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CVS commit: wip/trac-plugins-fullblog

Module name:    wip
Committed by:   rsmarples
Date:           Wed Jan 21 13:03:33 UTC 2009

Import into wip/trac-plugins-fullblog

Log Message:
Import trac-plugins-fullblog-0.1pre5070nb20090121 as wip/trac-plugins-fullblog.

Basic features are:

    * Create, edit and view blog posts under a new 'Blog' menu.
    * Browse by month, category and author + and Archive page for all posts.
    * Attachments on blog posts.
    * Comments for blog posts.
    * Posts and comments in Timeline / RSS.
    * Search for blog posts and comments.
    * Admin page for basic settings and informational text in sidebar.
    * Special handling of a post named 'about'.
    * Area in sidebar for information text, blogroll, links and similar.
    * Delete post version, delete post and delete comment.
    * A tags provider for TagsPlugin if plugin is available.
    * A [[BlogList]] macro with various modes for pulling posts into the wiki.
    * Change listener and manipulator APIs for hooking on to changes.
    * Spamfilter implementation included
    * Sample plugin provided illustrating how to use the hooks.
    * FullBlogNotificationPlugin adds email notification of changes.
    * Sample plugin that implements blog post 'draft' functionality.


Vendor Tag:     RSMARPLES
Release Tags:   RSMARPLES_20090121
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N wip/trac-plugins-fullblog/PLIST
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