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CVS commit: wip/uqm

Module name:    wip
Committed by:   leot1990
Date:           Wed Oct  8 19:57:50 UTC 2008

Modified Files:
        wip/uqm: Makefile PLIST distinfo
        wip/uqm/patches: patch-aa

Log Message:
Update uqm to 0.6.2 and various improvements (especially DESTDIR support).

0.6.2 (maintenance release):
- A bit more debug info for failed connects. - SvdB
- Exit with failure if basic content cannot be found, ensuring proper
  error reporting under Windows - Michael
- Popup windows for "Really Exit?" and Game Pause are immune to fades 
  and crossfades (Bug #455) - Michael
- No longer depend on SDLK_LAST statically; key input should now be safe 
  if compiled with a different version of SDL than the one running the 
  program (Bug #936, possibly also #834 and #883) - Michael
- Unix build scripts now work under LC_CTYPE=tr_TR - SvdB
- Flush write buffer when doing a uio_fclose() after doing only
  uio_fwrite() operations. - SvdB
- Major rewrite of the SwapBuffers commands -- screen compositing logic 
  has all been abstracted out into sdl_common.c instead of being 
  nearly-duplicated in opengl.c and pure.c - Michael

0.6.1 (maintenance release):
- The Unicode Private Use Area is no longer considered printable.  This 
  is a stopgap to handle unusual behavior with text entry under OS X.  
  See bug #942 for more details - Michael
- Do not rely on GL_UNPACK_SKIP_* arguments, which some OpenGL drivers 
  mishandle (Bug #914) - Michael
- Do not overwrite GLOBAL_SIS (CrewEnlisted) when leaving Hyperspace 
  (Bug #938) - Michael
- Fixed a text entry width problem that was deleting control template 
  names (Bug #947) - Michael
- uio cleanups, documentation - SvdB
- uio path parsing fixes/improvements - SvdB
  - Windows UNC path support (#907)
  - Windows drive-relative paths ("D:path" without a path seperator)
  - treat multiple consecutive path seperators as one (like POSIX)
- config dir no longer needs trailing path seperator (bug #738)- SvdB
- Simplification of uio Stream functions. No more internal seeks. - SvdB
- Fixed a bug where an input delay was used for non-network games - SvdB
- Fixed a bug where the victory ditty would end prematurely when UQM
  is compiled without Netplay support - SvdB
- Take $CFLAGS and $LDFLAGS into account for dependency detection
  (they were already used for the building itself) - SvdB
- Validate UQM version of either side of a Netplay game - SvdB
- Better abort and disconnect handling for Netplay - SvdB
- Menu sounds in Setup track rest of game (#922), from Nic - Michael
- Shifted the Mouse Error to a Popup Window, moved the message to
  starcon.txt for translators - Michael
- Generic DoPopupWindow() command for status messages - Michael
- Update the 'current selection' icon after deleting or inserting ships
  in a fleet in SuperMelee - SvdB
- Correct some background pixels in melebkgd.{25,26}.png - SvdB
- Unix build scripts improvements. - SvdB
- Build fixes for MacOS X (with thanks to Nic) - SvdB
- Ships in battle can resume normal speed in all circumstances after
  the enemy Avatar's tractor beam disengages (bug #860; this is a
  netplay desynchronizing change) - Alex
- Conversation summary breaks lines based on actual chars/words
  that fit (bug #916) - Alex
- Netplay configuration dialog - Michael
- Better error message for 'Kernel failed to load' (#917) - Michael
- Pushbutton for connecting to netplay, in anticipation of a full 
  configuration dialog later - Michael
- Cleanup of comm.c - SvdB
- Netplay - SvdB
- Added step-by-step instructions for compilation on MSVC++ - SvdB
- All output done in binary mode, due to uio/Win32 conflicts (#912) - Michael
- Online key configuration menu actually functional now - Michael
- Tweak to Lander UI - Special Weapon is now explicitly Lander Escape, 
  just as Warp Escape is - Michael
- Default key configuration changed slightly; online display of current 
  key bindings - Michael
- Input templates can now be renamed, both online and off - Michael
- Fixed an integer-size error that was causing crashes on AMD64, from 
  Solomon Peachy (#895) - Michael
- Added some generic lib code to be used by future code. - SvdB
- Joystick support is now optional; from SvdB, Alex
- Restructed and normalized savegame and game-state reading/writing code;
  savegames are now compatible between same-endian 32- and 64-bit systems;
  savegames from prior 64-bit builds cannot be used - Alex
- (Unix build scripts) Failed mkdep doesn't result in empty .d files
  anymore. Now using the gcc 3 "-MF" and "-MT" options. - SvdB
- removed internal libmikmod, adding a dependancy on an external one - SvdB
- Added a quit button for the Super Melee main menu - Michael
- Fixed sporadic uqm.cfg loading errors in release builds - Alex
- Quit (F10) now works correctly during intro (bug #862) - Alex
- Playing failure sounds when entering text consistently (bug #884) - Alex
- 64-bit fixes in construct_response () - Michael
- Removed rotating 3d planet frame caching (cuts mem usage by 5M) - Alex
- One pixel fix in melee menu pictures. - SvdB
- Debugging function to add energy during battle. - SvdB
- Changed slaveshield throb rate to match the 3DO - SvdB
- Fixed recently introduced bug with crew count on exit to HyperSpace.
  (bug #875) - SvdB
- Fixed static vars not reinited in alien comm code (caused various
  side-effects; bug #870) - Alex
- Fixed a spinlock in Melee's final score screen (Bug 879) - Michael
- Phase 2 of online keyconfig - Setup Menu can configure assignment of 
  templates to players - Michael
- Control scheme shifted to Menus + Control Templates in preparation for 
  the online keyconfig - Michael
- Fixes to logic in the Utwig conversations (Bugs 327, 647), from Nic 
  and Michael
- Removed unused and invalid lander font chars - Alex
- Setup menu reads strings out of lbm/setupmenu.txt - Michael
- More fixes towards working 64-bits binaries. - SvdB
- Flashing outfit modules to build w/ PC menus too; bug #871 - Alex
- Corrected caption Orbit: to Tilt: in planet scan; bug #847 - Alex
- Added missing failure sounds in Outfit, Shipyard, Cargo and Roster;
  played when over/under capacity, not enough RUs, etc; bug #842 -Alex
- Crew retrieved from space after the end of an encounter will no
  longer set the crew larger than the ship's maximum. - SvdB
- Flagship crew numbers are no longer continuously synchronised during
  melee, but only at the beginning and end of the battle. - SvdB
- Various small cleanups. - SvdB
- Debugging function to add crew during battle. - SvdB
- More documentation - SvdB.
- RMPLIFIED PRECURSOR BOMB is now AMPLIFIED, from Vorn (bug #812) 

- Innocent original c&p bug fixed, from bpoint.
- Handle relative dirs in -C correctly, from Jan L
- Internationalization fixes: moved many hardcoded English strings
  into string resource file starcon.txt (bug #778), from Andrew Zabolotny
- Melee Scale and Slides/Movies now take effect immediately - Michael
- The intro now plays only when a new game is started - Alex
- fixed uio_rename() and some other cases where a new file is created
  under specific circumstances. - SvdB
- Fix bug in GetStringContents which used the number of chars where it
  should have used the memory size. - SvdB
- Control scheme upgrades checked (VControl Version upgrade) - Michael
- Better instant-move (for debugging) - SvdB
- Fixed version checking in unix build scripts. SDL 1.2.10 is
  now recognised as newer than 1.2.9. - SvdB
- Some small improvements to the portability of the build system,
  from Jim Paris
- Fixed two-week bomb installation at the Starbase bypassing the
  defeat condition (bug #757), from Nic, Alex
- Added star search in Starmap (define Menu-Search and Menu-Next keys
  in your keys.cfg) from kworces, Alex, SvdB
- Fixed Orz greeting at Taalo homeworld inconsistency (bug #819) - Alex
- Fixed Venus' atmo density to 90 times that of Earth (bug #821) - Alex
- Internationalization fixes: better or, in some cases, fixed support of
  non-Latin UTF-8 strings (more to come; bug #778), from Andrew Zabolotny
- Remaped special chars used in the game (degree, infinity and earth
  signs; middle dot) to their UCS equivalent codes (bug #818) - Alex
- Color depth is now determined entirely automatically - Michael
- Text input is now available in languages other than English
  (UCS/Unicode; SDL does not support Unicode input on Windows yet;
  you must have proper font chars installed -- see translations) - Alex
- Re-added joystick text input (w/ Up/Down/PageUp/PageDown keys);
  joystick alphabet in content/lbm/joyalpha.txt (bug #495) - Alex
- Text input refactoring: enabled key repeat, added support for
  Home, End and BackSpace keys; (bugs #671, #815) - Alex
- Selecting the scan methods for shielded and gas giant planets
  is now allowed when using PC menus (bug #800) - Alex
- Added a unified credit roll combined with outtakes (bug #46) - Alex
- Setup menu selection doesn't reset when you quit a submenu now - Michael
- Split config.alwaysgl and config.usegl so that "Use Pure Mode If Possible"
  persists across runs even when using a GL mode - Michael
- Fixed Yehat Rebel left hand doubling up problem (bug #807) - Alex
- Fixed the problem with Melnorme stripping Chmmr bomb/crystal
  modules from the ship in a fuel deal (bug #803) - Alex
- Corrected baseline of 'j' in Micro font (bug #797) - Alex
- Fixed small VUX animation glitch (out of order frames; bug #808) - Alex
- CANCEL now behaves as expected in setup menu - Michael
- Only SELECT and CANCEL trigger the fade-to-black at the end of a
  Super Melee, solving the issue in bug #547 - Michael
- Admiral ZEX is no longer referred to as "Commander" or "Zex" (bug 
  #811) - Michael
- Keypress status is not reset when entering battle mode (solves
  bug #596) - Michael  
- Added the rest of devel/ and users/ documentation into MSVC .dsp
  files (bug #589) - Michael
- Fixed PNG transparency info (tRNS chunk) in all images according
  to info specified by .ani - Alex
- Comm animation fixes (bugs 557, 705, 806); from chmmravatar, Alex
- Imported DOS versions of alien comm graphics which have richer
  palettes and look better in most cases (bug #314) - Alex
- Added slider controls for volume to setup menu - Michael
- Added --shield and --scaler hq to setup menu - Michael
- Fixed lockup when skipping past VUX beast analysis data in Starbase
  (bug #790; should take care of all spliced comm edge cases) - Alex
- Added 3DO-style throbbing slave shield (--shield; bug #32);
  special thanks to Nic for inspiration and some code - Alex
- Rotating 3D planet changes: nicer looking slave shield; planet now
  finally looks like a rotating sphere (and not cylinder); added some
  lighting variance to give it a 3D feel (not a smooth ball) - Alex
- Refactored colormaps storage, management and transforms; paletted
  images rendering should be much faster now - Alex
- Corrected intro slide 5 (crosshair removed); bug #794, from AusME
- Split off alien comm colormaps from global scclrtab into
  corresponding race dirs (avoids potential mod collisions) - Alex
- Refactored font engine: fonts are loaded and treated as
  alpha-channel-only images (allowing for antialiased fonts now);
  solid color and gradient/alternate effects processing is unified - Alex
- Fixed problems with pausing the game during ending sequences
  (game-clock bug; undrawing incorrectly due to cliprect) - Alex
- Removed hotspot abuse from lander report drawing to fix bad
  positioning desync brought on by new hotspot handling - Alex
- Trilinear melee scaler overhaul (melee smooth mode should look
  nicer now; melee can now fully use alpha gfx) - Alex
- Miscellaneous Sa-Matra gfx fixes (Generator collision masks and
  explosion frame 0 were off; Shield position was off in med and sml;
  Main sml gfx was 2 pixels too narrow) - Alex
- Replaced the binary resource indexes by textual ones
  (also resolves bug #687) - SvdB
- Some subtitle timing fixes (bug #s 771, 780) - Alex
- Entering Planetary Orbit wait screen is back (from DOS) - Alex
- Gfx engine changes: now always 32bpp internally (facilitates
  alpha channel usage); accelerated platform-specific scaler code;
  only using alpha channel where needed. Processor pack is necessary
  for compilation on VC6. - Alex
- New 2x scaler 'hq' (by Maxim Stepin; - Alex
- Removed MikMod i/o hacks (using MREADER i/o now; bug #787) - Alex
- Fixed fast escape weirdness (bug #619) - from Jan L
- New topographical 4x planet surface scaler (bug #786) - Alex
- Added support for Tremor for Ogg Vorbis decoding (avoids floating point
  math) - SvdB
- Fixed T-Pet compulsion graphics (partially); bug #772 - Alex
- Doing game-state file I/O in memory instead of temp files;
  should avoid problems as in bug #752 - Alex
- Separate config_win.h file for builds on Windows - SvdB
- Fixed a typo ("we" -> "he") in Thraddash dialog (bug #783) - Alex
- Corrected grammar in Umgah 'Caster lander report (bug #781);
  from James Ho
- Options selected in the Setup Menu now persist across runs -Michael
- Added a simple implementation of key-value pair "resource" files
  for organizing simple data such as configuration options -Michael
- Added a 'fullscreen' setup menu option - Alex
- Fixed a bug that prevented Slylandro Probes from ever showing up
  in interplanetary exploration (found by SvdB, bug #768)
- Lowered the Comm ambient animation rate from 120 to 40fps, thus
  limiting the CPU usage - Alex
- Fixed Recursive Mutexes to still work even if the ThreadID is 0
  (bug 779) - Michael
- Permit independent selection of graphics driver and resolution in
  setup menu - Michael
- Changed comm subtitle caching to use own context instead of
  screen grabs; should resolve Blue Comm Screen universally - Alex
- Added missing break statement in DrawBatch:RECT_PRIM - Alex
- Setup menu split into four submenus - Michael
- Fixed fallback in getHomeDir() for when $HOME is not defined on *nix
  - SvdB
- %APPDATA% fallback no longer to "../userdata", but to "./userdata",
  as we don't chdir() to the content dir anymore. - SvdB
- Commander Hayes flickering lights animation now properly reenabled
  when applicable (bug #777) - Alex
- Refactored setupmenu code to use generic widgets - Michael
- Support UTF-8 chars in mineral names (bug #770) - SvdB
- Modified scalers to use surface pitch instead of width - reported to
  fix bug #740 - Michael
- Cleaner build output. Set '$MAKE_VERBOSE' to 1 for old output. - SvdB
- Improved dependency tracking for unix build system. - SvdB
  "./ uqm depend" is only needed for checking for new source files.
- handle "." and ".." in paths - SvdB

- Nicer title image during intro, from Nic
- Installation routine for MacOS X, from Nic.
- Lots and lots of dialog fixes, from Nic.
- Some speech is dependant on whether spoken voices are on, from Nic.
- OpenAL header cleanup. Updating OpenAL may be necessary.
  Windows users should put the OpenAL headers in an AL/ directory
  now too (should be the default). - SvdB
- Improvements to the unix build system for cross-compilation - SvdB
- Do not define ssize_t for MinGW. - SvdB
- Fallback readdir_r() - SvdB
- Attempting to click the screen pops up an error message, from
  Nic, heavily modified (dodge on #533) -Michael
- Fixed potential crash with a truecolor oscilloscope image (thanks
  jdorje) and made it generally more flexible (bug #729) -Alex
- Added missing Tanaka battle portrait images (new artwork; oldcap) and
  minor fixes to other shofixti images (bug #183), from Nic
- Mycon captain portrait finally fixed (bug #183), from Nic
- Saving the game while on autopilot inside an interplanetary system
  will no longer reset the autopilot (bug #725) -Alex
- Main menu and Super Melee menu can now play music tracks; drop in
  'lbm/mainmenu.ogg' and 'melee/melemenu.ogg', respectively -Alex
- Can now switch mod->ogg in intro/outro player (thanks Nic), and
  mod<->ogg everywhere in general -Alex
- Fixed crash after T.Pet conversation upon reentering D.Crateris
  once Ur-Quan have been confused (bug #531) -Alex
- Fixed last subtitle flashing after fast-forwarding to the end,
  pressing F10 and selecting NO (bug #498) -Alex
- Fixed first contact with Arilou at homeworld; Talking Pet confusion
  (bug #638), from Paxtez
- Fixed warp-escape in Cyborg mode removed by previous game input
  patches (bug #563) -Alex
- Fixed spurious story-line changes (usually the manner of the encountered
  race) caused by loading a game from an Encounter screen (bug #519) -Alex
- Option change: --meleescale to --meleezoom (bug #694) -Alex
- The alpha icon is now default (for XP/2003); bug #474 -Alex
- Fixed incomplete memset()s in comm alien animation code (comm should
  be saner now), from jdorje
- Guard access to the Clock so that accessing it is a no-op when the game 
  isn't actually in progress (bug #678), from Nic
- Accept files with .uqm extension for packages (bug #558)
  Added regex fallback files. - SvdB
- Music volume normalized throughout the game (bug #718) -Alex
- VControl parse errors suppressed unless critical - attempting to set
  the threshold of a nonexistent joystick no longer makes the game refuse
  to run (Bug #660, again) - Michael
- Properly handling Thraddash-Ilwrath mission overlap (bug #530) -Alex
- Separate 'ask for fuel' player responses for Mercury and Luna missions
  (bug #716), from Nic
- Stereo SFX model changed slightly (fixes #472) -Alex
- Pkunk Spindle news items are now disabled until you befriend them
  (bug #315), from Paxtez
- Melee captain names re-extracted and fixed (bug #188) -Alex
- It is now possible to complete the game w/o ever allying with the
  Starbase at Earth; known as 'Beating the Game Differently' mode;
  (bug #592) -Alex
- The direction flagship is facing is now preserved through an
  encounter in Hyperspace -Alex
- Added support for PC-style 3-step melee zooming; -b=pc|step option;
  (bug #694) -Alex
- Melee team building pick-ship box is now generated with actual ship
  icons (bug #692) -Alex
- Setup Menu no longer crashes or misbehaves on custom resolutions (bug 
  #693) - Michael
- Quit confirmation window (on F10) undraws correctly during intro slides
  (bug #673) -Alex
- Attempting to set to a mode that Doesn't Work in Setup no longer ends 
  the program (bug #695) - Michael
- Fixed segfault when shutting down because video could not be initialized 
  (bug #683) - Michael
- Fixed crash when restarting Sa-Matra battle after abort (bug #700) -Alex
- Some cleanups, enabling successful build with GCC 4 (bug #710),
  mostly from Ville Skytt
- Sa-Matra portrait now fills the portrait space (bug #514), from Nic
- Updated melee images with original DOS content; should resolve most
  captain portrait issues (bug #183)  -Alex
- Bug #702 fixes (dead code + compiler warnings) -Alex
- Flagship will not fly sideways on auto-pilot in Hyperspace (bug #642) -Alex
- Fixed menu sounds in full-game battle ship selection box (bug #566) -Alex
- Added '--version' - SvdB
- Fixed a bad memory access which could occur when the code relies
  on CharCount for determining the end of a string (bug #701). - SvdB
- Battle planet images now have corrected transparency info, so there
  is no more black square overlaping ships (bug #128); and coincidently
  3DO credits now have a starfield background (bug #470) -Alex
- Unicode support for fonts and strings - SvdB
- Fixed image clipping with --meleescale=nearest (bug #126) -Alex
- Setup menu now uses a background contributed by Joffrey Smith
- If keys.cfg refers to a nonexistent joystick, the game will stil run 
  (bug #660) -McMartin
- Fixed support for languages other than English; loading font chars
  with codes above 136 is now possible (bug #690), from Matthias Hager
- Enable the other insults against the Mycon (bug #559), from Nic.
- Colormap format (.ct files) changed to allow for richer graphics.
  First step towards importing some of the original DOS gfx.
  See bug #314 for more info. -Alex
- Better dependency checking in unix build scripts - SvdB
- Many options menu changes: left-justified categories, and the ability 
  to change driver/resolution/bpp/scaler in real time, and updates are
  less frequent so as to spare the DCQ  -McMartin
- PC ending animation now draws the flagship w/ modules according to
  the actual player's load; also the script structure changed
  allowing for an FPS improvement -Alex
- Version number in the main menu does not blink anymore when the
  menu selection is changed (bug #672), from Nic
- Massive amount of file restructuring and cleanups. Need many more. - SvdB
- Added Intro and Ending slide shows (bug #46); use "-i pc" -Alex
- Cross-fades in OpenGL mode with complex scalers fixed (bug #674) -Alex
- Added doc/devel/dialogs - SvdB
- Don't allow the reply "Symbionts, how interesting!" in the Supox
  conversation until they mentioned they were Symbionts. (bug #528),
  from Nic
- Not initialising the various systems when -h/-? is supplied (bug #656),
  from Nic
- F10 works when playing the intro (bug #665), from fOSSiL
- Game clock counter overflow fix (bug #668) - [collective effort]
- Cocoa hooks for MacOS X, from Nic
- Corrected number for combat energy when outfitting starship. - SvdB
- Added dumping planet info to uqmdebug.c - SvdB
- Check language.txt for locale, from Zap
- Make it possible to specify the config dir on the command line.
  (bug #645) - SvdB
- Speech .txt and .ts corrections, from Nic. - SvdB
- Made the unix build scripts more portable. Removed some small
  bugs. - SvdB
- No longer chdir() to the content dir (bug #564)
  Environment variables and ~ are interpreted in the supplied content
  path now.
  Don't look for content in the default directories if an explicitely
  supplied path failed. It would only confuse users. - SvdB
- The unix build script is now able to detect SDL on Darwin (bug #358) - SvdB
- Resource units given more obviously when ordering a probe to
  self-destruct (bug #586), from Nic.
- Shipyard "Combat Energy" changed to reflect the recharge rate (bug #522).
  Also, some cleanups. Thanks and apologies to Nic. - SvdB
- Added lots of debugging functions, SvdB
- Cleaned up use of the DEBUG define, SvdB
- Talking Pet .txt file corrected to match the .ogg files,
  and talkpet.ts corrections, from Nic
- Abstracted window-drawing code from confirm.c -Michael
- Fixed blue comms screen problem (bug #363), from Joel Holveck & Nic
- Automatically adding an icon for Darwin builds, from Nic
- Fixed Roster-F10-Quit bug (#591), - Michael
- Restructured starcon2.c, with better checks for argument parsing,
  and consistent error messages. - SvdB
- Restructuring of the unix build scripts.
  Also, interrupted dependency builds are now detected. - SvdB
- Unix build: Make it possible to use another directory than the current
  one for putting the build data in (such as build.vars, config.state,
  the obj/ dir, and the final binary). - SvdB
- Fixed various odd behaviors when loading from HyperSpace (bug #587), 
  from Nic and Michael
- Added new 'triscan' scaler; derived from scale2x[] -Alex
- Space marines die in a self-destructing Scout (Bug #445), from Nic
- Added the -l option to produce logfiles (bug #560), from Nic
- Zoq-Fot-Pik speech properly vertically centered (bug #579), from Nic
- Input code refactoring, phase 2: All player input is brokered by 
  DoInput -Michael
- Updated .cvsignore commands, from Nic
- Fixed a keyrepeatbug from when the player cancels out of the
  Starmap in IP -Michael
- IP_taskfunc now uses PulsedInputState instead of handling its
  own debounce delays -Michael
- Input code refactoring, phase 1: Replaced messy structs with an
  array indexed by an enum. -Michael
- Thread code refactoring: only the main thread will actually spawn 
  threads, and thread IDs are properly recycled with SDL_WaitThead () 
  once they're done.  (With luck, this will fix bug #561) -Michael
- Sound code refactoring: core api is now virtualized,
  MixSDL is divided to generic mixer and driver entities - Mika
- Optimized MixSDL mixing and resampling routines
  (hopefully fixes bug #435) - Mika
- MOD music should now play properly on big endian machines if using
  high quality mode (workaround for bug #166) - Mika
- Better-looking slave shield (bug #32), from Nic
- Bay door animations don't stall before aborting (bug #500), from 
- Reports SDL version on startup (bug #520) - Mika,Nic
- Fuel usage on planet landing is now reported correctly on all situations
  (bug #556), from Nic
- Fine-grained control of menu sounds, "MenuSounds" global now 
  guaranteed to always be non-null  -Michael
- Added support for stdio file access through temporary files to uio.
  added uio_copyFile to uio - SvdB
- Added uio_getFileLocation() and uio_getMountFileSystemType() to uio.
  Also some small improvements. - SvdB
- Fixed fuel usage estimate to selected destination on the starmap.
  (original bug, not reported) - SvdB
- Sound decoders refactoring: decoders are now virtualized,
  the high-level decoding code is unified and any format is
  theoretically streamable -Alex
- Patches to enforce the invariant that the GraphicsLock is held when 
  SetFlashRect is called (bug #504) -Michael
- Major refactoring of threadlib; see doc/devel/threads -Michael
- Downgraded the GraphicsLock to an ordinary Mutex -Michael
- Added movie player; only movies defined are intro and ending;
  only .duk decoder present (.duk audio decoder mostly derived
  from decoder by SvdB) -Alex
- Extra fallback for the unlikely situation that $HOME isn't set on a
  unix system. (#493) - SvdB
- Accept spaces in --contentdir argument (#492) - SvdB
- Separated and abstracted sound buffer-tagging and trackplayer
  clip/subtitle chaining -Alex
- Abstracted the recursive mutexes in MixSDL and DCQ code -Michael
- Introduced a new synchronization construct (CrossThreadMutex) and 
  migrated the GraphicsSem and clock_sem over to it (#359) -Michael
- Replaced thread-local Semaphores with Mutexes (#359) -Michael
- Load/save icons don't flash anymore when in savegame menu
  (part of bug #291), from Paxtez
- Savegame slot now defaults to the last one used during one execution
  of uqm (bug #477), from chmmravatar
- Fixed one-pixel glitch in shipyard when scrapping (bug #461),
  from Paxtez
- Adjusted subtitle timings when there are no oggs (part of bug #362),
  from chmmravatar
- Fixed crash in conversation summary and ffw/frew problem when
  selling data to Melnorme (bug #476), from chmmravatar
- Flush input after selecting "Navigate" (bug #475) - Michael
- Fixed ships in solar system getting displaced after having
  visited a planet (bug #365) -Alex
- Fixed collisions/encounters with "invisible" fleeing ships
  (bug #319) -Alex
- Quit confirmation fixes: lander reports, conversation summaries,
  outtakes, end credits; font effect properly set/saved/restored;
  (bugs #454, #465, #466); from chmmravatar
- Obsolete "register" keywords removed -Michael

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