      * Merged crypt() password support for LDAP backend by Dan
        Fandrich. Closes Bug #384940
      * Do not null first bytes of just freed memory
      * Do not close already closed sockets
      * Give hint on when user not found in storage
      * Removed unneded C++ compiler check from configure. Fixes Bug
      * Merged patch for problem with os_copy() compilation in
        ldap_vcard backend. Fixes Bug #383526
      * Merged patch for problem with crypt() support compilation in
        MySQL backend. Fixes Bug #383516
      * Merged patch fixing Cyrus SASL decode calls. Fies Bug #383512
      * Merged patch to not link PAM to every lib. Fies Bug #383506
      * Implemented PBX integration interface. You may now start/stop
        ``fake'' sessions in SM with a pipe interface commands.
      * Merged patch with kqueue support by jh. Bug #373159
      * Mark user table as freed on free

For a full ChangeLog see:

Tomasz Sterna
Instant Messaging & EDI Consultant
Open Source Developer

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