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CVS commit: wip/jabberd2

Module name:    wip
Committed by:   schnoebe
Date:           Tue Apr 28 13:17:46 UTC 2009

Modified Files:
        wip/jabberd2: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:

Added a LICENSE clause.

Update to Jabberd 2.2.8:

>From the release announcement:
        What changed:
        - User can message/query own resources
        - Settable size for vCard image field
        - Proper server disco#info answer
        - Support for /etc/hosts lookup (as a last resort)
        - many stability fixes

        Security Note: r765 fixes a possible router crasher when an "evil"
        directly connected component may crash router (thus the whole
        server). Since components are considered trusted, this is a minor
        issue. But once a remote user finds a way of triggering the "bad"
        packet from a component, this might become a serious issue. You've
        been warned.

 * Proper check for valid arguments in nad_find_namespace(). Fixes Bug 
 * fix for ser_string_get missing from by Michael Weiser. 
   Fixes Bug #345947
 * Send all in-sess generated and not processed packets to the wild.
 * Proper order of redirect and background job operators
 * Merged support for settable vCard and vCard-avatar fields size by
   Sylvain Rochet. Fixes Bug #336123
 * Redirecting both stdout and stdin to /dev/null on daemon launch.
   Fixes Bug #349714
 * Give both disco#info and disco#items to disco#info query. Fixes Bug 
 * End SM session when client disconnects before session start recieved
 * Replying with presence-unsubscribed to presence-probe only. Fixes Bug
 * Added /etc/hosts support in s2s resolver. Thanks to Gebi Miguel.
   Fixes #63
 * New Visual Studio 2008 compatible README.win32
 * Visual Studio 2008 (SP1) projects migration
 * Use only necessary link libraries
 * Use own OpenSSL libraries (i.e. libeay32.lib instad of libeay32MT.lib
   from Shining Light Productions)
 * Add OpenSSL directly to the build, avoiding problems with OpenSSL 
   installation on some systems
 * Remove OpenSSL check (now it is installed inside jabberd2 folder)
 * Check VS 2008 RTM on Vista and Windows 7 too
 * Define target versions to Win2k and IE4 to avoid problems with Vista
+ cleanup junky comments
 * util.h is local in util folder
 * Add SSL_OP_NO_TICKET definition for older OpenSSL installations.
   Fixes #256
 * ANSI C compatibility, variable declaration at the beginning of the

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